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    Media Caught Lying, Version2

    Media Caught Lying, Version2

    I stumbled on a stunning disconnect between the major media version of election coverage and candidate appearance trends on the internet. The Mainstream Media seems to have largely ignored something major on the web.

    This version corrects a minor error in the first version. Note: This video has attracted a lot of attention from hater-trolls so I may block anyone that comes here to make trouble. All respectful and intelligent discussion is welcome.
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    Very interesting video. Thank you for posting. I did not know about Google Trends, but you can bet I will use it in the future!

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    Great Video!

    If the MSM has been undermining the will of the People, which we have known they are and this video provides proof, does this mean there has been some Tom Foolery going on in the vote count at the primaries and caucuses?

    It seems it Ron Paul has such a huge lead in popularity, then surely the numbers of votes should have reflected this as well.

    Must be some other manipulations going on other than the MSM, maybe the TWO parties that control the voting process have deliberately threw out Ron Paul votes?

    Maybe we could use this video to compell Ron Paul to run as an Independent. Maybe he will realize he's working for a party where the heads are corrupt and in that system, he can't win.
    Maybe he should use this as evidence to see the DC political machine really is corrupt and therefore running within the corrupt system is a losing proposition everytime. Maybe he'll see the American People really do want the change he's offering. Pass this along to RP and tell him Americans want him to run as independent.
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