NYT, WaPo refuse to return Pulitzers awarded to them for FAKE NEWS reporting that falsely claimed Trump colluded with Russia to win 2016 election

Friday, May 19, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) The release of the Durham Report this week has absolutely obliterated the “Russia Collusion” conspiracy theory concocted against President Donald Trump. And yet numerous corporate media outlets that pushed this lie, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, are refusing to return the Pulitzers they were given for this fake news reporting.
It turns out that the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory was a politically motivated smear campaign schemed up by none other than two-time failed presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and the highly corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – just like many have been saying for quite some time now.
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The entire Russia Collusion narrative was a lie aimed at stripping Trump of his presidency, falsely accusing him of colluding with Russia to steal the White House from Clinton in 2016. The truth, however, is that nobody likes Clinton and Americans chose Trump fair and square – and the Democrats got angry and threw a temper tantrum in the form of the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory.
It is as simple as that, and both the Times and the Post should have known better. Instead, they parroted the lie and were both awarded for their efforts to derail Trump’s presidency with a Pulitzer Prize, which many are calling on the two fake news outlets to return now that the truth is fully and undeniably proven and known through the Durham Report.
Did the Times and the Post know they were lying to the public about the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory?

Breitbart News‘ John Nolte is convinced that both the Times and the Post knew they were lying and spreading misinformation. They knew the FBI was lying to them, and Nolte says they wanted to be lied to so they could continue spreading the false Russia Collusion narrative to as many as would believe it.
“In other words, the media’s goal had nothing to do with the truth and everything to do with coordinating a coup with the FBI against a legally-elected American president,” Nolte writes.
The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail media outlet asked both the Times and the Post if they intend to return their fake Pulitzers. The Times never responded, and the Post smugly stated that it “stands by its reporting,” even when said reporting is false.
It is no surprise that the Post stands by its lies, seeing as how the lies were the point the entire time. CNN and other fake news outlets lied, too – and proudly so, because the whole point was to work with the highly corrupt FBI to formulate a coup against a sitting president.
You see, Trump was never supposed to be president. The globalists had Clinton lined up to finish the job they started, and Trump interfered with their plans by getting elected through popularity rather than cheating – at least the first time around.
They made sure to stop Trump from taking his rightful second term with flagrant election fraud that, as we all unfortunately know, led to Joe Biden being installed as Trump’s fake president successor.
Everything seems to be unraveling, though, as the globalist coup is getting brought out of the dark and into the light. And now the fake news media has the choice to either fess up and join the right side of history, or continue to go the way of the dodo bird.
More of the latest news about the corrupt corporate media and its FBI partners in crime can be found at NewsFakes.com.
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NYT, WaPo refuse to return Pulitzers awarded to them for FAKE NEWS reporting that falsely claimed Trump colluded with Russia to win 2016 election – NaturalNews.com