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    North Korea has a DEVASTATING arsenal of chemical weapons that threaten US allies

    North Korea has a DEVASTATING arsenal of chemical weapons that threaten US allies in Asia

    NORTH Korea could launch a “devastating” chemical attack on the US and its allies, a harrowing new report revealed.

    PUBLISHED: 01:29, Thu, Aug 17, 2017 | UPDATED: 01:45, Thu, Aug 17, 2017

    North Korea reportedly has a stockpile of chemical weapons

    While countries fear the possibility of a nuclear strike, Kim Jong-un has been stockpiling terrifying nerve agents, such as Sarin and VX, the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology reported.

    Kelsey Davenport, director of non-proliferation policy for the Arms Control Association, said: “Nuclear weapons are not the only threat. North Korea could respond to a US attack using chemical weapons. That would be devastating.”

    Pyongyang officials deny the rogue regime possesses chemical weapons but experts believe the country began developing them in 1961 amid rising tensions at that time.


    The report revealed that the secretive state has four military bases equipped with chemical weapons and at least 11 facilities where they are produced and stored.

    Ms Davenport added that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to neutralise North Korea’s chemical weapon stockpile with a preventive strike.

    Reid Kirby, a military analyst, said: “Compared to the nuclear threat, which involves, a finite number of warheads and delivery systems vulnerable to air defences and anti-missile systems, the chemical threat is not as easily negated.”

    Mind-blowing colour pictures from America’s past war In Korea

    Wed, July 26, 2017
    Ghosts of the time America went to war in Korea have been brought back to life through the work of a British electrician. The stunning pictures show ships lined up on the shore at the Battle of Inchon and troops boarding a plane ready for a drop behind enemy lines north of Pyongyang, Korea



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    Approximately 23 million people live in Seoul, and South Korea is also home to some 150,000 US citizens and 29,000 US troops, making it an obvious target for retaliation in a case where America strikes first.

    The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons claim Sarin gas was used in an attack on civilians in Syria, killing more than 90 people.

    The deadly nerve agent has only been used a handful of times in history, including attacks in Japan in the mid-1990s and during the Iraq-Iran war in the decade prior to that.

    James Mattis: War with North Korea would be catastrophic

    In a tweet on Wednesday Donald Trump claimed Kim made a “wise decision” backing down from his threats.

    He added: “The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!”

    It follows a desperate request by South Korea’s main opposition party, Liberty Korea, to deploy nuclear weapons to stave off threats from their warmongering neighbours.

    Donald Trump said an escalation with North Korea would be catastrophic

    South Korea would be a target for chemical weapons if the North released them.

    For years, South Korea has avoided developing nuclear weapons in exchange for security commitments from the US, and while Washington used to have nuclear warheads in the country, they were withdrawn in 1991.

    Now, Liberty Korea party secretary-general Lee Cheol-woo has urged the South Korean government to move towards nuclear rearmament.

    He said: “We should bear in mind that freedom is not free.

    Therefore I urge the government to take measures for the redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons.”

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    The US has one option and that is to take out this regime and do it now. They should have done it 4 months ago. The United States can not possibly allow nuclear weapons armament on the Korean Peninsula or in Japan. We can not allow any country that doesn't already have them develop them or be in a position to need or want them.

    40 years of failed policy with North Korea is why North Korea has them, it's time to end it and end it now, once and for all. Trump can, will and should do this. Anyone talking otherwise is talking stupid in my opinion. Shame our "intelligence" community was more obsessed with fake news, domestic elections, Russsia and trying to impeach Trump than on their job to prevent nuclear weapons development in North Korea.
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    'Weapons of Mass Destruction"

    Haven't we been there - done that - to a devastating outcome - and it isn't over yet.

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