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    Obama Previews Death Panels: Take the Painkiller

    Obama Previews Death Panels: Take the Painkiller

    January 31, 2019

    RUSH: I want to make my point in another way. I mentioned Obama mere moments ago. See, I do care about societal values, cultural values. They’re all we have. It’s one of the many things that distinguishes the United States from everywhere else in the world.

    I’m telling you: The left is doing as much as it can to erase all of these differences that define American exceptionalism. We are the only nation on earth where, in our founding documents, the right to life is considered a right and specified. The right to liberty, the pursuit of happiness… There’s no other country that has ever codified these things in government documents. We all take it for granted because we grew up with it and it’s not been any big deal. It’s been the way things are.

    But those are the kinds of things that define American exceptionalism, not that we’re better people, and not that we’re smarter. That has nothing to do with American exceptionalism. But let’s go back. This is 2009. So what is this, 10 years ago now? It’d actually be 9-1/2 years ago. June of 2009, the famous ABC special, prime time “Questions for the President: Prescription for America.” A member of the audience, Jane Sturm, stood up and asked, “My mother is now over 105. But at 100, the doctors said to her, ‘I can’t do anything more unless you have a pacemaker.’ I said, ‘Go for it.’

    “[My mother] said, ‘Go for it.’ But the specialist said, ‘No, she’s too old.’ But when the other specialist saw her and saw her joy of life,” how full of life she is, “he said, ‘I’m going for it.’ That was over five years ago, Mr. President. My mother’s 105 and happily alive. My question to you is, outside the medical criteria for prolonging life for somebody who is elderly, is there any consideration that can be given for a certain spirit, a certain joy of living, a quality of life, or is it just a medical cutoff at a certain age?”

    Now, stop and think what we’re hearing here. A citizen at the White House is asking the president essentially, “Under your plan, can my mother continue to live and experience the joy of life? She’s full of life. Under your plan, would my mother get the pacemaker?” This is what the president of the United States told that woman 9-1/2 years ago…

    OBAMA: I don’t think that we can make judgments based on people’s spirit. That would be a pretty subjective decision to be making. I think we have to have rules that say that we are going to provide good, quality care for all people. End-of-life care is one of the most difficult sets of decisions that we’re going to have to make. But understand that those decisions are already being made in one way or another. If they’re not being made under Medicare and Medicaid, they’re being made by private insurers. At least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what, maybe this isn’t going to help. Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller.

    RUSH: This is just — I can’t fathom this. A nationally televised special with the president, who’s not a doctor. He’s not anything, telling this woman, “Well, government wouldn’t do that because government hasn’t done that. That’s what Medicare and Medicaid mean. Well, if they’re not being made under Medicare, government, if the decisions around being made under Medicaid, government, then they’re being made by private insurers, which are regulated by government.” You notice how compassionate Obama got in these last couple sentences? Did you notice he came alive when he thought he was being compassionate and understanding? (imitating Obama) “At least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what, maybe this isn’t gonna help. Maybe you’re better off not living! Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, here is a painkiller.”

    So there you heard the leader of the free world, your desire to live, not a factor. We can’t use that. You’re full of life? Sorry. Irrelevant. You love being alive? Sorry. Can’t factor that in. Why? ‘Cause we don’t have the money. Somebody needs to tell Cortez and the rest of these clowns we don’t have the money. This is what Obamacare was gonna cost. This is why everybody started talking about death panels.

    I want to ask you to think about something. We’ve all been around babies. And many of us have pets. Pick ’em up as puppies. You can’t miss, in a child, you cannot miss, in a newborn anything, the absolute thrill and love of being alive. You see it on their faces. You hear it in the laughs in terms of little babies. They just love being alive. It’s the natural state until age and maturity and life take over, start messing around with people’s psychology.

    But in that period where you have raw, unbridled essence of innocence, you’ve got nothing but pure, sheer joy and happiness. Baby after baby after baby. I realize some of you shrinks are probably shouting at your radio, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve done psychiatric studies of little babies and 90% of them are depressed and wish they hadn’t been born.” Save it for somebody’s that’s not gonna swallow your crap.

    The same thing with little puppies. It’s the thing you notice about them, how damned happy they all are. You get the idea looking at little babies they actively love the idea of being alive. And now we go from that, we know that’s the case, but we don’t even want to get that far. We don’t want to see the evidence of how much they enjoy being alive. We’re gonna wipe ’em out in the womb, we’re gonna wipe ’em out shortly after they get out now in Virginia.

    It’s just sick, folks. And it doesn’t bode well. If you’re a young couple on the verge of having kids, you’ve got to care about this. When life gets cheapened, when it becomes a political characteristic, which life becomes just a political issue, you know how politics corrupts practically everything that it touches. Well, politics has touched your child. And when the one thing that is the most valuable in the world, human life, when that becomes cheapened to the point that it’s of less value than a turtle hatchling or a snail darter or what have you, you’d better recognize there are problems.

    And we can deal with this without preaching to women. That’s not what this is about. The fix for this is not penalizing women or preaching to them. The fix for this is gonna be a while. ‘Cause it’s taken us a while to get here. This is gonna require a reestablishment of moral boundaries and foundations and a number of other values that the left has systematically sought to obliterate, erase, and wipe out over the course of many decades.

    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Liberals Care More About Baby Turtles Than Human Babies!

    January 31, 2019

    RUSH: I have been hogging most of the busy broadcast day so far, so let’s get back to the phones because a lot of people have been holding on since the first hour. Riverdale, New Jersey, Carrie, you’re next. Thank you for waiting and hi.
    CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I was calling in reference to these extreme abortion bills that are going through New York and Virginia. And, you know, in most cases, many decisions the woman makes about her body leading up to pregnancy should be, I think, considered. And, you know, there’s other choices —

    RUSH: Wait just in minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I want to make sure I understood what you just said. You just said that women ought to be thinking the ways they use their body leading up to pregnancy?

    CALLER: Well, those are decisions that they themselves, in most cases, are making themselves.

    RUSH: You mean like rather to actually bang somebody or not?
    CALLER: Exactly.

    RUSH: Right. That’s what I thought you meant. See, those are fighting words.

    CALLER: We don’t hold anybody accountable for their actions anymore in the U.S., so I guess I —

    RUSH: Well, certain people we do. Certain people, but pregnant women, you’re right, we don’t, but certain people we do.

    CALLER: Exactly. But there’s adoption. Nobody even talks about that.

    RUSH: Let me ask this. Let’s construct a scenario. We’ve got a woman who’s dilated, giving birth, and here comes a doctor, and here comes the whoever, counseling, “If you don’t want the child, we can take care of it, we can abort the baby.” Where is the adoption option in that circumstance? Why is the adoption option not presented? Why does the Democrat Party not even go in that direction? You have a theory on that?

    CALLER: I don’t. Do you?

    RUSH: Oh, yeah, I know exactly why. I know exactly why. Adoption does not further the political objective accompanied by every abortion. That’s why Planned Parenthood has people stationed outside adoption agencies, when a pregnant woman is seen walking in one, Planned Parenthood will intercept, interrupt, and try to talk them out of adopting. It’s a money thing too. They get paid for abortions. Hang on. I know I took some of your time so don’t go away.


    RUSH: Back now to Carrie in Riverdale, New Jersey. You were on a roll and making a couple points, and you triggered me. I interrupted you a couple times. So I’m gonna back out here and let you make the original point you wanted to make, and that is that we’re not being strict enough or condemnatory enough of the decisions that are being made that lead to these problems in the first place, right?

    CALLER: Yes. That is absolutely one of my points. You know, I feel like our culture has declined so much that we offer more protections for baby turtles, as you have brought up, than we do for human babies. It’s just outrageous. And, you know, the clip that you had just played before about the lady that was speaking with Obama. She had her hundred-year-old mother, I believe it was, who wanted this procedure, and under Obamacare they can’t have it? Well, where is it saying that that woman can decide and her doctor can decide what she does with her body? Why is it different in that aspect than it is for someone who’s pregnant?

    RUSH: Bingo. Exactly. This is how politics — left-wing, liberal politics — corrupts things. You’re exactly right. Why does that woman have to go to Barack Obama and ask his permission for her mother to continue living? Why can’t her mother and her doctor, if they’ve got the money, decide this on their own? Why? Because Obamacare did not allow you to use your own money. That’s why this special on ABC took place. It was for Obama to explain how his health care overhaul was gonna work.

    That’s why people had questions about it, and so here comes the government saying, “No…” You see, the Democrat Party… Note the decision. In the case of the daughter and her 105-year-old mother, “No, we can’t let that woman continue to live.” The baby that’s just born in Virginia? “Nah! If that mother doesn’t want the baby to live, it won’t.” Look at what they are… I don’t know how else to say it. They’re siding with death, and they’re doing it with the elderly as well.

    CALLER: You know, ’cause I think a lot of pro-choice people are… You know, they’re okay with it to a certain point. But I really don’t know anybody that’s on board with these really extreme… I mean, the baby is born!

    RUSH: Exactly!

    CALLER: That is not abortion anymore.

    RUSH: That’s exactly right. This is not the mind-set of the American people. This is being done outside and beyond the will of the American people. This is being done without the imprimatur of the American people. This is the Democrat Party mandating all these things. Most of the people you’re talking about, the women you know that are fully pro-choice, have bought the other arguments. They have bought the “woman’s right to choose.” They have bought, “It may be an illness. A pregnancy may be a psychological disorder.

    “Who would want to bring a baby into this world?” Whatever arguments that allow women empowerment is what most of the pro-choice women that you know use to support the concept of pro-choice, which is abortion. You notice none of them want to admit what’s going on. They don’t ever want to talk about that. That’s what’s noteworthy about this. The leaders in the Democrat Party are no longer hiding behind any of that. They are just now coming out up front and out loud with standing ovations, applauding what they’re actually doing: killing babies.

    That’s what’s remarkable about this — and your point about the sea turtles? Folks, she’s exactly right. There are more pages… You would not believe it. I have some friends who finally got elected to public office down here. I said, “Would you look into this turtle-light restriction? I want to know what I’m up against here.” Not to belabor it, but for eight months of the year, those of us that live on the Atlantic Ocean side of the state of Florida — for eight months a year — we’re not allowed to have any landscaping lighting on at all if we live on the beach.

    Even if we’re 250 yards from the beach, no landscape lighting and no outside lighting that might be illuminating, say, the roof or the second floor of the house. Because sea turtles… Which (snort!) don’t begin to hatch until May anyway, yet the restrictions start on March 1st. And we get warning after warning after warning from local authorities telling us that the lights have to go off soon and that there will be inspectors on the beach looking and watching. Occasionally, they’ll report somebody and send the cops to the house just to harass them whether or not they’re in violation of anything.

    The theory is that lights cause the sea turtles that hatch not to go to the ocean (where 90% of them are eaten anyway), but instead turn inland where they die ’cause they’re supposed to go to the ocean. So I asked some friends, “Look, what are we up against here?” The decision involves about 14 different state bureaucracies and the United States Fish and Game bureaucracy. It involves counties. It involves local voting precincts. It involves the entire state.

    The number of pages that are redundant spelling out the regulations are such it would take you 10 years to eliminate them all if you could find any support for doing it! But nobody on the beach wants to bother with it, which is another sore spot. This fear of authority, this never-ending — in fact, rising — fear of authority. “You want me to turn out my lights?” Many people have lights for security reasons. “You want me to turn my lights off so that the turtles don’t get confused?

    “Okay, I’ll do it if you leave me alone. If you leave me alone, I’ll do it.” They turn around and want you to do something else, and you say, “Okay, if you leave me alone,” and it bugs me. It bugs me that there is such a rampant fear of authority. I understand it. But this fear, this rampant fear of authority is how they win all the time! But the point is, look at all of these regulations that these different agencies have mobilized to protect sea turtle hatchlings.

    A human baby doesn’t have anywhere near this kind of protection. In the sea turtle comparison, there’s not a single person I know that wants the sea turtles to die, the hatchlings. There’s not a single one of us that wants them to die. The Democrat Party can’t say that. The equivalent on the sea turtle side of the human baby side is there are people actively making it possible for a baby to be killed in order to not water down or weaken abortion at all.

    And it’s not only the hatchlings.

    Once the mama sea turtle (which is a mammoth creature) returns to the beach and lays her eggs, the environmentalist wackos are out there on the beach, and they plant little red flags at every nest, and they have people out there guarding ’em, and people on the beach are not allowed to walk anywhere near where those nests are. “You gotta protect those eggs in the womb,” which is the beach, in the case of the sea turtle. We don’t afford anywhere near this the kind of protection for babies in the womb — and I am not exaggerating at all!

    Now, what kind of people are they that could have these inordinate, beyond reasonable demands on the protection of sea turtles or pick your other animal, and be the same exact people who applaud with a standing ovation the killing of a human baby? There’s nothing reasonable about this, and that’s why I’m at my wits’ end trying to convince people what liberalism is and who liberals are and why the only smart thing for anybody to do is to instinctively reject liberals and liberalism. It’s not even worth taking the time to give them a chance.

    They are instantly worth being rejected. Their ideas, their policies, the evidence is all over the world what happens to people under the rule of liberalism, socialism, communism, tyranny, totalitarianism, whatever ism you want to call that is a root relationship to liberalism.

    I want to show you how the media deals with this. Virginia. Kathy Tran, the delegate, who has admitted that her bill allows for the ending of the life of a baby after it is born. The Washington Post in the Virginia politics section, headline: “Until This Week, Del. Kathy Tran Was Known For Nursing Her Baby On The House Floor. Now Republicans Are Calling Her A Baby Killer.” Not much bias there, is there? We’re not calling her a baby killer. We are pointing it out. Not calling her anything. We’re simply reacting to what her legislation does!

    But here comes the Washington Post, “Kathy Tran, until last week, known for nursing her daughter on the house floor. Now Republicans are calling her a baby killer.” See? The lesson is, whatever liberals do, do not call them out, do not be honest about it or we’re gonna come and destroy you. You remember when Barack Obama was talking about his two daughters and at one point he said he wouldn’t want his kids punished with a baby? Oh, yes, he did! He wouldn’t want them punished with a baby. He’s talking about when they’re relatively young.

    I think, folks, you could make a case that the Democrat Party and the American left are actually engaged in child abuse on a bunch of different levels in our country. I think abortion is child abuse. And then selling baby parts, I mean, you’ve got to abort the child to be able to do that. I think what has become of our public education system in way too many places with the maleducation, the ill-education, the poisoning of the minds, that’s child abuse.

    The trashing of things that work, that are glue that keep societies together, like family and church, the Democrat Party has been attacking and assaulting things. The damage done to children, they’ve been promoting the oddest definition of family. Single-parent family, family with a mother and a father and a third spouse is an animal. I mean, we’ve got all kinds of things that you add it up and it is simply child abuse. It is the denial of any exposure to normalcy!

    How about the hypersexualization of young people? Sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is child abuse. Child prostitution, unnecessary gender confusion, gender changing drugs and surgery for children? Not to mention what’s being done to take masculinity out of manhood. I mean, depending on where you look and how you look at things, there’s a massive amount of child abuse going on in the American political system, which means by the American left.
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Democrats Dig In and Double Down on Baby Killing

    January 31, 2019

    RUSH: They’re not backing down, folks. They are doubling down. The Democrats and child murder, infanticide, they’re not backing down. They’re not trying to dial it back a little bit. They are doubling down on what they’re talking about. And I have some evidence here to show you that I’m right, in part, about why.

    Happy to have you with us. The telephone number is 800-282-2882, and if you want to send an email, it’s

    "Virginia Republicans Defeat Democratic Bill Allowing Abortions Up Until Birth — Virginia Republicans on Tuesday killed legislation that would have loosened abortion restrictions after the bill’s sponsor admitted it would allow the procedure even after a mother went into labor,” even after a baby was born, according to the bill’s author and the enlightened governor of the state of Virginia. The author of the bill is Virginia delegate Kathy Tran. She submitted a bill to save caterpillars on the same day as her late state abortion bill. I’m not kidding.

    You know what I was thinking about the other day, actually last night. Isn’t the worst charge that the Democrats have been able to make, that they’ve come up with against Trump over the last two years, what is it? Let me just ask you, if you can think of something on your own before I reveal the big answer. What is — and it’s a tough question. I mean, there might be legitimate arguments over which answer is the most correct. But what is the biggest charge against Trump over the last two years?
    What is the one thing they’ve said that the media’s amplified, promoted all over the country, has not let it go, it resurfaces over and over and over again. And I’m gonna throw out Trump-Russia collusion ’cause that’s an automatic and there’s nothing to compete with that. But in terms of Trump’s performance as president, what is the one thing that stands above all else that they have routinely roasted Trump for?

    Come on, folks. This is easy! Separating children from their mothers at the border. Remember that? The Democrats and the media were shocked. They were outraged over American immigration policy as authored by Donald Trump that would separate babies from their mothers. That would separate families. Never mind the fact that it’s an Obama-era policy. And never mind the fact that Obama’s administration separated more families than Trump could ever hope to because Obama was in orifice for eight years.

    Well, what is separating a baby from her mother? Abortion. I know what you’re saying, “But Rush, but Rush, there’s a big argument. Abortion is a woman choosing to do it. With immigration she is not.” It doesn’t matter. You see the moral equivalence here.
    So the governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is saying he’s been taken out of context with his statement. Let me grab that statement. It’s late in the list here. Find it. Grab sound bite number 9. This is what we aired yesterday. A lot of people are airing this. And he says that this is out of context.

    NORTHAM: If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.

    RUSH: Now, what the governor says that’s not included in that bite is what he said prior to it. And he claims that he’s talking about babies with deformities, babies with brain diseases, lack of brain activity, Down’s syndrome, and other defects. And while he did say that, he’s not wrong about that. But he did not specify only those circumstances. He was all-in. He did mention those in a long list of justifications for snuffing out the life.

    What is it with Democrats and making people comfortable before you kill ’em? You remember ABC had this televised one-hour special from the White House back during the Obama administration where Obama was gonna answer questions from the American serfs about health care. And a woman stood up. And I have said over and over again, when I saw this, I couldn’t believe I was seeing it in America.

    But a woman stood up, an American citizen and asked the president of the United States about her mother. Her mother was close to 100 years old and had a tremendous will to live, but needed some kind of surgery, maybe a new kidney or something in order to live. And the woman wanted to know if under Obamacare her mother would be allowed to get that procedure and continue living. And Obama looked right her in the eyes and said (imitating Obama), “No. I don’t think in that situation, uh, we have to make a determination on, uh, who — who — can’t afford it for everybody” and went on and on and on and finally said in a situation like that we would give ’em a pill and make them comfortable.

    And he said it professorially, matter-of-factly without any emotion, without any empathy at all. I’m watching, in the first place, why is the president of the United States in charge of who lives and dies? Why is the president of the United States in charge of who gets access to health care and who doesn’t, and then this particular president telling a citizen, “Your mom, how old is she? Nah. Nah. I think in that situation, ’cause we can’t do that for everybody, so we give her a pill, make her comfortable.” And now we’re gonna give babies pills, I guess. We’re gonna make ’em comfortable before we wipe ’em out in Virginia and the state of New York.

    Now, I said double down. There are other states that want in on this. So I raised the question the other day, why? What in the name of Sam Hill? I think there’s a number of factors in addition to their hatred for us. I think in the last number of years the states have had some success imposing limitations on abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. And I think it’s angered them like nothing.

    I think the Project Veritas videos which documented proof that Planned Parenthood was aborting, killing babies and harvesting the body parts for sale, I think that the last eight years have rocked them. I think state action against abortion, putting limits on the procedure. And then Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court and perhaps Trump getting another nominee to the Supreme Court has got them so freaked out over Roe v. Wade being overturned that they’re trying to cram as much in right now as they can to make it impossible to dial this back, to roll it back, to make it impossible for any restrictions to be implanted.

    Because once you say that a woman who intends to abort her baby has the right to end that baby’s life even while the baby is being born, during the birth process or afterwards, once you say that, we’re not talking about abortion anymore. We’re talking about infanticide. But I think in addition to those things, it still stands to reason these people have so much hatred for us. And those things I just gave you add to the hatred.
    They hate Kavanaugh. They hate Trump. They hate conservative judges that might roll back Roe v. Wade. They just hate, hate, hate. And they love just throwing it back in our face. They love cramming their corruption and their perversion and their sickness right down our throats. And it causes them to get a standing O in the New York State Senate in celebration. In the state of Virginia, there’s nobody apologizing, there’s nobody standing up and trying to walk this back. There’s no Democrat out there saying, “Wait a minute. This is not really what –” No. They’re all doubling down on this.

    Last night on the Fox News Channel Tucker Carlson had a guest who makes my point, that these people are filled with an irrational hatred and rage primarily for us and for men as a subset of us. Now, us being religion, God-d, the Catholic Church, Christianity at large, conservatives, the conservative movement, that’s us, and that’s who and what they hate.

    So let’s go to the audio sound bites. We have Tucker Carlson interviewing Monica Klein. She is the founding partner of something called Seneca Strategies. And Tucker Carlson’s question, “I wonder what you think about what Dr. Northam, the governor of Virginia, said. The infant is born. There’s a point where the mother and the physician can decide whether to kill the infant or not.” I want you to listen to the anger and the hatred in this woman’s voice. She hates Republicans. She hates Trump. She hates Kavanaugh. Tucker asks her, “What do you think of what the governor of Virginia said?”

    KLEIN: (crosstalk throughout) Look, Tucker, I understand that you want to go back to a time where Roe v. Wade was illegal, where women were having back-alley abortions —

    TUCKER: Don’t… Don’t give me that. I’m just… C’mon. This is so… Look… All right. All right.

    KLEIN: — and they were using coat hangers to have abortions, which is actually what’s barbaric.

    TUCKER: Look, c’mon. I’m giving you time to make a real argument. I’m not arguing for the repeal of Roe v. Wade. And please don’t be tiresome. The governor of Virginia — who is a rising star of Democratic Party — just said this. There’s pending legislation that mirrors it, and I’m asking you what you think of it.

    KLEIN: Reproductive health care is under attack by the Republican Party. Seventy-two percent of Americans support the right to choose, and yet we have Trump and Kavanaugh trying to repeal Roe v. Wade —

    TUCKER: C’mon.

    KLEIN: — and try to take away our control of our own bodies.

    TUCKER: Okay.

    KLEIN: This isn’t about babies! This is about health care. This is about you attempting to control women’s bodies.

    RUSH: That is just… That’s deranged. That is poisonous derangement. That is hatred on display. And, by the way, Ms. Klein, this business about back-alley abortions and coat hangers? You just legalized that in the state of New York, did you not? “Nonmedical personnel” can now perform abortions, including in the back alleys and including with coat hangers! And you know why that might be? You know why they might have had to put that provision in there? Because maybe they’re not gonna be able to find enough doctors willing to kill babies after they’re born.

    Maybe they’re not gonna have enough doctors to kill babies while they’re being birthed. But she’s just nothing but a walking cliche. (interruption) Well after the baby is born… This is a great point, by the way. After the baby’s born has got nothing to do with the woman’s body. But you heard her say, “This isn’t about babies. This is about health care. This is about you attempting to control women’s bodies.” This isn’t about babies! They have to say that in order to obliterate their conscience. It isn’t.

    This is why from the beginning, pregnancy was an illness. It has been a disease. It has been a source of psychological disorders. Pregnancy is rape and incest. Pregnancy? Women do not know what they’re getting into when they get pregnant! It’s a civil rights issue. It’s a freedom issue. It’s an anti-man issue. “It’s not about babies. This is about health care. This is about you…” She’s looking at Tucker Carlson. “This is about you attempting to control women’s bodies.”

    Not after the baby’s born, Monica! The woman’s body is not a factor, and her retort is, “Yes, it is. If the woman wants to abort, you have nothing to say about it. She can abort whenever.” Can she abort when the child is 2 if things aren’t going well? Where does this end? So Carlson’s getting very frustrated because she’s just a walking bunch of hate-filled cliches. So he says, “Don’t be a robot. This is the governor of Virginia saying this! I want to know what you think of it. Is that okay or does any of this bother you?

    KLEIN: It bothers me that you are attempting to control women’s bodies.

    TUCKER: I’m not attempting to control women’s bodies.

    KLEIN: That’s what you’re doing!

    TUCKER: You have the governor —

    KLEIN: You are!

    TUCKER: Look, I’m wondering if you think —

    KLEIN: The Republican Party right now is working overtime to repeal Roe v. Wade —

    TUCKER: Okay.

    KLEIN: — and take away choice in every state!

    TUCKER: I wonder if you think you’re convincing anybody or if your unwillingness to address what just happened today on tape is a sign that you can’t defend this. And if you can’t defend it, I wonder why that is? As an American, as a woman, what do you think of that?

    KLEIN: Have you asked…? As a woman what do I think of it?

    TUCKER: Yes.

    KLEIN: Have you asked yourself why you spend so much time talking about this rather than thinking about why your party is trying to repeal Roe v. Wade and women’s bodies?

    TUCKER: Okay, hold on.

    KLEIN: There seven states where there is only one abortion clinic!

    TUCKER: Okay.

    KLEIN: This is about a woman’s right to choose, and you as a man should not have a single say in that.

    RUSH: Monica Klein, who is incapable of discussing this in terms and within the context of the issue’s current state and evolution. You hear these cliches and these bromides: “Woman’s right to choose!” This is how they’ve always sold this: As a freedom issue, as a civil rights issue, as a health issue. “It’s not about babies!” Well, see, this is what Monica doesn’t get yet. In New York state and, is about the babies! It’s about killing the babies as they are exiting the womb or later! And she can’t even get there.

    She’s just gotta continue to stay focused on the arguments they have always used to shut people down, arguments which are nothing more than allegations. Did Tucker Carlson say anything in this interview here about controlling her body or any other woman’s body? But my point is, you heard the irrational hatred and rage. This is not some woman he dragged in off the street. This is a woman who heads a major pro-choice organization, abortion organization called Seneca Strategies. She would be one of the de facto political leaders of this movement. So the anger and the hatred… She hates Republicans; she hates men. It sounds like she hates babies.


    RUSH: Let me be clear about something. This is not just something happening in a couple of rogue Democrat states like New York and, in this case, Virginia. The proposal here by Kathy Tran, who is the Virginia delegate that has proposed this legislation that would allow the slaughtering of a baby while it’s being born or afterwards (sorry if the language bothers you, but what else are you gonna call this?) that the governor now is defending, a licensed pediatrician is defending.

    This is part of a nationwide plan, folks, from elected Democrats in a lot of states. New York, where you’ve already heard the audio of standing ovations after it was announced that children can be aborted up to the due date and that children can be aborted by nonmedical personnel. Rhode Island has similar legislation. Vermont has similar legislation. New Mexico is getting in on this action. Their quest is to make it a constitutional right! In New York, it has been proclaimed constitutional now.
    All of that late-term abortions up to and including during birth, right before the due date, nonmedical personnel. What are we gonna call that, the fourth trimester? You know, we always used the terms these people use. You know, we debate it on their terms. They get to set the language. That’s why you can’t call this “murder.” You can’t! No, no. This is not a murder. This is abortion. It’s inviable tissue mass and so forth. But they’re trying to get late-term abortion passed all over this country very fast now.


    RUSH: I just checked the email during the break. “Mr. Limbaugh, this is getting tiresome. I’m so tired of hearing about this issue, abortion. Why do we care? It’s just a bunch of liberals killing their kids, and, frankly, I say, ‘Move on!’ I want to hear about the wall! I want to hear about some of these other issues. I’d rather hear about the NFL and the Super Bowl than this.” It’s actually a good question. I can’t tell you the number of people over the years who have told me, “You’re wasting your time talking about this, Rush, because women are not gonna stop doing this.

    “No matter what happens, they’re gonna have abortions. You can’t stop it. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.” Let me state my objective here and purpose here. That’s not really it. I don’t have the power to tell people what to do and what not to do. You know, we do that via society, via our moral code, and laws and public shaming and a number of other things like that. I’m not an autocrat. I’m not even trying to guilt trip anybody. But I am posing something that I think is very, very consequential to our entire country and society.

    Folks, it is unmistakable that as life itself becomes cheapened and the sacrosanct respect for it disappears, none of us is worth anything to anybody. If life is worth nothing, then nothing else is going to be worth anything, and it is going to cause — and I would submit to you it already has caused! I think abortion is a major factor in 12- to 15-year-olds murdering each other with guns all over the country. I think the wanton promotion of killing babies cannot possibly not have an impact over the course of years on everybody’s perception of life and the importance of it.

    Then you get into who is worthy of living and who isn’t. You start talking about, “Well, a child born into poverty? Who would want to do that to a child?” Well, go check the number of robust, successful, happy people born to poverty. But who are we to say these things? “Somebody’s born to poverty; it’d be better if they didn’t live.” It’s not your decision! It’s not anywhere in your purview. But if we start cheapening life — and I think we’ve been doing it since Roe v. Wade was legalized, made constitutional.
    Once it became a constitutional right to kill, then we started debating, “Who else can we kill? Can we kill at the elderly spectrum of life? Can we kill people when we find out when they’re in the womb that they’re gonna be fat, freckled-faced, and redheaded, and the parents don’t want a fat, freckled-faced, and redheaded kid? Can we kill them?” We’re getting there. Wait until it is discovered that homosexuality is genetic, and wait until prospective parents could be told this their child might be gay at birth. You know who’s gonna do the fastest 180 from pro-choice to pro-life? The entire homosexual community is gonna become pro-life overnight.

    We’re already down this road toward genetic defects and deficiencies being identified. That’s why in late-term abortion… This governor is sitting there saying, “Well, after the baby is born, we’ll take a look here and see what kind of deficiencies might exist or what kind of deformities.” We know most of these long before birth now because of the scientific advances that have taken place. I’m just telling you: You start cheapening life this way, and then you cheapen it even further by claiming a baby isn’t even a person, a baby isn’t even a human being, and folks, you’re next.

    We’re all next depending on who these people are, how much power they get, and the basis on which they determine who gets to live and who doesn’t. What if down the road a bunch of liberals decide, “You know, rather than have to put up with a bunch of opposition, a bunch of conservatives, let’s just wipe ’em out!” You think that will never happen, it can’t happen? Well, no, not tomorrow. But if this stuff doesn’t stop in the next 30 years… Did any of you ever think even 10 years ago, that a major political party would be arguing for the right to kill a baby after it was born?

    If I had predicted that 10 years ago on this program and told you that, you all would have thought I’m nuts and you would have demanded that I shut up. You don’t want to hear such things. “It’s ridiculous! You’re going way, way overboard, Rush,” and yet here we are.


    RUSH: Grab sound bites 5 and 6.

    I want you to hear Kathy Tran, who is the House of Delegates in Virginia Democrat who authored this abomination there. This is Monday, these sound bites are from Monday during a debate and hearing at the House of Delegates. Delegate Todd Gilbert, who is a Republican, is asking Kathy Tran, the Democrat delegate, about the limits of her bill.
    GILBERT: Where it’s obvious that a woman is about to give birth. She has physical signs that she is about to give birth. Would that still be a point at which she could request an abortion if she was so certified? She’s dilating.

    TRAN: Mr. Chairman, that would be a decision that the doctor, the physician and the woman –

    GILBERT: I understand that –

    TRAN: — would make at that point.

    GILBERT: I’m asking if your bill allows that.

    TRAN: My bill would allow that, yes.

    RUSH: “My bill would allow that. It’s up to the doctor, and it’s up to the woman, and it’s up to the medical professionals.” And she wanted to make sure she was understood. She said…

    TRAN: The third trimester goes all the way up to 40 weeks.

    GILBERT: Okay. But to the end of the third trimester?

    TRAN: Yep. I don’t think we have a limit in the bill.

    RUSH: We don’t have a limit in the bill. We don’t have a limit in the bill. That’s Kathy Tran. She’s the author of the legislation in Virginia. Let’s start on the phones. People want to get in — and there are other things out there, too, but I could not in good conscience not lead with this today, but there’s breakout news out there on the wall and all this stuff going on. Schumer’s demanding the intelligence community essentially stage an intervention with Trump, which I thought that’s what Mueller was doing.
    Here is Tom in Long Island. It’s great to have you, sir. Glad you’re up first today. Welcome.

    CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just wanted to say that I think the governor’s clarification was as stupid as his comment. Who gets to decide what a birth defect is? I mean, is it a missing eye? Is it a missing arm? Is it a missing leg? I mean, if the baby can still live. I personally think that if they really want to stop abortion or get people to get it off the table, start telling people that they can figure out if the baby’s homosexual or not and I guarantee you abortion will come off the table.

    RUSH: Yeah, well, at least for that group of people. I just made that point. Let me reiterate this because, you know, you’re talking about who gets to decide what a birth defect is. We’re normally thinking something like Down syndrome or other things. Remember all of these, all these birth defects and so forth, when they’re in the hands of political people and not doctors, they are being used to promote abortion! This is what I’ve never been able to make people understand.

    When you take this issue and you bring it home to the Democrat Party where it lives, take it out of the hands of doctors, when you’ve essentially got Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer talking to you as a new mother or as a pregnant mother, they’re gonna be advocating that you abort because that’s how they win on the issue! They need as many abortions as they can get. Which is why they also need a never-ending supply of illegal immigrants to replace the underclass they are aborting!

    But I’m telling you, when we get to the point — I want to repeat this again — where genetic science advances to the point we’re gonna be able to tell you what kind of child you’re gonna have at the fourth month, fifth month, or whatever, and we’re somewhat there now. But you wait if they ever identify that homosexuality has a specific gene and they tell mom and dad, “Yeah, your child is likely going to be gay,” the fastest 180 from pro-choice to pro-life is gonna happen. The entire homosexual community, particularly the political aspect of it, is gonna become pro-life overnight.


    RUSH: Now, look. Let me remind everybody of something. Excuse me. I mentioned this in the first hour at the top of the program. This business in Virginia was defeated. It is not law of the land. Right now it is just the Democrat Party wish list. But this Kathy Tran idea of killing — the governor endorsed and spoke out. The Republicans defeated that 5-3 in a subcommittee vote, and the vote was to table the thing. But they only defeated it 5-3. Not 8 to nothing. There were three votes for this!

    And I want to you to know the names of the Democrats who voted for this abortion bill in Virginia. Vivian Watts of Annandale, Michael Mullin of the Tidewater area, and Jeffrey Bourne of Henrico County and Richmond. All of these are left-wing urban areas, and all three of these people voted for it. Now, everybody knew it wasn’t gonna get out of committee. This is a stunt, so far. But as with everything on the left, whenever they do something it’s not the end anything. It’s just the beginning of something.

    This is the beginning of the next phase of where they want to take abortion. New York state’s beat them to it. New York state’s way ahead of them in Virginia. This is an attempt — you know what happens. It’s the reverse of defining deviancy down. So they make the proposal to make it legal to terminate the life of a baby after it’s born or at the moment it’s being born. And everybody has the cow reaction, “Oh, my God. It’s horrible, my God.” You get that out of your system, and maybe two months later, six months later you come around and propose it again. And the reaction is a little less strenuous.

    And then you come back in maybe a year or two, you propose it again. This is how they wear people down on these things, by continually coming back, returning to issues and trying to get them passed. No defeat is ever a defeat. So what this is is a marker for where they want to go. They’re not there yet in Virginia but it’s where they want to go.
    Don in Newark, Ohio, you’re next. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

    CALLER: Hi, Rush Limbaugh. Can you tell me why it is men have no reproductive rights?

    RUSH: Yeah. I can tell you within the confines of the law. Why they have no reproductive rights culturally is another thing, but the simple and real answer to your question is found in Roe v. Wade. Roe v. Wade effectively granted women total sovereignty over their bodies. The fathers of the babies involved, the men involved have no right whatsoever by virtue of the demands of women who pushed the concept. So illegally it’s Roe v. Wade that basically eliminates the role of any man in reproductive decisions. Now, culturally and societally, then your answer to that would be the Democrat Party, which is been pushing for women’s rights, men are subjugating women, men are barbaric, men are brutes, men can’t be trussed with their own kids. It’s all part of that line of thinking.

    CALLER: It seems like it should be equal rights under the law thing.

    RUSH: Not where liberalism — no. No. Men have no equality here. Men are the problem. See, all this is being done in reaction to all this patriarchal power that privileged white men have been exuding over this country since the founding. This is about getting even with men and white men for the mistreatment of women, the mistreatment of minorities, the mistreatment of the country, the mistreatment of sea turtles. This is what all of this is about. Folks, it may not sound like it’s true, but it is.


    RUSH: I know. If men have no rights over reproduction when a woman has kids then how can he be forced to pay child support? Because they are to blame for the suffering. And we will be back.


    RUSH: First up — and this is from the Washington Examiner: “Virginia Lawmaker Apologizes for Co-sponsoring Late-Term Abortion Bill without Reading It — A state lawmaker in Virginia apologized to her constituents Thursday for failing to read controversial abortion legislation before she co-sponsored it. Delegate Dawn Adams (Democrat-Richmond), said she ‘made a mistake’ when she did not read fellow Delegate Kathy Tran’s bill that would allow abortions in the third trimester” and the fourth trimester.

    That’s what we’re calling here at the EIB Network post-birth: The fourth trimester.
    “But Rush, there can’t be four in a three.” That’s right. But since the Democrats are involved… Look, the point is to communicate, right? The fourth trimester. That’s when they want to permit abortions to continue. Now, Dawn Adams said (impression), “I vaguely remember signing on to this, and I did this in solidarity with my colleague and as a symbolic gesture for a woman’s right to choose. I am sorry that I did not exercise due diligence before this explosion of attention; had I done so, I would not have co-patroned.”


    (impression) “Don’t hold it against me! I was just supporting a woman’s right to choose, and I instinctively support a woman’s right to choose because of all of the Brett Kavanaugh types that want to take it away.” I’m extrapolating. She didn’t really say that but that’s what she meant. “I can’t be blamed! I was simply protecting a woman’s right to choose.” Now, the bill — again, just to remind you — “never made it out of subcommittee, galvanized the pro-life movement in Virginia and nationwide.” Governor Northam has said (summarized), “Hey, I said what I said but you took it out of context.” This woman, Dawn Adams, has apologized for cosponsoring without having read it.
    Last edited by GeorgiaPeach; 02-01-2019 at 03:19 AM.
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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