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    No 'Military' Mission Accomplished: Destroy America Accomplished

    No 'Military' Mission Accomplished... Destroy America Accomplished

    By Karl W B Schwarz

    There is an old adage that puts forth a simple truth: Money talks, bullshit walks. In the case of the United States of America it can be rephrased to state 'money talks, liar warmongers die and lose'.

    Senator Joe Lieberman has proposed a bill that would terminate your citizenship if you stand up to the government. Well, frankly it is not theirs to give or take away for a natural born citizen. It is a birthright, not ordained by the asinine shitforbrains in Washington, DC. They are that desperate to cover up their lies, war crimes, human rights abuses and failures in Washington DC.

    The NDAA authorizes that the President can deem you an enemy and you either disappear or get assassinated, by the very government that pretends to be your 'representative' leader. They represent nothing, stand for nothing but their own callous greed and self-empowerment.

    The Patriot Act I and II, the TSA, the DHS are all intended to strip away your freedoms more and more each day until you cannot stand up and fight back like happened in 1776.

    Get this straight people, they fear an armed America that is growing more fed up with them with each passing minute. You are the by definition 'terrorist' they fear and rightly so. King George was a piker compared to these fascist un-American thugs in Washington, DC.

    The CIA wants to stick their nose up your butt about 3 feet whether you like it or not. The CIA venture capital arm In-Q-Tel is behind the financing and creation of AOL, Google, Facebook and even more. Ah, yes, a huge Facebook IPO is planned so just the right folks can pocket a lot of US dollars, just like AOL, Google, etc.

    The US and their 'agenda buddies' created 9-11 as an excuse to attack Afghanistan. That was the only way they could sell it to idiot Americans, who otherwise would have refused to go along with an attack on Afghanistan since people living 100 years behind us technologically cannot possibly launch a serious attack on America within its borders. Like obedient Little Sheeple, the 'go shop' suggestion of Bush was obeyed straight into the US poor house.

    Wake your lazy ass up, AMERICA! I know some things about this that most Americans are clueless about. I used to be very close to the inner circle of RNC Finance, helped to design and implement the strategy to take the House and Senate away from Clinton in 1994, and was on what was then called The National Policy Forum.

    On election night 1994, my wife and I were two of the 156 people even allowed into the inner sanctum of RNC Finance to watch Clinton go into meltdown mode, exactly as planned. We were at the table of then RNC Treasurer William J McManus, along with a billionaire and two admirals and their wives.

    I left the RNC and NPF when it became obvious to me that even during the period 1992 to 1996 there were some in the RNC designing a bogus war (the false Global War on Terror) so the US could dominate world energy supplies. There were some, the likes of Gingrich, convicted felon Tom DeLay, Dick Armey, et al, that truly believed that a warmongering RNC defending America from a contrived boogeyman would help to win elections.

    Yep, folks, it was that simplistic and that myopic. Make up a boogeyman, make up a war and then hammer the Hell out of Americans with political and MSM rhetoric about who would best defend them from nothing. The Dems were left wing, tree-hugging, anti-war nitwits, right?

    The Republicans would defend America. Get it? The Democrats lie. Get it?

    The Republicans lie. Get it?

    They know you are either lazy or stupid. Get it?

    Listen to the campaign rhetoric right now and see if you can get those brain cells into gear and think that 'war plan' statement through, and remember it dates back to 1992-1996. I was there and both glad I was and wish I had not been. I got to see the inner workings of this insanity up close and personal.

    Well, it was an idiot idea then but damn, they put it into motion under Bush and his lies. Bush was an immediate hit and proved it was way past being a really, really stupid idea. It is not hard to figure out, take an idiot idea and launch it with a Village Idiot at the helm and voila, wind up with a totally stupid idiot outcome.

    Most Americans do not realize that one of my companies was on the approved Iraq reconstruction list. I took one look at that huge scam and refused to be involved.

    The US government has steadfastly refused to utter the name Bridas Corporation, an Argentina entity that had the entire Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, or TAP, sewed up until Clinton and the CIA flipped Turkmenistan and Pakistan. All that was left standing in the way were the Taliban and their contract with Bridas Corporation.

    An intelligent American has to consider the comical irony of bombing a Stone Age people into the Stone Age they already lived in.

    Viola! 9-11-2001, so let's go steal that pipeline deal and take over all of that Caspian Basin oil and natural gas. Trillions to be made; so just make it all up and line all of the right pockets. The Democrats have to play along. The same money backing the RNC is lavishly laid on the table for the DNC, too.

    Yes, they salivated and coveted that oil and natural gas mother-lode since the Carter Administration. Both he and Zbigniew Brzezinski dreamed up a brain fart called 'Al Qaeda' to help destabilize that region and flip it to the US way of thinking.

    Old Zbig, the Russia-hating dinosaur he is, even wrote the book that became their War Bible for the grand fiasco caper, 'The Grand Chessboard'.

    Well, we lost the chess match, the war, many American lives and have nothing to show for it but a mountain of debt that would have built hundreds of pipelines. Yet, the US has accomplished none due to having a failed business plan as to how to get it done.

    Russia's Gazprom controls virtually all of the natural gas in the Caspian Basin that some in DC assumed belonged to them, Various Russian, Chinese, India, Japanese, Korean oil companies now control most of the oil rights that the US also deemed was theirs thanks to their totally stupid war plan to take it all over.

    Pens, contracts and money have buried the almighty US military and their ill-conceived war plan. The competition got the oil, gas, the pipelines and America got the debt and maimed and dead US soldiers sent to die for a lie.

    Well, here we are over 10 years later, no 'Mission Accomplished' by BushCo or BarkyCo, no pipeline, trillions down the drain and the US sinking under the weight of its debt. Meanwhile over at the Bridas hacienda they have completed thousands of miles of pipelines in the past 10 years, the first being across the northern part of Iran, through Turkey to the Mediterranean.

    Then they built a long pipeline north to carry Iranian oil into Russia and let Russia sell their oil since the US and UK (and Israel) keep trying to start a war with a nation that has no intentions of attacking anyone.

    In 2012, Bridas will complete one of the longest pipelines ever built from Turkmenistan to China.

    And then there is China, a nation that is now a financial partner of the Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline, or IPI Pipeline. Additionally, China has taken control of a port named Gwadar Pakistan in the province of Baluchistan. The US had planned to run its coveted TAP from Ashgabat Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan and Baluchistan to the port city of Gwadar.

    Oops, checkmated again!! Solution, create a war planning team in the Pentagon to come up with a way to take that port city back from China. Put the CIA and Special Forces into Helmand Province Afghanistan, Baluchistan Province Pakistan and stir up all kinds of shit with Pakistan and IRAN.

    Getting the picture?????

    You had better wake up and get it before you get drafted to serve and die in World War III.

    As they say down South where I am from, 'it ain't happening, folks'. China is currently building a pipeline from Gwadar through Pakistan to China. The folks in Beijing have no intentions of allowing the US, UK and Israel to have any control whatsoever regarding their energy supplies and their economy.

    Continued Below
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    The IPI Pipeline and the Gwadar ­

    China pipeline are marching right along while the US still lies in every photo op and every pronouncement, and pretends it is defending the world from terrorists. Of course, it is the US that is the real terrorist in this instance but they can rest comfortably that most Americans are just too distracted or just too damned stupid to read a map, read the news, come up with the right answers that the transgressor to the extreme is the United States of America.

    It is not about terrorism coming at the US. It is the US projecting terrorism outward like a teenage punk. It is about US dominance in oil, natural gas, pipelines and ability to manipulate who does and does not get energy. We lost, DC would rather shoot itself in the head on national TV than to admit they lied, many died, and it never had anything to do with terrorism. Just money and damn, is that shallow or what?

    For all of this talk about human rights abuses in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Americans need to look in the mirror and come to grips with the grotesque human rights abuses that have resulted due to the lies of the US government in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere around this world. Come to grips with the fact that Pahlavi in Iran and Mubarak in Egypt were brutal puppets and the US wanted them there.

    The US is not with clean hands on the issue of human rights abuses.

    Why attack Libya in 2011 after Qadaffi had mellowed into a benevolent tyrant and doing many good things for his people? He was denominating the sale of Libyan energy in EUROS, not the almighty weakling US dollar. Our 'good buddy' Saddam Hussein was doing the same and look what happened to him. Chavez has steadfastly refused to denominate the sale of Venezuelan energy in a pathetically weak US dollar.

    Woe to those who pull back the curtain and expose why the world needs to abandon the US dollar as the petrodollar. Weak dollar equals high energy prices; the math is not hard to do.

    There is a moral to this story. Russia showed up in the Caspian Basin with pens, contracts and money while the US chose to use bombs, bullets and outright terrorism to get its way. They won, we lost.

    There is yet another moral to this story. China showed up in Pakistan and Iran, and India, with pens, contracts and money while the US chose to use bombs, bullets, drones across borders they had not been invited across, and TERRORISM. Our global competitors have kicked our stupid American asses black and blue in the oil, natural gas and pipeline games.

    The 'Who is to Blame for this Shit?' is a very long list and goes all the way back to when Clinton became president and even before that when President Jimmy Carter and his national security advisor Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziski concocted this idiotic, stupid and lunatic game plan, all for oil, natural gas and money, and American hegemony and American Empire.

    Even before Clinton, Daddy Bush lied and completely fabricated the reasons to attack Iraq in 1991.

    Yes, Bush was to blame for Afghanistan and Iraq II, but he was just the Useful Idiot that wanted to be the War President. Even before that Clinton tried to launch it and many forces made sure he could not.

    Then we get Slick Barky as the Black Clinton and he decides to keep up with the illusion, delusion and lies because it sells well with Stupid Americans. How else can a do-nothing talker get elected President and cannot find his birth certificate? How else can a war criminal and human rights abuser be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Ron Paul is 100% right on one thing: We need to learn to mind our own business.

    So, wars won by US = 0. Nations destroyed = 4 (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya), including America.

    The US lies have resulted in trillions of dollars squandered and most of the world laughing their asses off at how incredibly naïve and stupid most Americans are. Cannot read a damned map yet think they know it all due to listening to FOXNews and other MSM mynah birds.

    Welcome to 2012, folks. America is still the laughing stock of the world and pretending (delusion) to be Number One in all things.

    In closing, I have but one question for Americans. How long are you going to look at the horseshoe before you can admit to me you know it is a horseshoe?

    Your democracy is a sham and a scam. Your freedoms and liberty are at best illusory; a delusion after what DC has done to gut the very essence of what made America great.

    Wake up! 2012 might be your last chance to turn it around. Vote against every DC asshole running for re-election.
    Send them home.

    Stop hiding under the shadow of your own ass and VOTE to turn things around.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that would do that. The rest are just talking and spouting out the talking points to get your vote.

    Wake up, get the lead out of your ass,
    or suffer the consequences.
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    Here’s where I Piss a lot of people off

    Military Veterans have had it... they are done and they are Pissed

    While you do well praising them as you watch comfortable in your lounge chair; you stopped none of it.

    You watched them come home in flag draped coffins with a pretty flag on top

    you watched them come home with eyes gone; legs and arms blown off

    You seen them homeless begging for money because they can no longer hold a job from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

    Soldiers watched their best friend killed under horrible conditions; no hope of coming home to see their families that are divorcing in record numbers for absolutely nothing

    Now ..... I hear people talking will the soldiers protect American citizens from a government gone rogue .... you better hope and pray those very same soldiers don’t turn their back on you in the very same fashion as you have done to them

    you keep voting for the same politicians that are War Profiteering and sending other peoples kids into harms way so that you get a feel good of patriotism watching the 7 and 11 News footage

    18, 19, 20 year old KIDS that are now screwed up for life .. YOU contributed to this by VOTING Psychopath’s into office
    Arizona got warned about McCain and they still voted this NUT case into office ... that same NUT case helped push 2 current bills saying the Government can now assassinate Americans and well as lock them up indefinitely..... I look for Xe formerly Black Water to conduct these operations in this country... again... I wouldnt put my hopes out to far on the military protecting you

    do you really expect a return favor from those very same kids ... do you really expect them to fight back against a government after you continually send them into combat ... they all know its just a matter of time before they take a bullet in combat so John McCain can own 9 huge properties and defense contractors lined up at his door for more bribes (Political Contributions)

    If shit goes to hell in a hand basket; Expect those kids to protect their family and that’s it

    America is now Broke ... Dirt Broke

    you want WWIII you know what candidates to vote for

    you want the shit to continue; expect it to get far worse that what it is right now and for many it is hell on earth in this country alone ... again ... you know who to vote for

    just because it hasn’t hit you yet (The Depression) and it is... doesn’t mean you made it though .. you still got 5 Wars and WWIII to pay for and 40 plus years of paying for disabled veterans

    you better start heeding the Vet's warnings that are out there and pay attention to who is putting their names on these wacko bills that has no good intention for any American citizen... Keep voting for the same megalomaniac's in DC and expect to be a pauper so the globalists can make a mint with war contracts

    Who is getting the soldiers vote this time... Who is getting the soldiers donations this time... there is a reason

    Vote for the wrong candidate this time and don’t expect those soldiers to have any mercy when its time to lock you up
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    Iraq and Afghanistan: Aggression Ends but War Continues

    Posted on 31. Dec, 2011 by Dr Mahboob A Khawaja

    How the civilized society humiliates humanity

    By Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.

    “In other words – and let's say this plainly, clearly and soberly, so that no one can mistake the intention of Rumsfeld's plan – the United States government is planning to use "cover and deception" and secret military operations to provoke murderous terrorist attacks on innocent people. Let's say it again: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the other members of the unelected regime in Washington plan to deliberately foment the murder of innocent people – your family, your friends, your lovers, you – in order to further their geopolitical ambitions.” (Chris Floyd “Darkness Renewed-Terror as tool of Empire” 04/2009, quotes William Arkin- military analyst article in the Los Angeles Times: "Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group -P2OG)

    (Democracy at Work: To re-visit the wounds of the Abu Ghraib)

    “Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted with Cattle Prods, Burned by Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?

    They are just some of the victims of wholesale torture taking place inside the U.S. prison system that we uncovered during a four-month investigation for BBC Channel 4 . It’s terrible to watch some of the videos and realise that you’re not only seeing torture in action but, in the most extreme cases, you are witnessing young men dying.

    The prison guards stand over their captives with electric cattle prods, stun guns, and dogs. Many of the prisoners have been ordered to strip naked. The guards are yelling abuse at them, ordering them to lie on the ground and crawl. ‘Crawl, motherf*****s, crawl.’

    If a prisoner doesn’t drop to the ground fast enough, a guard kicks him or stamps on his back. There’s a high-pitched scream from one man as a dog clamps its teeth onto his lower leg. Another prisoner has a broken ankle. He can’t crawl fast enough so a guard jabs a stun gun onto his buttocks. The jolt of electricity zaps through his naked flesh and genitals. For hours afterwards his whole body shakes.

    Lines of men are now slithering across the floor of the cellblock while the guards stand over them shouting, prodding and kicking. Second by second, their humiliation is captured on a video camera by one of the guards.

    The images of abuse and brutality he records are horrifyingly familiar. These were exactly the kind of pictures from inside Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad that shocked the world this time last year. (Deborah Davies, “Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons” 03/28/2005)

    Acts of savagery by man against man do not end with paper declarations of the end of wars. More so, in the scientifically and technologically advanced 21st century warfare will leave catastrophic and undiminshing impacts not just on the human lives and habitats but throughout the Planet Earth – its echo system and its natural functioning, growth and sustainability. For centuries to come, the succeeding generations will bare the horrible consequences of man’s insanity against man, against the very Nature of Things upon which man stands not alone and lives.

    Chris Floyd (“Darkness Renewed” 04/2009) outlines the strategy embedded in the “War on Terrorism”: “You goad and provoke violent extremist groups into retaliating against your attacks, your civilian-slaughtering invasions and incursions into their territory. Being unable to confront directly your war machine – the largest, most advanced military force in the history of the world, sustained by a tsunami of public money that each year surpasses the military spending of the rest of the world – they naturally respond with "asymmetrical" operations…… this is the moment you have waited for; this is exactly what you wanted. Now you can whip the herd back into a martial frenzy, keep the Long War going, and push aside the rabble's petty, small-minded desires for a peaceful, prosperous life at home, minding their own business.”

    This is no canvas but human blood in torture cell

    Wars are planned and orchestrated by the few, the privileged ruling elite; the humanity becomes the targeted victims of the few for global hegemonic governance. Throughout the ages, the conscientious mankind searched for ways to undo the war and strive for peace, the real aim for the establishments of international institutions. But now the global institutional capacity to deal with peace and conflict management appears in ruin with the continued onslaught of the American led so called War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Few weeks earlier, there was an allied global conference in Bonn to talk about peace and Afghanistan’s reconstruction and future. The question is why was Afghanistan invaded and destroyed? In one nutshell, it was the creative thinking of the most insane minds on the planet and subsequently supported by few hired puppets of the authoritarian Arab-Islamic world.

    Realizing the eminent defeats by the handful forces of Talaban, the allies are gathered to make their presence known for propaganda purposes to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan and global audience. Talaban fighting the intruders are not the foreigners but people of the land. The US, British and others paid agents are foreigner mercenaries fighting in a foreign land, culturally unknown and unconquerable by their armed forces. Piety and peacemaking vis-à-vis aggression and wickedness cannot be combined as credible attributes in ones mindset and one human character. Now, the issue is, how conveniently, the aggressors want to redefine their strategic role and ambitions in Afghanistan as peacemakers as if they have achieved the goals of their aggression. Imagine, Adolph Hitler while occupying France and continuing bombing of London, wanted to organize a peace conference. Would it have been a logical discourse for the French and British people to talk peacemaking with the aggressor? Bush and Hitler had lot in common as both claimed to have the divine support for their mission. Both tried to destroy the living humanity but fell in disgrace and met ultimate defeats.

    A week earlier, Talaban while talking to the BBC reporter in Kabul, made it clear that they believe in peacemaking but all the foreign forces must leave Afghanistan. The same logic that French and British politicians would have implied to Hitler. Could the facts of human life be changed, be it Iraq, Afghanistan or the occurrences of the 2nd World War?

    The people of Iraq and Afghanistan need change for peace and normalcy. The change can only happen if the US led occupying forces after the withdrawal would compensate the victim nations and rebuild their essential social-economic and humanitarian infrastructures destroyed by the ferocious wars. The same formula used at the end of the WW2. The same legal principle is needed that the aggressors be brought to legal and political accountability in an international war tribunal such as Nuremberg tribunal after the end of the WW2. E. H Carr, the famous historian, had emphasized that history has learning role for the future. Those who defy the logic of learning were lost without a trace.
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    The aggressors have succumbed to public opposition and withdrawn most of their combat forces. In other instances, the invading armies have been defeated by the mujahideens and are unable to carry out any further brutality in those regions. Would the aggressors tell the humanity, when would they end the wars? So that the victims could think openly and plan for change and peaceful transfer to making of their own future. This is the issue that the current gathering of nations at Bonn avoided to discuss. The assembly was not for peacemaking but for prolonging the failing war efforts. The leaders wanted to discuss the developmental aid, a typical western materialistic scenario to help the impoverished nations. The aid gimmick is an attractive illusion to entrap the needy nations and exploit their resources for the good of the occupying forces. The US and Britain survive on borrowed money from the future generations as their own financial institutions have collapsed and so are the political powerhouses and working agencies. But the aid’s long term purpose is to create more beggars and poverty and dependent nations asking for external aid and to survive on borrowed future and resources. The discussion developmental aid and withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan sends a clear signal of defeat and prospective surrender to the Talaban fighting for the freedom of their homeland.

    Future must be anew, not the repetition of the past. Future making does not lie with the aggressors nor with the failed international institutions, it is with the will and resolve of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to oust the aggressors and recover their homes and habitats for rebuilding their lives and human dignity. Taken at their face value what Commander Bush claimed at the time that the US led forces went to Iraq and Afghanistan in pursuit of freedom, liberty and justice for the people. Instead they planned and developed the institutions of Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and Belgraham prison in Afghanistan. Facts speak for themselves. All you need to do is to see the outcomes, the triumphs of the American version of liberty, human rights and justice, the horrifying photos of the prisoners are easily available through the internet, speaking their own language of the American-British civilized achievements in the Arab-Islamic world. Mr. Karzai, the self-made president of Afghanistan, claimed that he and the participating members of the Arab-Islamic world represent the Islamic version of the civility and not terrorism. Mr. Karzai or others in attendance, the Arab-Muslim staged puppets do not represent the interest and priorities of the Muslim Ummah. The people of the Islamic world view them all as pan on the global political chessboard being financed, supported and kept in office to steal the future of the people of Afghanistan and the Muslim world. They are seen as part

    A prisoner leashed like a dog by a female soldier

    of the problem, not part of any workable solution.

    The abstract phenomenon of state- the sitting members of the UNO, lack any human conscience to be accountable to the global humanity already in great distress and sufferings. The UNO, the US and other intransigent state actors feel no shame for their atrocities against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq, the US forces have massacred more than three million innocent civilians and millions displaced or forced to become refugees in foreign lands. Fullugha alone depicts the inhuman atrocities of the US war as it is full of the phosphorous bombing impacts – agriculture is destroyed, drinking water is poisonous, the lands are polluted and not worthy of productivity- thousands and thousands of people were made homeless and incapacitated for no other reason except they were Muslims and Iraqis. This is the outcome of the US sponsored liberal democracy at work in Fullugha. Afghan landscape tells its own story with million uprooted from ancestral homes and forced to go to foreign countries in search of protection and mere human survival. The aggressors do not wish to see the problem, that they are the real problem, not otherwise. How soon the aggressors would leave Afghanistan, nobody can tell. The ancient and civilized people of Iraq and Afghanistan know it well who are the peacemakers and who are the aggressors. The aggressors appear desperate to quit but the Bonn conference seems to indicate that urgent necessity but intellectually confused, morally corrupt and with high rates of self-suicidal deaths US-British militarily apparatus exhausted, and not sure how best to get out of the terrible mess they have created for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and the whole of the humanity in turmoil. Recently, a Malaysian legal tribunal has issued the judgment and declared Bush and Blair as responsible for crimes against the humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan. Would the Western world’s responsible legal authorities take the necessary action to implement the verdict of the international tribunal?
    A century earlier C.E, M. Joad (Guide to Modern Wickedness), captioned the human tragedy in these words:

    “….Human nature is at least in part wicked and in part foolish, how can human beings be prevented from suffering from the results of their wickedness and folly? ….Men simply do not see that war is foolish and useless and wicked. They think on occasion that it is necessary and wise and honourable, for war is not the work of bad men knowing themselves to be wrong, but of good men passionately convinced that they are right.”
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    Slip-Sliding to War with Iran: The Stage is Now Set for a New War

    by Robert Parry
    Global Research, December 30, 2011

    With the typical backdrop of alarmist propaganda in place, the stage is now set for a new war, this time with Iran. The slightest miscalculation (or provocation) by the United States, Israel or Iran could touch off a violent scenario that will have devastating consequences.

    Indeed, even if they want to, the various sides might have trouble backing down enough to defuse today’s explosive situation. After all, the Iranians continue to insist they have no intention of building a nuclear bomb, as much as Israeli and American officials insist that they are.

    So, this prospective war with Iran – like the one in Iraq – is likely to come down to intelligence assessments on Iran’s intentions and capabilities. And, as with Iraq’s alleged WMD, the many loud voices claiming that Iran is on pace to build a nuclear bomb are drowning out the relatively few skeptics who think the evidence is thin to invisible.

    For instance, the recent report from the International Atomic Energy Agency about Iran’s supposed progress toward a nuclear bomb was widely accepted as gospel truth without any discussion of whether the IAEA is an unbiased and reliable source.

    In framing the story in support of the IAEA, the major U.S. newspapers and TV networks ignored documentary evidence that the IAEA’s new director-general was installed with the support of the United States and that he privately indicated to U.S. and Israeli officials that he would help advance their goals regarding Iran.

    These facts could be found easily enough in WikiLeaks cables that the U.S. news media has had access to since 2010. Yet, the Big Media has ignored this side of the story, even as the IAEA report has been touted again and again as virtually a smoking gun against Iran.

    This pattern of ignoring – or downplaying – evidence that runs counter to the prevailing narrative was a notable feature during the run-up to war with Iraq. It is now being repeated not just by the right-wing news media, but by the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC and other centrist-to-left-leaning outlets.

    The IAEA Cables

    Thus, very few Americans know that U.S. embassy cables from Vienna, Austria, the site of IAEA’s headquarters, revealed that the U.S. government in 2009 was celebrating its success in installing Japanese diplomat Yakiya Amano to replace Egyptian Mohamed ElBaradei, who famously had debunked some of President George W. Bush’s claims about Iraq’s supposed nuclear ambitions.

    In a July 9, 2009, cable, American chargé Geoffrey Pyatt said Amano was thankful for U.S. support of his election. “Amano attributed his election to support from the U.S., Australia and France, and cited U.S. intervention with Argentina as particularly decisive,” the cable said.

    The appreciative Amano informed Pyatt that as IAEA director-general, he would take a different “approach on Iran from that of ElBaradei” and he “saw his primary role as implementing safeguards and UNSC [United Nations Security Council]/Board resolutions,” i.e. U.S.-driven sanctions and demands against Iran.

    Amano also vowed to restructure the IAEA’s senior ranks in ways favored by the United States. In return, Pyatt promised that “the United States would do everything possible to support his [Amano’s] successful tenure as Director General and, to that end, anticipated that continued U.S. voluntary contributions to the IAEA would be forthcoming.”

    For his part, Amano stuck out his hand seeking more U.S. money, or as Pyatt put it, “Amano offered that a ‘reasonable increase’ in the regular budget would be helpful.”

    Amano also rushed to meet with Israeli officials “immediately after his appointment,” consulting with Israeli Ambassador Israel Michaeli and leaving Michaeli “fully confident of the priority Amano accords verification issues.” That was another indication Amano's IAEA would take a hard line against Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions while ignoring Israel’s undeclared nuclear arsenal.

    Michaeli also revealed that Amano’s public remarks about “no evidence of Iran pursuing a nuclear weapons capability” were just for show, designed “to persuade those who did not support him about his ‘impartiality.’” In reality, Amano intended to be anything but impartial.

    Amano agreed to private “consultations” with the head of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, Pyatt reported. The purpose was to hear Israel’s purported evidence about Iran continuing its work on a nuclear weapon, not to discuss Israel’s refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or to allow IAEA inspectors into Israeli nuclear sites.

    In a subsequent cable dated Oct. 16, 2009, the U.S. mission in Vienna said Amano “took pains to emphasize his support for U.S. strategic objectives for the Agency. Amano reminded ambassador [Glyn Davies] on several occasions that … he [Amano] was solidly in the U.S. court on every key strategic decision, from high-level personnel appointments to the handling of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program.”

    Amano also continued to indicate that he needed to hide his true intentions. “More candidly, Amano noted the importance of maintaining a certain ‘constructive ambiguity’ about his plans, at least until he took over for DG ElBaradei in December” 2009, the cable said.

    In other words, the emerging picture of Amano is of a bureaucrat eager to please the United States and Israel regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Wouldn’t that evidence be relevant for Americans deciding whether to trust the IAEA report? But the Big Media apparently felt that the American people shouldn’t know these facts whose disclosure has been limited to a few Internet sites. [See’s “America’s Debt to Bradley Manning.”]

    Similarly, the U.S. press corps is now reporting the dubious allegations about an Iranian assassination plot directed against the Saudi ambassador as flat fact, not as some hard-to-believe accusation comparable to Vice President Dick Cheney’s claims in 2002 that Iraqi officials had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. [See’s “Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot.”]

    Dangerous Cascade

    There is now a cascading of allegations regarding Iran, as there was with Iraq, with the momentum rushing toward war.

    Just as with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, the U.S. news media treats Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a designated villain whose every word is cast as dangerous or crazy. Even left-of-center media personalities, like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, talk tough against Ahmadinejad, just as many “liberals” did regarding Hussein.

    Also, as happened with Iraq – when harsher economic sanctions merged with a U.S. troop build-up, making an escalation toward war almost inevitable – tougher and tougher Western sanctions against Iran have pushed the various sides closer to war.

    In November, Iranian anger at escalating sanctions and other hostile acts led to an assault on the British Embassy, which then prompted new European demands for a full-scale embargo of Iranian oil. As tensions have grown, the U.S. Senate tossed in its own hand-grenade, voting 100-0 in favor of hitting Iran with ever more stringent sanctions.

    In turn, Iran has threatened to retaliate against the West's economic warfare by blocking the Straits of Hormuz, through which one-fifth of the world’s oil flows, thus driving up oil prices and derailing the West’s already shaky economies. That threat has led to even more bellicose language from many U.S. political figures, especially the Republican presidential hopefuls who have denounced President Barack Obama for not being tougher on Iran
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    With the exception of Rep. Ron Paul, virtually all the leading Republican contenders including Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich – have signaled a readiness to join Israel in a war against Iran.Romney has farmed out his foreign policy agenda to prominent neoconservatives, and Gingrich has gone so far as to suggest a full-scale U.S.-Israeli invasion of Iran to force “regime change.”

    As the U.S. news media and politicians mostly reprise their performances on the Iraq invasion in regard to Iran, the principal obstacles to a new war appear to be President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Both are said to privately oppose a war with Iran, which was not true of how President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld felt about Iraq.

    Though Obama and Panetta have talked tough about “all options on the table,” the Obama administration slipped loopholes into the Senate’s anti-Iran legislation, to allow the President to waive Iranian sanctions if he deemed them a threat to national security or to the economy.

    One intelligence source told me that Obama is playing a delicate game in which he must placate hawkish anti-Iranian sentiments in Israel and on Capitol Hill while he continues to seek a broader Middle East security arrangement that would include Iran in the mix. On Wednesday, administration officials sought to tamp down alarmist anti-Iran reports in the U.S. press.

    Still, whether Obama can head off a violent conflict with Iran remains to be seen. As the presidential election grows nearer – and the likely GOP’s nominee hammers at Obama as soft on Iran – a preemptive Israeli attack or a miscalculation by Iran could make war unavoidable.

    For its part, the major U.S. news media has done its best, again, to line up the American people behind another war.

    Robert Parry is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Robert Parry
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