Muslims and Christians WILL UNITE to fight the Antichrist, Aamar the Muslim predicts in live interview with Mike Adams

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Muslim believer Aamar, who visited the Health Ranger Mike Adams at the studios, has predicted that Muslims and Christians are going to unite against the Antichrist.
"There's a part of this foretelling of the future to come – the coming of Jesus Christ, when Muslims and Christians will actually join together and fight this One World Antichrist. We believe in the Antichrist," Aamar told Adams during his appearance on the "Health Ranger Report."
Adams then asked if there was something in the Muslim prophecies that talk about this prediction, to which his guest said yes. Both the Quran (the perfect Word of God or Allah) and the Hadith (the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) mention the Prophet, who is known as the "walking Quran" and the "truthful one."
The Prophet's arrival had been foretold by the Lord Jesus Christ, said Aamar. In the same manner, the Hadith also mentions the coming Antichrist, called the Dajjal (deceiver) in the Muslim tradition.
According to Aamar, this Antichrist in the Muslim tradition will manifest in the form of a child who will be born with a special power. "One is born, already living through the ages, and the other one is yet to be born," he added, noting that Dajjal will have one eye.
Adams then remarked that if the Antichrist is not currently alive and running the show, it means that truly evil humans are doing it all on their own.
Aamar continued that while the Dajjal is yet to come, the Antichrist is already born. He explained that this Antichrist comes in the form of the One World Government, which people started talking about during the 1980s and 1990s. "This is basically what you consider the Antichrist," the guest remarked. "And this Antichrist will come, and he will wreak havoc."
Unity between Christians and Muslims is crucial to defeat the Antichrist

Given this, the Health Ranger returned to Aamar's statement about Muslims and Christians uniting for humanity's victory against the Antichrist. Aamar agreed, noting that the two religions really have to work together.
The founder of and Natural News also mentioned that both Muslims and Christians need to talk about how they can protect their humanity, as well as their families and future. Both parties talking about these things is something that must happen globally in order for humanity to win, he continued.
According to Aamar, a "war" is going on and this war seeks to ensure that the subversive minds don't win. Adams agreed, citing that a cabal is keeping people separated so they can be easily defeated. This, he added, is the reason why hatred is being pushed globally in order to turn everybody against each other. (Related: Luciferian leftists are teaching AI systems to push antichrist propaganda)
Aamar continued that it is about dividing and conquering people. They have been divided both at the macro level, i.e. Christian versus Muslim, and at the micro level. But when humanity's minds come together, Aamar said, the people keeping them divided will be beaten.
The Muslim guest also noted that while believers can rely on the Quran, they cannot always rely on some of the Hadith's supposed sayings because they had been manipulated. Adams agreed, saying that the same thing has happened with the Holy Bible – with some of its verses twisted by some people for their own ends.
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Muslims and Christians WILL UNITE to fight the Antichrist, Aamar the Muslim predicts in live interview with Mike Adams –