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    LULAC Urges the Supreme Court to Support the Decision of a F

    LULAC Urges the Supreme Court to Support the Decision of a Federal Court Panel in San Antonio

    Washington, DC – Citing violations of the Voting Rights Act, LULAC is currently pursuing litigation in Texas, New Mexico, Georgia and soon in Alabama maintaining that the political maps drawn by GOP lawmakers do not reflect the growth in the states' Hispanic and black populations. Texas, in particular, will receive four additional Congressional seats as a result of the 2010 Census which indicated that the Texas population grew by four million and Hispanics comprise 65 percent of that growth.

    “As a matter of fundamental fairness, districts that experienced an increase in Hispanic populations should have been drawn in a manner that would also create four new Latino performing districts,

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    In other words, we need to have our "own" representative who will use taxpayer monies to give us stuff. Apparently the Asians don't have a organization to fight for taxpayer money....they just work for it. They haven't gotten the message about "entitled" groups, simply because of a perceived disavantage.

    WHY do they assume that Hispanics will vote their way?? There are several conservative Hispanics in Congress. Thankfully, there are still Hispanics who actually care about this country and didn't show up illegally just for the "goodies."

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