O Come All Ye Faithful Environmentalists

There’s a lot of faith going around this holiday season, some of it misplaced. Faith in long term, global climate catastrophe is one faith that is inappropriate.

The complexity of the earth’s climate is incredible. Forecasting the future of such climate in meaningful detail is incredibly challenging. And the level of training, depth of knowledge, and development of intuition to successfully even begin to achieve a semi-reliable long-range climate outlook is quite impressive.

Understandably, the vast majority of the public has to basically trust what climate scientists tell them about the future of this planet’s atmospheric conditions. Yet, that trust should be tempered with at least a modicum of incredulity, especially by contemplative adults. After all, as the highly respected atmospheric scientist, Reid Bryson, once noted: Making a forecast is easy. Being right is the hard part. (h/t Patrick Michaels & Paul Knappenberger)

Thinking adults should know better than to simply trust even really smart scientists when it comes to what these scientists “confidently know” about earth’s climate in the far distant decades. Even really smart science sages cannot know the long term state of the global climate, other than within a wide range of temperature and precipitation levels (a range too wide to be of much practical value).

That doesn’t stop arrogant “experts” and their shallow science sycophants, like leftist environmentalists, from mouthing misrepresentations that have become soundbite science: “97% of scientists agree…,” “deniers are paid off…,” “hurricane intensity has increased..,” “weather is becoming more extreme…,” ad nauseam.

So, in the new year, resolve to put your faith into something truly trustworthy, like the fact that high priests of planetary doom preach half-truths at best.

Or, to tell it like a recent series of commercials:

If you’re a leftist environmentalist, you tell half-truths; it’s what you do. If you really want to save the planet, you switch to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s what you do.