*Must-See* Documentary About Gosnell Clinic:Tying Women To Bed, Forcing Abortions on Them, Dead Babies In Jars, And The ‘Special Room’ For The White Women


In a case that has already spawned so much horror, the Gosnell case is one where the more you look the more you see. And then wish you hadn’t.

In addition to the killing of babies, in and out of the womb, by essentially beheading them with scissor snips through their vertebrae, Gosnell kept jars of dead babies and baby parts strewn around the office. Women were treated with unsterile instruments and by people who were not medical professionals.

At least two women appear to have died from this negligence and by some estimates from workers at the “clinic”, over 100 babies (yes, they were already born) were killed in this manner.

The above documentary, “3801 Lancaster”, uploaded in January 2013, notes much of this. It also adds the chilling testimony of those concerned. The woman who was raped, and became pregnant, who went to the clinic for an abortion but heard the heart beat of her child and decided not to go through with it on the table. Gosnell hit her in the legs, had her tied to the bed, gave her more drugs and proceeded with the abortion anyway. Now, the woman no longer can have any children.

When this case first broke in media, many on the left refused to look at it. Many still refuse to cover it, not able to deal with what facing it might mean. Foolish Reporter does a good synopsis on this mentality here.

Gosnell’s defense attorney even went so far as to refer to the prosecution of Gosnell as “racist” because he was black and “serving” a poor population.

Yet, as the documentary notes, the district attorney in testimony on the matter notes that in the Gosnell clinic white women were given the “special room” that was just a little bit better than that for the people of color. Why? Because according to Gosnell, that was just the way of things in life. Also he thought the white women more likely to complain about problems. Unbelievable.

The latest account is from Ashley Baldwin who did ultrasounds, administered intravenous medicine and, ultimately, assisting in abortions performed by Gosnell. Ashley had no medical license. She also was a 15 year old high school sophomore at the time.

Over and over again, incidents would occur, and yet the State Department of Health did nothing, they had not even had someone on site since 1993. Why?

Some in the documentary thought it might be because of the lack of concern about the people of color. That may well be part of it. But as Foolish Reporternotes, it’s also because of the habit of looking away when it comes to abortion.