Over the weekend: Massacres in Mexico Continue; Several Police Killed; Nightclub attack in Acapulco kills 10
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Jornada (Mexico) 3/20/2011

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico resigns

TLALNEPANTLA, MEXICO - The PAN national leader, Gustavo Madero Muñoz, considers the resignation of U.S. ambassador in Mexico, Carlos Pascual, to be a positive thing since it helps restores relations between both countries and is an opportunity for a new ambassador to generate trust and cooperation. "It's a decision made in a context in which U.S. Mexico relations are a priority." In PAN we see it as a positive because it is a hope to generate a new relationship," he said. The revelation of the cables obtained by Wikileaks and which contains said that President Felipe Calderón declared that he did not trust the diplomat.

El Colombiana (Colombia) 3/19/2011

Venezuela Returns Two Captured Guerillas
The Venezuelan government announced it will deliver two ELN guerrillas captured in its territory, after they attacked and killed 2 Colombian Marines. The guerillas were injured and are currently hospitalized in Venezuela. Colombian President Rivera noted that this action demonstrates "that terrorists have increasingly fewer places to hide." Also, in Sardinata, a rural area in Colombia, FARC guerillas killed 6 with cylinder bombs. The dead included three civilians, identified as Machado and Ariela Wilmar Mendez and their newborn daughter. Three policemen were also killed, and 3 injured, by bombs exploded at their station.


El Pais (Colombia) 3/19/2011

What the U.S. should (and should not) do
Opinion by Jorge Ramos
If America wants better relations with its southern neighbors, it can do many things including the upcoming visit of President Barack Obama to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador. But, definitely, do not send weapons. In the process of carrying out this initiative, dubbed "Operation Fast and Furious', U.S. federal officials allowed more than 1,700 illegal guns to be brought into Mexico from the United States without notifying the administration of President Felipe Calderón. That is not done between neighbors. According to the complaint of John Dodson, agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ATF is the acronym in English, the plan was to introduce the weapons into Mexico so U.S. agents could trace the movements of them, with hope that it would allow the authorities to locate criminal groups and drug traffickers. The problem, Dodson said, is that weapons had no special markings or hidden tracking chips, so it was almost impossible to follow his path.

These weapons, many of which were handguns and semiautomatic rifles with great destructive power, perhaps already have been used to kill innocent people in Mexico. It is impossible to know how many of them are being used to commit crimes. But there's more. While ATF is now reviewing their strategies, the operation of "controlled delivery" of weapons in Mexico has not ceased. "None of these people have said that this activity will stop," Dodson said in an interview from Phoenix. "Nobody has said that we have suspended this policy at any time during the investigations." Dodson decided to reveal the Operation Fast and Furious after the murder in Arizona of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, on December 14, 2010. Several officials believe the gunmen in the Arizona desert had targeted a group of four men from the BorderPatrol. The team was trying to apprehend criminals involved in attacking undocumented immigrants that illegally enter the United States through the desert.

Two of the weapons that were allowed into Mexico as part of Operation Fast and Furious were found in the place where he died Terry. Dodson said he felt some responsibility for the deaths of Terry and that he decided to speak out against the arms smuggling operation. That's understandable. But what about the Mexicans who have probably lost their lives at the hands of armed criminals? Who will speak for them? Many people today are in danger because of this illegal U.S. activity, on which the Mexican government was apparently never informed. So now that President Obama prepares for his trip to Latin America, it is a good time for Americans to learn a valuable lesson: America must never carry out an operation like the Fast and Furious in foreign lands. Never. What America should do is use their influence to promote openness and cooperation with Latin America. It is quite clear that
Afghanistan, Iraq and the recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are at the top of the agenda of the Obama administration. But still, I have been watching events that affect the countries Obama is to visit in Central and South America, and his visit can benefit everyone involved. In addition, Obama is quite popular in the region. His predecessor, George W. Bush, however, was not viewed with sympathy for their unjustified and unnecessary invasion of Iraq. Obama does not have to do much to do well in Latin America. But this trip is about emphasizing that these countries are all important U.S. partners.

Undoubtedly, Brazil is the economic engine of South America. Chile hopes to become the first developed country in Latin America. And El Salvador is showing the world that a leftist government can have a stable relationship with Washington. "Ideologies are not important," said the president of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes. "El Salvador can build, along with the United States, a development partnership." At this point in the game America should know that U.S. alliances with Latin American work. The cooperation works, but not the imposition of their strategies on other nations. Information sharing is not working covert operations abroad. Dan Restrepo, national security adviser in the White House, told me recently: "America, under the leadership of President Obama, wants to work as partners, as equals," with these nations. And that, a relationship between equals, is what he loves about Latin America. But it is not accomplished by sending arms to another country, without notice.

http://www.elpais.com.co/elpais/opinion ... debe-hacer

CARDENAS, TABASCO - Two police officers separately executed; worked intelligence; 7 suspects arrested.

HONDURAS - Gasoline price increase .07/gallon; now US$4.20/gallon.

XOCHIMILCO - Prison riot; no injuries; prison tactical team handled.

VERACRUZ - Legislators ask for report on Laguna Verde nuclear plant.

TIJUANA - State police officer killed, partner critical

DURANGO - Seven Sinaloa cartel members ordered held by judge.
Blog del Narco (www.blogdelnarco.com)

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON - Attempted assassination of state Attorney General; bodyguards & police surrounded and killed 6 gunmen, and arrested one.

LAZARO CARDENAS, MICHOACAN - Prison chief executed; off duty; wife unharmed.

ACAPULCO - Police officer executed; 2 others found, separately.

ZAMORA, MICHOACAN - Military officer, female former police officer with him brutally executed; used 125 rounds for 2 people.

EL HIGO, VERACRUZ - Forty cartel attacked military; 8 gunmen killed, 7 vehicles seized including 3 armored vehicles.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA Gunmen attack at family party; 2 killed, 2 injured, 1 was a five year old girl; federal police killed at least one of the gunmen.

LAKE CHAPALA, JALISCO - Three tortured, headless bodies found.

ACAPULCO - More executions; 3 more found.

VILLA INSURGENTES, ZACATECAS - Eight tortured, executed bodies found together.

EL MARQUES, QUERETARO - Two executed, then completely burned.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON - Military noticed 2 municipal cops watching them; stopped them and found cartel radios.

CIUDAD GUERRERO, TAMAULIPAS - Military attacked by gunmen; 3 bad guys dead.

CIUDAD JUAREZ - Three men executed, fourth in grave condition.

CULIACAN, SINALOA - Cartel executed son-in-law of Manuel Torres Felix(aka: El M1 and El Ondeado), a close associate of Joaqu*n ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

DURANGO - Two women kidnapped by gunmen; police find them and make arrest; as the officers start to drive away, shooting inside; gunmen dead, 2 officers wounded.

BACHIGUALATO, SINALOA - Gunmen shoot 3 men; 2 of them dead.

MAZATLAN, SINALOA - Gunmen kidnap adults and kids; then burn 4 homes after shooting them up.

LINARES, NUEVO LEON - Military arrests 7 municipal police officers for working with cartel. (Plata o plomo-bribe or bullet)

MORELIA, MICHOACAN - Decapitated body found, no head located.

SALTILLO, COAHUILA - Multiple shootouts between Marines and cartel; 3 cartel dead.

VILLA DE ALVAREZ, COLIMA - Singer Gerardo Ortiz and father attacked, kidnapped; two killed, woman injured; unknown if safe or taken by cartel.

BAHIA DE BANDERAS, NAYARIT - A town close to Puerto Vallarta; El Coyote and his Banda Tierra Santa performing on stage; bomb thrown on stage, 3 musicians injured.
ACAPULCO - Ten people killed as masked men open fire in bar in Mexican resort city of Acapulco -a late report from Mexico says another died in the hospital
Bolivian Government Does Battle with Police Corruption
Cauca Region Emerges as Potential Powder Keg in Colombia
(Note: there is so much violence in Mexico and on down into Central America, of necessity only some of it is included. Some is simply too sickening to include in any reports.)

Domestic News - United States

'Gunrunner' escapade to be reviewed by Congress

California - Border Patrol busts semi driver with $1.7 million worth of cocaine


Texas - Agents in southeast Texas seize $13.5 million worth of marijuana over 2 days

US law enforcement role in Mexico drug war surges
Texas - Barrio Azteca Gang Prominent In West Texas
Texas - Pot load found in truckload of limes
Report is aimed to fuel trucking (cross border trucking)
Florida man charged with fatally shooting neighbor - caught by Border Patrol
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Trusted Traveler program may come back
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Monitoring Mexican trucks operating in the U.S.
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Mexican Asylum Seekers Form Coalition in Texas
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