MORON: Teachers Union President Falls For Obvious Walmart Hanukkah Ham Hoax

9:47 AM 12/06/2014ERIC OWENS
Education Editor

Earlier this week, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten took time out of her busy workday — for each of which she receives a princely $1,380 or so — to warn America that Walmart is selling “delicious” ham for Hanukkah (at the low, low price of $6.29 per pound).

“Really Walmart? Ham for Hanukah?” Weingarten wrote in a Dec. 2 Facebook post.

The problem with the union honcho’s Facebook post is that she fell for a ridiculous hoax., the vital website specializing in urban legends and Internet rumors, flatly debunked the claimthat Walmart is selling hams for Hanukkah — way back in 2009.

A retailer did offer “Delicious for Chanukah” hams back in 2007. It wasn’t Walmart, though. It was at Balducci’s, a (now-closed) snooty market in New York City, quite close to where Weingarten grew up.

In addition to her penchant to fall for obvious hoaxes, Weingarten is also living in the technological dark ages. Her Facebook post notes that she used a “BlackBerry Smartphones App” to produce the embarrassing post.

Also, for the record, “Delicious for Chanukah” hams is controversial because Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday and Jewish people aren’t permitted to eat pork under Jewish dietary laws.

In addition to libeling Walmart for selling Hanukkah ham, Weingarten has also spent time as the president of America’s second-largest teachers union promoting Obamacare, gay marriage and abortion, observes

After wasting millions of dollars on losing Democratic candidates in this month’s midterm elections, Weingarten’s union recently banned Coca-Cola and Coke products from its events and facilities because of conspiracy theory-esque claims involving murder, assassination attempts and eight-year-old children wielding machetes. (RELATED: Now Teachers Union Outlaws Coca-Cola From Its Events)

Weingarten’s salary of $360,000 per year puts her squarely in the top one percent of all Americans. It is 641 percent higher than the $56,130 annual income of an average elementary school teacher.

This week the affluent, fancypants labor leader also lamented the plight of teachers who make, on average, about $300,000 less per year than she does in response to a report by the National Council on Teacher Quality. (RELATED: Teachers Union Fat Cat Lives In America’s Top 1 Percent, Expresses Concern About Teacher Pay)

The amount of money Weingarten makes in just two weeks is roughly equal to the amount an average grade school teacher makes over three months.(RELATED: Randi Weingarten Is Really Sad She Makes $326,300 More Than A Typical Preschool Teacher, You Guys)