Mail-in ballot scheme was solely about padding vote counts for Democrats

Tuesday, December 01, 2020 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) During the public hearing on election fraud that was held in Arizona, Team Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani made the claim that mail-in ballots were only introduced by Democrats for the purpose of ensuring a Joe Biden “win” in the event that his count lagged too far behind that of President Trump.
This backup scheme, as Giuliani called it, went along with other avenues of election fraud that were all coordinated to ensure that Trump “lost” no matter what happened in any of a number of states.
In the past, Giuliani further pointed out, both Republicans and Democrats spoke out against mail-in ballots because they recognized that allowing them would open wide the floodgates for fraud. In 2020, however, Democrats suddenly switched their tune and are now pretending as though mail-in voting is foolproof.
“Democrats used to be against mail-in ballots,” Giuliani stated during the hearing.
This and other statements by Giuliani would seem to be reflected in what actually took place in a number of key swing states where Trump was ahead of Biden only until mail-in ballots were magically procured to send Biden over the top.
“Of course, this is exactly what needs to be proven in court,” writes Jacob Palmieri for The Palmieri Report.
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Trump questions Gov. Ducey’s certification of Arizona’s fraudulent election results

According to Giuliani, Democrats used mail-in ballots to flip these key swing states in Biden’s favor, and they did so not so subtly by “pausing” the count on election night, only to resume it with tens of thousands of additional mystery ballots for Biden.
What remains to be unearthed is precisely how many fraudulent mail-in ballots were used to accomplish this in coordination with Dominion Voting Systems technology and other modes of fraud that were also simultaneously employed.
Trump himself called in to the hearing to deliver his own statements, which included remarks about how he and his team are fighting for a free and fair election.
Despite accusations that he is somehow trying to “steal” the election from Biden, whom the mainstream media has declared as the “winner,” Trump says his goal is to expose the fraud and hold the perpetrators who committed it accountable for their crimes.
According to Trump, he won Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, no matter what the media claims. Trump also used the word “scam” to describe the election as it was falsely presented to the public by the media.
Trump thanked Giuliani, lawmakers, witnesses and the entire team at OANN for their help in pursuing justice. Trump also called out Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for siding with the election thieves, noting that Arizonans will not forget how Ducey betrayed them by certifying the state’s fraudulent election results.
“Why is he rushing to put a Democrat in office, especially when so many horrible things concerning voter fraud are being revealed at the hearing going on right now?” Trump asked in a tweet.
Nine Republican lawmakers were present at the hearing in Arizona, which had originally been planned to take place at the Capitol until the Republican House speaker and Senate president denied it.
These phony conservatives were apparently disinterested in hearing about the “faulty” uploads that resulted in thousands of Trump votes being falsely credited to Biden’s tally, among other such fraud.
According to Trump, there was “total election corruption in Arizona,” hence the need for this hearing. The president also called out Fox News specifically for failing to cover it.

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