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Meat prices jump another 40% in Germany – EMPTY SHELVES on the way

Friday, November 18, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Germany’s current left-wing government is shouldering the blame for impending “supply bottlenecks” for meat, and particularly pork, which under the guise of inflation and the energy crisis, is being phased out in favor of “plant-based” alternatives.
In four-to-six months, warned Hubert Kellinger, a member of the board at Germany’s Meat Industry Association (VDF) and the head of group sales at butcher giant Westfleisch, “we will have nothing on the shelves” – and this is all happening as meat prices in Germany continue to soar.
Livestock farmers are no longer producing enough fattening pigs, Kellinger says, while others have given up their businesses entirely due to the economic collapse sweeping Europe – and soon the rest of the world. (Related: In anticipation of dark winter blackouts, German officials are hastily stockpiling “emergency cash deliveries”.)
“That inevitably means there will be less stock in the coming months,” Kellinger warned, adding that German consumers can expect to pay a whole lot more for meat in the coming months – assuming they can even find any.
“Whether that will be 20, 30, or 40 percent cannot be quantified today – but it will increase significantly again,” he added.
To the “green” cult, eating meat is a sin that requires penance in the form of added government taxation

Keep in mind that just this year alone, meat prices in Germany have skyrocketed in price by an average of 40 percent. Potatoes, another German staple, have also soared in price by an astounding 73 percent – and even more inflation is soon on the way.
All of this is being framed as a crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the true story is that a meat phase-out was already in the works by Germany’s “green” politicians.
“The current federal government would like to abolish animal husbandry and switch the diet in Germany to vegetables and oatmeal,” Kellinger explained. “It’s also a fact that over 90 percent of people in Germany still buy and eat meat.”
In other words, the left-wing German government is completely out of touch with the people it supposedly represents – just like left-wing politicians in America are completely out of touch with Americans, hence why they have to steal election in order to “win.”
One such Green Party leader in Germany, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir, is on record as promoting a meat tax, the implication being that eating meat is a “sin” that requires added payments to the government as penance.
“We should eat less meat overall and make sure it comes from animals that are kept in a species-appropriate manner,” Özdemir is quoted as saying, adding that he wants Germans to “adapt” their meat consumption “to planetary boundaries and for the sake of our health.”
Despite the vast majority of Germans preferring to eat meat instead of bugs and plants, many of which cannot even be digested by humans, Germany’s green politicians are making it prohibitively difficult – and for some livestock farmers impossible – to rear enough animals to meet demand.
All of this has made Germany increasingly reliant on foreign countries for meat, which is ludicrous considering it has plenty of land and infrastructure of its own to meet and even exceed demand for meat domestically.
“Germany is now the largest meat importer in Europe,” says Gereon Schulze-Althoff, VDF board member and senior sustainability and quality manager at the slaughterhouse Tönnies.
“We are now at a point where we can calculate when we will no longer be able to provide ourselves with meat.”
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Meat prices jump another 40% in Germany – EMPTY SHELVES on the way –