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Monday, May 7, 2012
News Gathering HD Cameras Installed in Tucson, AZ
Joe Wright
Activist Post

In a move that signifies a private surveillance war between news networks, Arizona station KVOA has installed a network of remote-controlled, high-definition cameras around Tucson, AZ to "scan the streets for pretty much whatever's out there."

The system, named Skynet (yes, they are aware that the name has an evil connotation from the movie Terminator), went online April 25th. It is unknown how many cameras have been put in place to observe the public, or how much was invested to do so, but it is an investment that management feels is a good one in order to gain instant access to potential news, as opposed to physically sending out reporters, or using helicopters.

While at first it was believed that the camera network was unique to KVOA, rival station manager Debbie Bush from KOLD-Channel 13 stated "We now both have camera systems," Bush said via email. "It's a significant investment for both of us. … And it's great for the viewers of Southern Arizona."

The combination of an unknown number of news surveillance networks added to government systems in large cities like New York and Chicago, as well as small towns like Kings Point, Long Island, leave the public open to observation down to the tiniest detail. The following is a vision of what to expect around town in the very near future, as Skynet-type systems move from data collection to perception management.

Activist Post: News Gathering HD Cameras Installed in Tucson, AZ