North Carolina officially bans gender alteration procedures for minors as GOP-controlled legislature overrides Dem governor’s veto

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North Carolina has now officially banned gender alteration procedures for everybody in the state under 18 years of age. This comes after the Republican Party-controlled state legislature overrode leftist Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper's initial veto of the ban.
House Bill 808 bars medical professionals from performing surgical gender-related procedures and prescribing puberty blockers or any other kind of cross-sex hormones for minors. This and two other bills were vetoed by Cooper due to them being what he called a "triple threat of political culture wars."
HB 808 does not cover children who have started undergoing similar gender alteration treatment before Aug. 1 and other children with "medically verifiable disorders of sex development," such as children born with a different number of chromosomes.
In addition to HB 808, the North Carolina General Assembly also overrode Cooper's veto on a bill that restricts LGBTQ+ instruction in the early grades. The new law mandates that public school teachers should notify parents before deciding to call students by names or pronouns other than those they were born with and bans instructions about gender identity and sexuality in K-4 classrooms.
Furthermore, the legislature approved House Bill 574, also known as the Fairness In Women's Sports Act, which prohibits the participation of transgender girls in girls' sports teams from middle school through college. The law mandates student athletes join teams based on their biological sex and that teams that are not mixed-sex must only be for boys or girls.

These laws have taken effect immediately, causing more debate about transgender inclusion in the state. Republican State Sen. Joyce Krawiec, the primary sponsor of HB 808, defended the party's decision as necessary to protect children from potentially irreversible medical procedures done before kids can make proper informed decisions about their own health as adults.
More states are restricting gender-affirming care for minors

Legislatures in various states in America are moving to ban sex-change procedures in young children in response to the alarming and increasing number of minors identifying themselves as transgender and believing in the idea of "wrong gender."
To date, 22 states have already outlawed gender-affirming surgeries based on the data of Equality Federation, an advocacy accelerator working alongside state-based LGBTQ+ organizations. (Related: More conservative states ban gender-affirming procedures for minors.)
For instance, Arkansas, the first state to ban child sex-change procedures in 2021, made healthcare providers accountable for civil action if they perform gender transition procedures on minors.
On April 4, Idaho joined the ranks of states prohibiting these medical surgeries when Gov. Brad Little signed a similar bill into law. Just before that, Kentucky Republicans successfully overrode Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's veto to pass their own bill.
Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia are among the other states that have implemented laws limiting various forms of sex change for minors, each with distinct provisions and implications.
Meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas already signed a bill in June banning gender alterations for minors, set to go into effect in September. Looking forward, other states like South Carolina are actively considering legislation to restrict gender transition procedures for those under 26.
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North Carolina officially bans gender alteration procedures for minors as GOP-controlled legislature overrides Dem governor’s veto –