President Mark Cuban? The billionaire isn’t ruling out entering the 2020 race

Published: April 12, 2020 at 1:47 p.m. ET
By Shawn Langlois

Mark Cuban for president?


‘I never would have considered it prior to a month ago, but now things are changing rapidly and dramatically... I’m not saying no, but it’s not something I’m actively pursuing. I’m just keeping the door open... You just don’t know what can happen between now and November.’

That’s billionaire Mark Cuban, leaving the door open, as he has done often in the past, to a potential run at the presidency in an interview with Fox News on Sunday morning.

Watch the clip:



"You just don’t know what could happen between now and November."

Mark Cuban on whether or not he will be running for President this year. #FNS #FoxNews


7:04 AM - Apr 12, 2020
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The Dallas Mavericks owner also explained that he thought President Trump was being too optimistic about Americans opening their purse strings once the shutdown restrictions are lifted.

“People aren’t going to just venture outside. They’re not going to go to large gatherings. They’re not going to feel confident right off the bat,” Cuban went on to say in the interview. “That concern is going to lead to people holding back on spending money.”

Cuban said he’s confident the economy will “come back stronger than ever,” but it will take some time and won’t be the “V-shaped recovery” many are hoping for.

Mark Cuban explains how stock-market bears feel about bulls: ‘I don’t think they are really factoring in what they are going to see on the other side’ of coronavirus

Here’s another clip from his Fox appearance:



Mark Cuban on Donald Trump's prediction the economy will spike as soon as the virus is over: "I wish he was right, but he’s not… I think there’s going to be so many different ways we have to adapt." #FNS #FoxNews


6:49 AM - Apr 12, 2020
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As for what’s next for the NBA, Cuban is hopeful the season can be salvaged.

“I think initially we’ll play just for the TV cameras, with essential personnel and players,” he said. “That’s a great thing, because I think we need things to cheer for.”