No Wonder America is Broke!

The old saying: "Something old- Something New." ...well, I'm going to refresh the American VOTER'S mind with "Something Old" then hit you with a "Round-House" New one...

Something Old.

To quote "Dragnet" let me start with "The Facts, just The Facts". But hold on to your hat, chair, lunch...these facts are "chunder-blowing" producing!

"Just The Facts".
1. Federal Spending has MORE THAN TRIPLED since 1965 with LBJ's "Great Society"/"War on Poverty", and NEARLY DOUBLED since 1980 with Jim Wright's & Tip O'Neil's "We just wanna help ya' " DNC Congress.

2. There CURRENTLY are 342 SEPARATE Gov. programs "for" Economic Growth- yeah, I put for in ""...cuz that hasn't worked so good has it?!!

3. There CURRENTLY 130 SEPARATE Gov. programs to "help" the disabled- yeah, help in "" for the same reason.

4. There CURRENTLY 130 SEPARATE Gov. programs to "help" at-risk youth...(oh, & noticed that's the 3rd time I said CURRENTLY BECAUSE the way Obama, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid are going this will QUADRUPLE soon.)

5. Through Gov. Waste, Fraud & Incompotence, the Federal Gov. spent MORE THAN $25,000 PER HOUSEHOLD IN 2008!!! BLIMEY! If the Gov. had just GIVEN US the $25,000 we'd better off!!! Besides IT'S OUR MONEY ANYWAY!!! And
that figure is UP $4,000 since 2001 when it was a "paltry" $21,000 PER HOUSEHOLD!

6. The Budget DEFICIT- SO FAR- this year IS $1.8 TRILLION!!! And the year isn't over yet! Just the "stimulus" bill (2009/2010) ALONE dumps $6,700 PER HOUSEHOLD of NEW DEBT into the laps of OUR Children and GRAND CHILDREN!

7. THIS YEAR ALONE in California the Gov. will "spend"/WASTE $200,000 on TATTOO REMOVAL, $870,000 on a Red Wolf Breeding Facility, oh and $1.7 MILLION on a SWINE ODOR "RESEARCH"!!! This is ONE State! ONE year!!!

8. The U.S. Gov. THIS YEAR has spent $4,545,000 for "WOOD UTILIZATION RESEARCH"!! Since 1985 we've WASTED $90 MILLION ON THIS "RESEARCH"!!! Crikey! Who's doing this "research?!! The Amish?!!! I think we KNOW HOW to "utilize WOOD"!!

9. THIS YEAR ALONE we've WASTED $3,000,000 for "shrimp 'aquaculture' research"!!! And again, since 1985 we WASTED $70,000,000 on this "research"!!

10. Lastly, EACH YEAR we waste $250,000 paying ONE man to "sip, taste and test the tea and coffe coming into America"!! REALLY?!! This is "necessary"?!!



Now, Something New.

HHS Tab for ‘Preservation and Maintenance’ of Native American Languages for 2011: $13,242,720

By Penny Starr
July 5, 2012

( federal government’s tab for the “preservation and maintenance” of Native American languages is $13,242,720 for 2011, according to the agency’s online database and confirmed by Kenneth Wolfe, deputy director of public affairs for the program.

[NOTE: that denotes an ANNUAL expenditure!]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Now I'm of Comanche Indian heritage on my mom's side (about 1/32nd Comanche). My two lovely children inherited 1/64th Comanche from me, and 1/8th Cherokee Indian from my ex.

I say this because some would think me "intolerant" or "bigoted" when I say that this is NOT a Constitutional use of your and my tax dollars.

Even if we were NOT broke and were rolling in the "long green" THIS- NONE of THIS is a Constitutional expenditure of our tax dollars, see-

Constitutional Conservatism Round I | The Founder's Club

Let us hear from YOU.

What are YOUR suggestions for HOW and WHERE we can cut spending?

WHAT are YOUR criteria for what government can spend and do?



-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- P.A.N. Admin II.

"Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God." -Benjamin Franklin.

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