Michael Noonan on China, Gold and Silver: The Banksters Didnít Expect to be Exposed or Get Caught

Rory Hall 2 hours ago

I am joined today by Michael Noonan of EdgeTraderPlus.com to discuss China, gold and silver. This is a departure from the "long" format to hit the hot topics and move on.

When China ask for some of their gold during the Clinton administration, Michael explains, "They (the bankster cabal) simply didn't expect to be exposed and/or get caught."

"If gold were to reach those heights ($10k, $20k $50k) it might be expressed in terms of fiat USDollars. But probably, and I thought about this, if you express it terms of Yuan (Renminbi) it may not be all that much different. It will be higher in price, but nowhere near the extent of the fiat USDollar."


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