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Thread: London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements

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    London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements

    London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements

    ALEX PFEIFFER Reporter2:57 PM 06/13/2016

    Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, announced Monday that “body shaming” advertisements will no longer be allowed in London’s public transport.

    “As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end,” Khan said.

    The mayor added, “Nobody should feel pressurised, while they travel on the Tube or bus, into unrealistic expectations surrounding their bodies and I want to send a clear message to the advertising industry about this.”Khan was not clear in what would determine which ads would be banned, as it doesn’t include all images of people in underwear or swimming clothes. Most underwear and bikini models though can be assumed to have non-average bodies.

    There was a petition with over 70,000 on opposing an advertisement with women in a bikini that asked “are you beach body ready?” The petition said, “Protein World is directly targeting individuals, aiming to make them feel physically inferior to the unrealistic* body image of the bronzed model, in order to sell their product.”

    Recently, advertisements featuring bikini-clad models in the British city of Birmingham were spray painted over. Birmingham has a high Muslim population.

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    Here we go Sports fans...already changing Western ways.
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    Europe is DONE - no turning it back.

    This is what people numbers can do and that is in progress right now in USA. Welcome to the NWO.

    Only Trump can put the brakes on.
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