Minorities, take note: The Trump economy is working for us

There's a lot at stake in the upcoming election for all Americans, minorities like me included.

October 17, 2018
By Yumiko Blaschko

There's a lot at stake in the upcoming election for all Americans, minorities like me included.
The Trump economy has expanded economic growth, broadening opportunities for investors, minority communities, small businesses, and corporations. Business sentiment is up, profits have risen, and wages have increased. The American people's confidence has been restored.
Despite the recent market corrections, which are normal and expected, we are still ahead in the year to date by 4-5% in the major indexes. The economy is clearly in terrific shape, and people are making money.
President Trump's policies have been a good thing for all in American society, whites and non-whites included.
This period of economic expansion – which has brought the U.S. unemployment rate down to 3.7% – must be allowed to continue. This unique time has seen unemployment for different minority communities fall to levels not seen in decades.
Additionally, blue-collar workers have been hired at the highest rate in over 30 years.
Support for President Trump's business-friendly policies mustn't let up. We can't have them derailed in next month's election.
The biggest threat to our continued economic growth and momentum is efforts by Congress to stymie or overturn President Trump's tax cut.
This period of economic growth that President Trump and the Republicans thankfully kicked off can last several more years. It must be protected from efforts to disrupt the GOP's business-friendly policies, which have uplifted so many, including non-white communities.
The reduction in tax rates for individuals and small businesses needs to be kept intact. President Trump's long overdue and welcome deregulation – which has freed businesses from Obama-era strangleholds and allowed small businesses to flourish – ought to be protected from Democrat efforts to rescind them.
The president's pro-energy policies have made a difference as well, resulting in an energy boom.
Incentives have changed, and blue-collar workers and small business-owners have been empowered.
Many of our friends on the left do not want to recognize that the Trump economy has been good for so many in our society: investors, blue-collar workers, small business-owners, American multinationals, minorities. Now that the economy is back on its feet and prospering, we must push back against ideological efforts to sink the GOP's pro-growth measures.
Rather than blindly accepting talking points from party establishment figures, minority communities need to take into consideration how the conditions for them and their families have improved under the Trump economy. There's nothing wrong with taking a look with fresh eyes at your personal situation and judging for yourself how your prospects have progressed during this period of rising opportunity and prosperity.
The past two years have brought economic growth, which has in turn raised increased revenues and brought more people back into the American workforce. President Trump's policies have set our economy on a sustainable, prosperous path, helping people of color, whites, and others.
After a lot of hard work, we have a good thing going with our economy. We are firing on all cylinders. Our involvement as citizens is needed to maintain this momentum. Let's get out and vote on November 6.
Raised in Singapore and Japan, Yumiko Blaschko is a member of the New Majority Orange County as well as a senior associate of the McMonigle Group in Corona Del Mar, California.
Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.