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    President Trump by video -

    Thank you, Mike.

    We won both times.

    I love Wisconsin. You are building ships.

    Mike, you are courageous.

    Democrats are fighting recounts.

    Incredible patriots in Arizona. Pushed by people of the state.

    President Trump says, I just put out a statement.

    Hydroxy works.

    Hunter Biden’s laptop was real.

    Lafayette Square and Inspector General cleared President Trump.

    Russian Bounty story was a fake.

    Vaccine is big deal.

    You have freedom. This is your choice.

    Blue State lockdowns a disaster.

    Open up the schools.

    Border - drugs and people flowing in, trafficking

    Illegal border crossings up 1,400 percent. They are releasing them. Coming in from all over. Middle East.

    Right to Try

    Biden stopped border wall building.

    Keystone Pipeline.

    I stopped the Russia pipeline. Biden approved it.

    Election rigged. We got twelve million more votes.

    We won Florida, Ohio, Iowa. Held every state house.

    Gained sixteen seats in House. Made calls.

    Mitch McConnell hurt us badly. Lost for other reasons as well.

    I want to thank Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, they want to take us down. Others, too. Heroes.

    Unbelievable crowd. People want to know what happened.

    Mike, you are a fighter.

    I love you all.


    Mike Lindell speaks again -

    Our real president of the United States.

    God and prayer.

    Mike is outlining the mission that he and others have taken to discover what happened in the 2020 election.

    Per Mike -

    More votes than voters,

    Votes flipped

    Retailers cancelling him right and left.

    Says Jack Dorsey will go to prison.

    Media called me to get reaction and I asked if they heard about Dominion.

    The media has my direct number. Jim Acosta called me recently and asked me about President Trump being back in August.

    “Absolute Proof” film - February 5th launched

    150 million people watched in first five days

    Vimeo cancelled us.

    I was buying my name, they blocked me.

    started out a nickel, then kept going up

    Took twenty thousand dollars and shut it down

    They overtook my account. Got a letter from Germany.

    Wikipedia takes over my page. Wicked.

    Mike asks for Dominion to sue him.

    They also sued My Pillow and its 2,500 employees to hurt them.

    I made a short version of the film.

    Cancel Culture. Reporter called and Mike asked if she watched short 26 minute film. She didn’t so he told her to watch.

    “Absolute Interference ” Film

    White hat hackers involved.

    Friend said something about border - cancelled him and that was 70 percent of his income


    ”Absolutely, 9-0” film - hired investigators

    Packet Captures - like having blood DNA, told a whole bucket full

    cannot be doctored

    100 percent evidence for the whole evidence

    Supreme Court will rule 9-0

    It is real, cannot be altered

    Put real president back in the White House

    Announcing on OAN, Real America’s Voice, RSBN

    Calls from people asking if we really have the P Caps

    I am inviting Senators, Attorney Generals, others to see this cyber evidence.

    In July we will do a mock election to show you how they do it.

    We have had machines for months.

    Machines need to be gone forever.

    I see people coming together as one nation, under God.

    Thank You. God Bless You.

    Go to Frank Speech. Keep Sharing.

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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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