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    New Movement Toward a North American Union

    Looks like Obama has decided to pick up where Bush left off...

    Moving Toward a North American Union

    April 18, 2011

    By Phyllis Schlafly

    Several years ago, I told you about a meeting of President George W. Bush, the president of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada to form what was called the North American Union. That was a detailed plan to erase our borders with Mexico and Canada, to allow the free flow of people and goods across those borders, and to integrate the three countries into an economic union and then into a political union much like the model of the European Union. A common currency like the euro, to be called the amero, was also discussed. The first step was creating something called the Security and Prosperity Partnership, with planning committees from the three countries meeting secretly in the U.S. Commerce Department. The whole plan was terribly unpopular with the American people.

    During Barack Obama’s first year as President, he made one trip to Guadalajara to meet with the Mexican and Canadian heads of state, but this plan didn’t seem to be on his front burner. He deactivated the website of the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

    However, in February this year, Obama injected new life into the plan for a North American Union. One Friday afternoon, the time of least media coverage, Obama and the Mexican president signed a declaration called “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness.
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    The EU is a disaster, yet they keep pushing for the same thing here.
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