Open Thread: Michelle O's Lavish Taxpayer Funded Vacation During Recession

By NB Staff
Sat, 08/07/2010 - 11:24 ET

For general discussion and debate. Possible talking point: the First Lady is spending beaucoup bucks on lavish vacations while the country is mired in what her husband calls the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression! ... liday.html

Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends, which could easily cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering £50,000 a day. The First Lady has been lambasted for her extravagance at a time when the economy is still struggling. One blogger went so far as to brand her a modern-day Marie Antoinette. And her critics will be further annoyed when they learn that the president's wife had a Spanish beach closed off today so that she, her daughter and their entourage could go for a swim.

Thoughts? ... -recession