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Next pink-slip benchmark: 10 million
May convince Congress to vote against seizing control of health care

Posted: December 14, 2009
10:17 pm Eastern

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When talking about spending, borrowing, printing or taxing, Congress tosses around terms like "billions" and "trillions" as carelessly as if members were flicking pennies into a fountain. So can a figure like 10 million really mean anything to them?

Actually, it means everything – status, power, self-importance. But it will mean even more to you and your family. That's because by reaching the goal of 10 million pink slips sent to members of Congress, you just might help prevent them from voting to seize control of the health care system.

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Recently topping the 9 million mark, the "“Send Congress a Pink Slip" campaign is a not-so-subtle way of reminding an out-of-control federal government that their bosses are paying close attention to their work performance – and are prepared to put them back into the job market in November.

The grassroots effort, organized by WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah and WND columnist Janet Porter, warns members of the U.S. House and Senate they could be facing a "pink slip" as early as 2010 if they vote for more spending, socialized medicine, cap-and- trade legislation and a hate-crimes measure.

For just $29.95 you can send an individualized notice to every member of Congress in the form of a "pink slip."

The campaign ensures Fed Ex will deliver this powerful message to all 535 members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate – all for a remarkably low price based on economies of scale.

At $29.95, that translates to 6 cents per message – shipped by Fed Ex.

With members of Congress – many under pressure from their party and the president – weighing legislation to command control of the health care system, it could be the least expensive medical-related cost you ever pay. And it may very well carry the highest savings. That's because by avoiding a government-run health system destined to ration care, downgrade service and bureaucratize life-and-death treatment, dollars won't be the only things saved.

Evidence mounts daily that the public action must be overwhelming. In a shocking display of disdain for the citizens they're elected to serve, officials persist in dismissing the Constitution and remaking America into a mutant version of its former greatness. President Obama recently signed into law hate-crimes legislation that creates a special class of protected citizens while criminalizing speech. Despite a national debt that's rocketing skyward at facial-contorting speeds, lawmakers still mull over the prospect of nationalizing health care.

So far, the onslaught of support for the campaign has twice wiped out supplies of pink paper across North America. As boxes of "Send Congress a Pink Slip" notices pile up in their offices, many members of Congress have embraced the effort and openly admit that they're getting the message. Others are "talking about it, but they're only talking about it behind closed doors and in the elevators as they go up and down and in very whispered tones," said Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga.

"What you hear are people saying, 'How many of those did you get or how many people came to your office today? And what are you going to do and how are you going to vote on this?'" Price continued.

Price recently joined Reps. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., Steve King, R-Iowa, Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, in publicly thanking Farah and Porter for the program's results.

(You Tube video clip "More pink slips? Congresswoman Michele Bachman...")

"It's an amazing feat, to get that many slips to Congress," King told WND. "If you look through them, you can index each one back to an individual. That's powerful. There is a person behind each one of the slips."

"This is putting everyone on notice," said Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., during an interview on Fox News. "And I think this is what the American people have been doing for months now, saying if you keep spending and borrowing, you're going to get fired."

(You Tube video clip "Congress gets the 'pink slip'...Greta's On the Record")

Reps. Tom Price, R-Ga., and Todd Akin, R-Mo., have also vocally supported the campaign.

Akin said: "The pink slip campaign serves as a good reminder of the unavoidable fact that every member of Congress answers to their constituents and that they ignore their voices at their own peril."

Voices in unison pose the best hopes for stirring the conscience of Congress, said Farah, and the program makes the cost of sending mail to 535 people not only manageable but a downright bargain.

"We encourage citizens to take individual actions," said Farah. "But when we act as a group, it's more cost-effective and the results more dramatic. Just try Fed Exing members of Congress yourself and see what it costs. We have learned from past experience that Fed Ex actually ensures delivery to members. What they do with them at that point is their choice."

If all the pink slips Congress has received were stacked, the pile would be more than half a mile tall and tower over the tallest buildings in the world.

Laid end to end, they would extend over nearly two-thirds of the American continent, from Washington into the Rockies.