MISSING OATHS: Biden officials are impostors who swear no allegiance to the United States (feat. Todd Callender)

Friday, May 26, 2023 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) Today’s Brighteon Broadcast News features an interview with Lisa McGee and Todd Callender who reveal that numerous Biden officials — including AG Garland and so-called “Secretary of Defense” Lloyd Austin — have no legitimate oaths of office on file. This indicates they have no sworn allegiance to the United States of America and are merely “acting” as officials.
They are impostors, in other words. And legally speaking, their actions carry no legitimate authority. They are merely bluffing their way through office.
It turns out that much of the Biden regime has sworn no loyalty to the United States Constitution or its people. Instead, their loyalties lie outside the USA… with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or globalists who wish to see the United States of America utterly destroyed.
This is why Mr. Austin, for example, is dedicated to the total destruction of the U.S. military. Only by destroying America’s ability to defend itself can the CCP invasion of America succeed. Right now, hundreds of thousands of military-aged males who belong to the CCP are crossing the undefended southern border, positioning themselves for an “activation day” at which time they will wage kinetic warfare against the people of America while destroying critical infrastructure such as refineries, power grid stations, bridges and military bases.
Mr. Mayorkas — another “official” with no proper sworn oath on file — is committing treason by allowing the CCP to invade the USA with military operatives who will take part in this kinetic war against this nation. Similarly, the ATF is actively seeking to disarm the American public by turning tens of millions of arm brace owners into felons through a flip-flop rule change that goes into effect in just a few days.
The takedown of America is a coordinated, treasonous, lawless affair that’s being run by corrupt criminals who aren’t even legitimate government officials. They are impostors working for an illegitimate regime that rigged the 2020 election and was never even voted into power by the American people.
Learn more in today’s bombshell interview with Lisa McGee and Todd Callender, as part of today’s Brighteon Broadcast News. Here’s what else we cover in this episode:
– Corporations that push LGBT agenda actually HATE YOU (but love Satan)
– The North Face, run by left-wing morons, rolls out “real life homosexual” mascot
– Corporations commit brand suicide to appease the TRANS TYRANTS
– Target has lost $9 BILLION in valuation since pushing satanic trans gear for children
– People taking Ozempic weight loss drug sh#t their own bed sheets (and go BALD!)
– NatWest bank INTERROGATES their own customers who dare to withdraw cash
– BLM has gone BROKE, burning through hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate donations
– REPARATIONS for all – end the Fed and stop the theft of spending power
– Full interview with Lisa McGee and Todd Callender
– Biden admin officials have NO OATHS of office on file – they are impostors!

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MISSING OATHS: Biden officials are impostors who swear no allegiance to the United States (feat. Todd Callender) – NaturalNews.com