New York Times caught LYING about “Hamas mass rapes,” then backpedals with stealth headline edits

03/12/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1K Views

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Israel's lies about the October 7 Hamas false flag attack are once again in the limelight after New York Times journalist Farnaz Fassihi quietly and stealthily edited a false headline about "Hamas mass rapes" supposedly being confirmed by the United Nations (UN), this after author and blogger Max Blumenthal called her out for her deception.
By all appearances, Fassihi actually blocked Blumenthal on X after he exposed her lies. Fassihi also blocked anyone from commenting on her tweets after news of her deception went viral.
Fassihi's fake news headline in the Times read as follows: "U.N. Team Finds Grounds to Support Reports of Sexual Violence in Hamas Attack." Her sub-headline falsely claimed that the UN "[f]ound Clear & convincing information that hostages were sexually abused. UN also looked into reports of sexual abuse of Palestinians in Israeli detention."
It turns out that the UN found no such thing, seeing as how the international body was barred by Israel from conducting any serious investigation into the matter. The UN's Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict affirmed this in a statement explaining that the information gathered by its mission team "was in large part sourced from Israeli national institutions."
"This is due to the absence of United Nations entities operating in Israel, as well as the lack of cooperation by the State of Israel with relevant United Nations bodies with an investigative mandate," the UN further said.
(Fact check: Israel has been lying from the beginning about the Hamas rapes – they never happened.)
Israel lied to justify Palestinian genocide in Gaza

In his excoriation of Fassihi and her false claims, Blumenthal pointed out that it has never been confirmed that any of Israel's claims about "Hamas mass rapes" ever really happened, and that it was all basically a hoax designed to garner sympathy from the world towards the Zionist cause.
"Unfounded and inaccurate forensic evidence" was collected by "untrained volunteer first responders," who were also responsible for "the loss of potentially valuable evidence," Blumenthal tweeted, referring to the infamous ZAKA disinformation source.
None of the allegations of sexual violence in Kibbutz Be'eri could be verified, exposing ZAKA's three major allegations as "unfounded," Blumenthal further explained, adding that not a single instance of alleged sexual violence by Hamas has ever been verified.
"She did not meet with any Israeli victims of sexual violence on 10/7, none were made available," he adds about Fassihi. "'The altercation of crime scenes' marred her ability to collect info."
It turns out that the evidence collected actually ended up exposing Israel for committing heinous war crimes against the Palestinians as a large number of the bodies collected from the scene of the attack showed "extensive burn damage."
"This is yet another indication of the extensive Israeli use of tanks and attack helicopters against Palestinian militants and Israeli citizens according to the Hannibal directive," Blumenthal explains, noting that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) killed Israelis in the kibbutz.
Another important tidbit is the sheer number of Western media outlets that later retracted their false claims about "Hamas mass rapes" after the false claim was widely exposed and debunked as false.
"There's no 'reasonable grounds' to believe any of the claims about 'Hamas mass rapes' because no actual evidence has ever been produced," writes Chris Menahan for Information Liberation.
"The media is simply repeating their 'Big Lie' over and over again in the hope that people will believe it."
In the comments, someone added to this that he has never in his life "seen such shameless liars," referring to the Israeli Zionist regime.
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New York Times caught LYING about “Hamas mass rapes,” then backpedals with stealth headline edits –