SPREAD THIS: NRA Drops Bombshell About Dems’ New Gun Control Plan… We’re Under Attack

By clyde -
Jun 28, 2015
A report issued by the National Rifle Association revealed that last week, the House launched a new legislative proposal, the “Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act,” that would force aspiring gun owners to obtain a license before buying certain firearms, namely handguns.

The bill, if passed, would also expand background checks to all handgun sales and prohibit men and women under the age of 21 from buying handguns. It would also punish states that refused to implement the regulation by cutting off some of their federal funding.

“They cannot ban guns because of the Constitution, so they want to make it so difficult for law-abiding citizens to exercise their constitutional right to self-protection,” NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker told reporters.

According to research from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, which was used to back the bill, firearm homicide rates in Missouri allegedly went up by 25 percent after it repealed its handgun-licensing laws, while rates in Connecticut dropped 40 percent after it adopted a handgun-purchaser licensing law.

The NRA disputed these findings on the basis that data was cherry-picked to fit a certain narrative. Plus, the firearms homicide rate in Connecticut was reportedly already falling — and rather quickly too — before the licensing law was put into place.

The NRA also suspected that Democrats were pursuing this bill in a bid to “create firearm registries” and “suppress firearm ownership.”

Like the NRA pointed out, however, this rule would not stop criminals from obtaining guns via “the same ways they always have: by theft, straw purchases, from criminal associates or family members, or on the black market.”

The only people this bill would affect are those law-abiding Americans who want to obtain a handgun legally.

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