NBC News Warns Democrats They’re Headed For A ‘Shellacking’ In November

By Mike LaChance -January 18, 2022

You know things are truly bad for the Democrats when the liberal media starts warning them they’re going to lose.

Over at NBC News, they’re talling Democrats to prepare for a shellacking in November.
Despite what you might hear on CNN or MSNBC, the media knows what’s coming.
From NBC News:
Poll numbers are pointing to a midterm shellacking for Democrats
In 1998 and 2002, the party controlling the White House gained House seats — five in 1998, and eight in 2002. What did the numbers in our NBC News poll show right before those elections? Well, a majority or a plurality of respondents said the country was headed in the right direction; Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had approval ratings north of 60 percent; and their parties enjoyed narrow leads on the generic ballot.

Now let us show you what a shellacking looks like: In 1994, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 — when the president’s party suffered big losses — overwhelming majorities said the country was headed on the wrong track before the election; each president’s job rating was below 50 percent; and the president’s party trailed on the generic ballot.
So with less than a year until the November midterms, what did the latest NBC News poll tell us? It was pointing more towards the shellacking territory. Our October 2021 NBC News poll showed 71 percent of Americans (!!!) saying the country is headed in the wrong direction; President Biden’s job rating was at 42 percent; and the silver lining for Democrats is that they enjoyed a narrow lead on the generic ballot.
After the last year, should Democrats really be surprised by this?
"SHELLACKING territory for President Biden and the Democrats"via the @MTPFirstRead crews' new handy dandy Midterm Meter… pic.twitter.com/baDyHLZY9V— Nathan Brand (@NathanBrandWA) January 18, 2022

Nathan Brand

"SHELLACKING territory for President Biden and the Democrats"via the @MTPFirstRead crews' new handy dandy Midterm Meter...

10:02 AM · Jan 18, 2022

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The only question is how badly Democrats will get beaten.

NBC News Warns Democrats They're Headed For A 'Shellacking' In November (americanlookout.com)