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    Obama Energy Policy: Destroy Industry, Destroy Jobs, Destroy

    The United States has the Earth’s largest energy resources. America leads the world in recoverable fossil fuel resources. According to a new report from the Congressional Research Service (CSR) our resources eclipse Saudi Arabia (3rd) China (4th) and Canada (6th) combined. That is without including America’s shale oil deposits.

    But why hasn’t this been on every front page of every newspaper? Remember the old rule: if it bleeds it leads. Attention has been focused on Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, and now on Libya and America’s odd participation in Libya’s civil war. And the policy of the Obama Administration is anti-drilling and anti fossil fuels, and apparently also anti-doing anything about the economic Red Menace that is our national debt.

    Although our economy runs on fossil fuels, we have no comprehensive energy policy. The policy of the Obama administration is incoherent at best, and seems to be focused entirely on expensive, so-called “renewable

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    it's really as if this guy is bent on destroying our country. why?

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    The dollar is a global reserve currency. For better or worse, it is what it is.

    We left the gold standard under Nixon 1972? and the dollar was pegged to oil with an agreement with the Saudis and others 1975? or there abouts, that all oil sales would be conducted in dollars.

    Since then we have continually imported more oil, and placed more and more of our domestic supply into reserves.

    The dollar is king.

    If the dollar goes out of the country and stimulates trade, ie, a nation exports to the U.S. some product and then takes dollars for their products, they can then go and purchase oil on the open market with their newly aquired trade dollars, as all oil was to be bought with dollars.

    Trade imbalances (to some extent) are a result of nations needing dollars to buy energy,ie, oil, so they need to have dollars.

    Anyone that is old enough to remember the 70's and the oil embargo, and all of the promises by EVERY president since then that we will become more energy independent by such and such a date, will realize that we have in fact gone in the total opposite direction.

    Follow the dollar.

    JMO and not sure if it is worth Didley's sqat, but, I am trying to make sense of it myself. I have wondered for a long time as policies always (no matter which party was in control) have left me with a migrane and little understanding.

    Farther disclosure is that I will not pretend to know how the rules apply to the Grand Chessboard. Or if I should even consider it as a defense for policies past and present.

    For the youngsters, your newly embraced green energies, wind and solar, I am willing to bet many years from now your generation will be subsidizing mucho greenbacks (if they still exist) for your wind and solar.......Just a hunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alamb
    it's really as if this guy is bent on destroying our country. why?

    They want our natural resources and control of our country. He is just part of the globalists group hell bent on doing it...that is why!!!!

    Hmmm it is just blowing in the wind...unless we can reverse the trend and stop them...


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