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    New York Man Arrested for Threatening Kavanaugh-Supporting Senators

    New York Man Arrested for Threatening Kavanaugh-Supporting Senators

    OCTOBER 19, 2018

    Ronald DeRisi mugshot. Suffolk County Police

    Another day, another unhinged Democrat is arrested for threatening to kill Republicans.

    Ronald DeRisi, 74, of Smithtown, Long Island, was arrested Friday morning after allegedly leaving more than ten "threatening voice messages" at the offices of two senators because of their support for Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.
    DeRisi allegedly called the home state offices of the senators and left "expletive-laced" threats, according to the federal complaint.

    The senators are not named in the complaint, but the New York Post has identified them as Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Susan Collins (R-Maine).

    In a Sept. 27 message, DeRisi allegedly left a voice message claiming he had a "present" for "Senator-1" (Grassley), saying, “It’s a 9 millimeter. Side of your f***ing skull you scumbag motherf*cker.”

    The 85-year-old senator got another call that same day, saying: “We’re tired of this guy sucking taxpayers’ money! Getting a free f***ing ride! How many more years you gonna do it? None! He’s a dead man! 9 millimeter, side of the f***ing head! If f***ing Kavanaugh gets in, he’s dead f***ing meat! Actually even if Kavanaugh doesn’t get in he’s dead f***ing meat. 9 millimeter, side of the head, you f***ing old bastard.”

    "Senator-2" (Collins) received a message at an undisclosed time and date, saying: “You f***ing twit, you better pray this guy don’t get in. You f***ing moron.” DeRisi allegedly went on to leave a message saying that he was working on confirming her home address. A third message said simply, "Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock."

    There were at least 10 threatening phone calls of this nature to the two senators

    DeRisi used a pre-paid cell phone to make the calls from or around his home, the complaint said.

    A statement by the United States Attorney's Office said the threats were apparently made to discourage the senators from supporting Kavanaugh "and/or as retaliation for having voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh."
    ED NY Smithtown, New York, Ronald DeRisi with threatening to murder and assault two United States Senators INDICTED via @ednynews @intheMatrixxx@prayingmedic @LisaMei62 @Livid2point0
    — #Saucy (@NewportLost) October 19, 2018
    "We and all those dedicated to the rule of law will not tolerate the use violence and threats of violence in attempts to prevail in political disputes," said Richard Donoghue, the U.S. attorney for New York's Eastern District.
    This was not the first time DeRisi had been arrested for threatening behavior.

    In 2015, he pleaded guilty to a state charge of aggravated harassment after he repeatedly phoned a victim's home and office more than 15 times and left threatening messages, according to CNBC.

    Also, in 2011, DeRisi was arrested for causing over $100,000 of damage after he cut the cables for a cell phone tower in a gated community in Smithtown, New York. DeRisi, then 67, was charged with two felony counts of tampering and criminal mischief.

    His latest arrest comes just two days after the husband of Sen. Collins received a threatening letter that the writer claimed was contaminated with ricin. Senator Collins’ husband, Tom Daffron, their dog, and parts of their home had to be quarantined while the crime lab undertook an analysis of the premises.

    The person responsible for that letter has not yet been apprehended.

    All year Republicans have been beset by threats, intimidating mobs, and actual physical violence as the increasingly desperate left loses power and influence in Washington.

    In just the past couple of weeks two Republican candidates in Minnesota were assaulted by violent leftists, the female campaign manager for Republican gubernatorial candidate in Nevada was assaulted by a Soros-paid tracker,and multiple GOP offices were vandalized.

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    “It’s a 9 millimeter. Side of your f**king skull, you scumbag motherf**ker.”

    Long Island Man Arrested for Threatening Kavanaugh-Supporting Senators

    Sebastian Gorka shared a link.

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