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New Zealand doctors call for criminal homicide investigations into covid-19 vaccine deaths

Thursday, July 14, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The group New Zealand Doctors Speaking out With Science (NZDSOS) has published an open letter calling for a comprehensive investigation into the wave of deaths occurring in New Zealand among the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).
A redacted version is available for the public to read, while an unredacted version is still being carefully prepared for law enforcement to ensure it contains all of the necessary information for a proper investigation to be conducted.
According to the group, there is a “shockingly large burden of deaths and injuries following the Covid-19 vaccine, of itself and compared to any other treatment or vaccine in modern times.”
“We report many cases that DEMAND proper investigation, as befits any medication lacking safety studies,” the letter’s executive summary further states.
NZDSOS says the country’s surveillance systems, which would otherwise catch these injuries and deaths, have been disabled “in order to hide the extent of harm.”
“Adverse event reporting is NOT COMPULSORY, and this alone undermines any attempt to portray the injections as safe,” the group further explains.
“CARM (New Zealand’s version of the U.S.-based Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) was never designed to early warn about experimental drugs rolled out to massive numbers.”
Post-covid injection deaths are the elephant in the room that nobody wants to address

Perhaps most concerning are the large numbers of young children who after getting shot are suffering cardiac injuries that used to only occur among the elderly – though many elderly people have mysteriously died post-jab as well.
Seeing as how children have a zero percent risk of dying from covid, let alone getting sick from it in the first place, jabbing them is arguably the worst crime against humanity that has occurred in modern times.
“We believe we are being lied to,” says NZDSOS. “We appeal AGAIN to the Police, headed by Andrew Coster, and our MPs (members of parliament), to intervene to protect the People.
Halfway through the letter, a long list of cases is presented showing that post-injection injuries and deaths are anything but “rare.” They are disturbingly and obviously common when looking at the data, though few are brave enough to actually look.
A summary of some 500 post-injection deaths is included in the letter, as recorded in the Citizen’s Database. A community group of volunteers with backgrounds in healthcare, information technology and science help to maintain it with the support of epidemiology and database professionals.
“It has been built mainly from notifications by relatives, friends and health workers of people who have died following the covid-19 shots,” the letter explains.
“Scientific accuracy forbids the use of the word ‘vaccine,’ since it does not prevent the disease nor its transmission. Some information has been gleaned from social media posts, newspaper reports and obituaries. Has anyone noticed how many there are? ‘Taken too soon,’ ‘sudden and unexpected’ adorn the pages.”
Because the so-called “authorities” refuse to even look into the situation at all is a huge red flag all on its own. If the jabs really are “safe and effective” as claimed, then there should be no problem looking through each case in order to debunk it as unrelated to the injections, right?
This is the elephant in the room that almost nobody in any position of power is willing to address, and NZDSOS is demanding once again that someone step up to the plate and take the matter seriously on behalf of public health.
“Whatever the actual truth, NZDSOS and many others are certain that the true number of dead and injured people is very elevated, and not made clear to the public, who thus continue to sleepwalk into a treatment that is much more dangerous than the disease it purports to prevent, especially for the young,” the group says.
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