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    Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire

    Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire

    $250,000 — Make the Road New YorkMake the Road, which agitates for rights for illegal immigrants, received $250,000 from Open Society to pay for the group’s activism in the New York Stimulus Alliance.

    In 2010, Soros continued efforts to undermine American sovereignty by promoting open borders. His advocacy for illegal immigrants is two-pronged: financial and rights-based.

    Soros-funded immigrants’ rights groups play leadership roles in opposing state legislation that requires voter I.D., “E-Verification” of worker status, and limits on publicly funded higher education for illegal immigrants.
    Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire

    Van Jones at the “Take Back the American Dream” conference.
    Executive Summary
    Newly recently released tax documents reveal how billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros expanded his U.S.-based empire by using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the Obama stimulus. Soros and Obama worked hand-in-glove through the stimulus, which has been called the largest single partisan wealth transfer in American history.

    In 2010, tax records show that Soros, a convicted inside trader with extensive knowledge of the American financial system and government policies under Obama, deployed grantees from his Open Society Foundations1 to lobby for and acquire federal contracts for job training, green energy, and community redevelopment programs. By gaining control over those resources, Soros advanced his agenda for “green economics,” open borders, and increased government handouts. In short, he grew his empire, which includes much of the “progressive” movement in the U.S., as the federal government and Obama’s political constituencies grew in power and influence.

    This report analyzes George Soros’s grants to organizations in 2010. The records show massive coordination of non-profit networks in the states and nationally. Four powerful organizations and coalitions — The STAR Coalition, The Gamaliel Foundation, the Apollo Alliance, and Green for All — are given detailed scrutiny in this regard, with the involvement of Van Jones getting special mention. Jones is the former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” fired after information about his communist past surfaced through the work of anti-communist blogger Trevor Loudon and then-Fox News personality Glenn Beck. The lobbying power of such efforts ensured that stimulus funds flowed from taxpayers into union coffers and into the hands of other activists who had been instrumental in putting President Obama into office.

    This report, “Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire,” includes an analysis of how Soros-funded organizations and networks operate, the strategies used to steer stimulus money to special interest lobbies, and an explanation of how taxpayers were forced to subsidize the “progressive” movement in the U.S. However, only Congress, with its investigative powers, can get to the bottom of how this money was spent and into whose coffers it ultimately ended up.

    America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) began the process of analyzing the Soros empire, which has been financed with almost $8 billion from the controversial billionaire, during an October 27, 2011, “Soros Files” conference in Washington, D.C. Reports and speeches from this conference are posted at The reports available at this website include How Soros Finances Marxism in America, Soros Funds Marxist Legal Groups and Terrorists, and How Soros is Subverting the Criminal Justice System. This website is updated on a regular basis.
    How the “partisan wealth transfer” called the Obama stimulus was applied to Soros-funded organizations that dominate the progressive movement and President Obama’s political base.
    John Lott, an economist and co-author with Grover Norquist of the just released Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future, writes that the Obama stimulus was “a massive partisan wealth transfer — the largest single transfer in American history.” In his book, Throw Them All Out, Peter Schweizer reveals that Soros helped craft the stimulus then invested in companies benefiting from it.
    Surprisingly little has been written about George Soros’s role in the Recovery Act. This may be due in part to the fact that Soros’s Open Society Foundations in the U.S. (Open Society Institute and Fund to Promote Open Society) only recently disclosed their 2010 federal tax records. Whatever the reason for this delay, for almost two years it effectively concealed the influence the billionaire currency speculator exercised over the federal government’s efforts to “stimulate” the economy. Such “stimulation,” as we can see, was political in nature.

    (This title is from a Soros-sponsored conference on how to use Obama stimulus dollars).
    By the time hundreds of billions in federal Recovery Act dollars started flowing to the states, George Soros’s grantees were poised to take advantage of key provisions of the stimulus package. This is unsurprising, for Soros had already distributed grants to dozens of activist groups who lobbied for inclusion of those provisions. These organizations were then first in line for stimulus funds earmarked for “green jobs training,” “neighborhood stabilization” and other activist-driven projects.

    In the alchemy of Open Society, a dollar spent on an activist can translate into ten dollars in federal subsidies. Hence, Soros and his rich allies give to the poor (and their representatives) in order to take from everyone in the middle.

    For Soros, and the activist network he supports, the stimulus program represented a once-in-a-generation opportunity to play Robin Hood with other people’s money. The Obama administration earmarked $787 billion, and much of that was for precisely the types of activities Soros favors: jobs programs, green jobs programs, green jobs programs for felons, “food justice” activism, mortgage assistance that transferred private debts to taxpayers, “neighborhood stabilization” and “weatherization” schemes that enriched community organizers, billion-dollar loans to “sustainability” start-ups, federal subsidies for schools, and social service money-sinks like Head Start. Meanwhile, Soros found other ways to meddle in the stimulus. Many Open Society grantees received funds from Soros specifically earmarked to demand “equity” and racial diversity in the distribution of Recovery Act funds.
    Soros deployed his usual arsenal of socially divisive strategies in these efforts. He handed out grants to key minority groups to allege “inequality” in the distribution of Recovery Act funds. These activists injected racial and ethnic politics into mortgage relief efforts and jobs programs. Recovery Act measures to address the mortgage defaults especially empowered activists to denounce “the one percent” and accuse their fellow citizens of purported racial and anti-immigrant discrimination.

    The Recovery Act was only one government initiative through which Soros prevailed upon taxpayers (largely without their knowledge or consent) to subsidize his non-profit programs. In New York City, Soros joined forces with Mayor Bloomberg and the Robin Hood Foundation to provide seed money for expensive social programs and new charter schools.

    Such projects, which enjoy rabidly enthusiastic press, frequently end up being only fractionally funded by the wealthy philanthropists who start them, while taxpayers foot the bills. In the hands of George Soros, such private/public initiatives are a key back-door method of seizing control of the government. They are also a back-door method of implementing socialism. The Recovery Act speeded this process exponentially.

    The Strategy
    On May 10, 2010, a two-day event, “Organizing the Recovery,” was held in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Open Society Institute and the Ford Foundation. The STAR (States for a Transparent and Accountable Recovery) Coalition promoted the event and described itself as a network of groups working at the state and local levels to ensure that the Recovery Act was used to “address vital social needs and benefit those most harmed by the failed economic policies of the past.” This was an open invitation for the liberal/left to apply for funds.
    The STAR Coalition consisted of:

    Of the organizations involved in the Soros effort, several are worth mentioning at this point. Green for All was founded by Van Jones, the communist “Green Jobs” czar forced to resign from the Obama Administration; the Apollo Alliance was advised by former Weather Underground terrorist Jeff Jones; the Center for Community Change; and the Transportation Equity Network, a project of the Gamaliel Foundation, which gave Barack Obama his start in community organizing and has connections to Marxist elements in the Catholic Church.

    Green for All

    As Cliff Kincaid points out, “When the list of donors to the Van Jones Green for All organization is examined, one name stands out — the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros. The Green for All 2008 annual report is also notable for the pictures of the powerful people who associated with Jones. They include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Al Gore.”

    “No matter where you find Van Jones, there is a funding stream from George Soros. The Open Society Institute was supporting Green for All in 2008, when Jones was running it; the Soros-funded organization was also financially underwriting the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights when Jones was in charge of that group,” said Kincaid. The Open Society Institute gave the Ella Baker Center $151,800 in 2006 and $140,000 in 2007. Jones ran this group during the years 1996-2007. He then emerged as a senior fellow at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress.

    Other funders of the Green for All group included Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, the Rockefeller family, Men’s Warehouse, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the New World Foundation, the Schwab Charitable Fund, the Streisand Foundation, the Service Employees International Union, and the Tides Center and Foundation. Soros additionally underwrote both Tides’ and the Alliance for Climate Protection’s activities during the time they were subsidizing Van Jones: Open Society gave Gore’s group more than $10 million and Tides nearly $10 million between 2005 and 2008. Green for All is simply a Soros functionary.
    The Apollo Alliance
    Jeff Jones, a longtime director of the Apollo Alliance’s New York affiliate, is one of the former Weather Underground members who joined Mark Rudd, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn on an organization called Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS), which operated as a parent body for Progressives for Obama. Jones, who says he voted for Obama, openly advertises his past on his own website, as well as his current activities in the firm “Jeff Jones Strategies.” Under the “Protest” section, he even included an FBI mug shot and his fingerprints. It declares, “As a leader of the Weather Underground, Jeff evaded an intense FBI manhunt for more than a decade. In 1981, they finally got him. Twenty special agents battered down the door of the Bronx apartment where he was living with his wife and four-year-old son.”

    Jones said that he was arrested in October of 1981 but was only in jail for a couple of weeks. He said he was “not really guilty of all that much” and got community service and probation after pleading guilty to an explosives possession charge.

    The Apollo Alliance is a New York-based project of the Blue Green Alliance Foundation. The Blue Green Foundation’s coalition of unions, environmental groups, and community organizers was highly instrumental in making “green jobs” initiatives a priority of the stimulus: they then received millions in Recovery Act funding earmarked for green jobs and union apprenticeship training. Predictably, such training appears to have been ineffectual in creating new jobs — unless one counts jobs for activists and union leaders.

    Van Jones’ flow chart of Obama’s “progressive” base constitutes many of the Soros-funded groups taking advantage of the Obama stimulus.

    Such questionable job-training schemes are a central feature of the Recovery Act. For example, the Blue Green Alliance’s star program, Minnesota-based GreenPOWER, claims to have used stimulus funds to educate 1632 participants in their job training programs. They also claim that between 100 and 109 of the people they trained subsequently found “training related employment,” though it is unclear whether these were new positions or re-titled jobs for “incumbent” workers.

    For this, GreenPOWER received $5 million in stimulus funding and also created approximately 65 nonprofit administration and green job trainer positions, essentially, activists funded by taxpayers.

    In New York State, Jeff Jones tapped into the stimulus’ job-training scheme through his client, the Workforce Development Institute, which received $1.5 million to fund a “pre-apprenticeship program” benefitting the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and other powerful unions.2
    George Soros funded activist organizations such as Green for All and Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection; the activists lobbied for publicly subsidized green jobs programs; then the green jobs money was used to grow the infrastructure of unions and activist organizations like the Blue Green Alliance.
    Senator Tom Coburn is only the most recent elected official calling for investigations into green jobs programs.3

    The Center for Community Change
    The Center for Community Change (CCC), supported by $1,715,000, from Soros in 2010 alone, helped organize a March 21, 2010 rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to force congressional passage of “comprehensive immigration reform.” The CCC has also been supported by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, an arm of the Catholic Bishops.4 John Carr, the Bishops’ director for justice, peace and human development, once sat on the board of the CCC. Sally Kohn, a former senior strategist at the Center for Community Change, was hired as a Fox News Contributor earlier this year. Prior to her work at the CCC, according to her Fox News bio, “she held a program fellowship at the Ford Foundation, managing more than $15 million in annual grants to social justice organizations.”

    Kohn was hired by Fox News in the wake of the departure from the channel of Glenn Beck, who had been scrutinizing Soros and his network of organizations. Beck has said publicly that his personnel were threatened by Soros representatives for subjecting the billionaire to scrutiny. America’s Survival, Inc. confirmed this fact with a private investigator.5

    The Gamaliel Foundation

    While he was in Chicago, Barack Obama was trained by top Alinskyian organizers. One was the ex-Jesuit, Greg Galuzzo, lead organizer for Gamaliel. The Developing Communities Project, which operated under the Gamaliel Foundation and hired Obama as lead organizer, was itself an offshoot of the Calumet Community Religious Conference, run by the Alinsky-trained radical and Obama mentor Jerry Kellman.
    Gamaliel states proudly on its website that “Barack H. Obama, former Gamaliel organizer, is the 44th president of the United States.” The website also features Obama friend and White House adviser Valerie Jarrett speaking to a Gamaliel event in Washington, D.C. attended by 2,500 activists. Jarrett is the official who claims to have recruited communist Van Jones to the White House.
    Gamaliel received $425,000 between 2009 and 2010 from Open Society foundations.

    From the Gamaliel website:
    Gamaliel’s organizing work draws on struggles for justice by people of faith spanning many nations, creeds, and cultures. Our work draws on Biblical scripture, Christ’s life and teaching, the Torah, the Qu’ran, Catholic social teaching, the founding principles of American democracy, the U.S. civil rights movement, and many other sources.

    This year, Gamaliel’s Easter Message, delivered by its National Clergy Caucus, was a rallying cry for activists to take to the streets in Sanford, Florida to advance the as-yet unsubstantiated claim that the killing of Trayvon Martin was a “racial assault.” Its appeal included an image of Martin Luther King in a hooded sweat shirt, the kind Martin wrote when he was killed, and proclaimed the arrival of “an American Spring” or uprising in the U.S. It said:

    The blood of Trayvon Martin cries out to heaven. God hears. You hear. We are heartened and challenged by your response. As we commemorate the anniversary of the slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we are mindful of the ongoing efforts to kill the Dream of Dr. King and of those countless others who sacrificed with him in the struggle for freedom in this nation.
    Regarding the use of “stimulus” funds, the Gamaliel Foundation sponsored an entity called the Transportation Equity Network (TEN). TEN bills itself as “a grassroots network of more than 350 community organizations in 41 states working to build a more just, prosperous, and connected America.” But in reality, TEN is a classic Astroturf organization, with direct and indirect funding streams flowing through the Open Society foundations to professional activists embedded in its “membership organizations” at every level:

    • Two of TEN’s five “funding partners” are Soros entities: the Open Society Institute and Public Interest Projects (PIP). PIP has received nearly $7.5 million directly from Soros since 2005.

    • The Gamaliel Foundation received $425,000 between 2009 and 2010 from Open Society foundations.

    • Prominent member organizations of TEN rank among the groups receiving the most funding from the Open Society foundations, including the Economic Policy Institute, Center For American Progress, and Center for Community Change. Soros funnels millions of dollars to these groups each year.

    • Dozens of TEN’s member organizations are subsidized by George Soros, including The National Council of La Raza, The National Immigration Forum, the National Congress of American Indians, and the National Women’s Law Center.

    • Many of TEN’s allegedly grassroots organizations are actually networks of professional activists associated with the discredited ACORN organizations including Project Vote, or with Public Interest Research Groups.

    Like the Blue Green Alliance and the Workforce Development Institute (both TEN members), Gamaliel/TEN was instrumental in channeling recovery funds to left-wing nonprofit organizations, unions and activists.
    On their website, Gamaliel even brags of using political pressure to shut down a stimulus project: “In the San Francisco Bay Area, Transportation Equity Network member GENESIS and allies filed a federal civil rights complaint that stopped the use of $70 million in stimulus funds for a rail project that would have violated the Civil Rights Act.”
    Transportation Equity Network funders:

    Gamaliel held its 25th Anniversary Gala on December 2, 2011, in Chicago. The Host Committee of the event included:

    • Kirk Adams, International Executive Vice President, Service Employees International Union
    • Carl Anthony, Co-director, Breakthrough Communities
    • Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director, Center for Community Change
    • Congressman Danny K. Davis
    • Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez
    • Larry Hanry, President, Illinois Citizens Action
    • Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.
    • Ben Jealous, Chief Executive Officer, NAACP
    • Dale Marsico, Executive Director, Community Transportation Association of America
    • Katherine McFate, Watch Director, Office of Management and Budget
    • Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and Executive Officer, Policylink
    • Susan Olavarria Director of Communications, Midwest Generation
    • Paloma Pavel Ph.D, Co-director, Breakthrough Communities
    • John Powell, Executive Director, Kirwan Institute
    • Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
    • Rich Stolz, Campaign Manager, Center for Community Change

    In Minnesota, the Blue Green Alliance, operating as Minnesota GreenPOWER, received $5 million in stimulus funds 6 and was based in the Minneapolis congressional district of Rep. Keith Ellison. According to, the federal government’s website for stimulus funding, GreenPOWER claims to have created a total of 174 jobs since January 2010.

    But in the required quarterly reports, the picture of this job creation grows extremely cloudy.
    Approximately 56 of those jobs appear to be nonprofit advocacy positions with GreenPOWER itself. The other 100 to 109 “new jobs” were supposedly “green industry” positions found by people after they had participated in GreenPOWER training. These 100 or so “training related employment” positions included: “sustainability managers, sheet metal operators, CNS software operators and various other manufacturing related positions.”

    But how many of these jobs were really new, and really “green” positions? Did GreenPOWER’s advocacy result in the creation of new employment or merely the re-naming of “incumbent” positions at companies such as Viking Drill and Tool, the only employer mentioned by name in any of GreenPOWER’s reports?
    How many of those 100 or so employees merely participated in one of the GreenPOWER’s “one-day workshops” or “six-day training programs,” which feature tips such as how to recycle at work?
    In two years, using $5 million in stimulus funds, GreenPOWER claims to have served 1632 participants in their job training programs, only 1,062 of whom were unemployed at the time of training, and only 100 — 109 of whom found “new” or possibly re-named jobs related in some way, however peripherally, to the training offered. The number of trainees started out at 2,000 but was reduced over time, and no breakdown is offered quantifying the number of trainees who received more than a single day or week of “green training.”
    Troublingly, this vague record was sufficient to bring U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis calling. Solis praised GreenPOWER for the apparent accomplishment of “training” Viking Drill and Tool to recycle the oil they use in their Teamster-dominated St. Paul factory.7

    Why an industry would even need outside “job trainers” to decide to save money on material costs was not explained.

    Rep. Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress and a prominent member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, emerged as one of the leading advocates for GreenPOWER and the green agenda. Mark Musser, an expert on the environmental movement and global Islam has noted that Ellison wrote the foreword to a book entitled Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet, in order “to demonstrate that there is a close relationship between Islam and modern environmentalism.” Ellison commented that his involvement in politics was “rooted in my desire to try to promote unity among people, trying to promote unity with the Earth and creation, and trying to promote justice.” Ellison was also involved in an organization called the “Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM).”8

    On September 8, 2010, Ellison held a “public forum to discuss ideas and policies that will make clean energy jobs more available to Minnesotans.” The speakers included Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All, and John Dybvig, Economic Development Manager of the BlueGreen Alliance.

    Before converting to Islam, Ellison was a National Lawyers Guild attorney who had been a vocal supporter of communist terrorists such as Sara Jane Olson, a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), and Bernardine Dohrn, the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground. In a speech, Ellison had also praised convicted cop-killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Joanne Chesimard (aka Assata Shakur).
    These examples and others show that activists from organizations subsidized by George Soros lobbied to create a stimulus in Soros’ own image, and they succeeded in steering enormous sums into Soros-related projects. This report only scratches the surface of a major scandal that requires an investigation by Congress.

    2010: Forcing taxpayers to subsidize the Soros agenda

    1. Expand “Faux-lanthropy” in New York City and Elsewhere

    Philanthropy is no longer about private citizens offering a hand-up to the needy. It has become a process whereby organizations maximize government subsidies to their clients. Soros has perfected this model in the non-religious philanthropy sector.

    NBC’s Brian Williams serves on the
    board of the Soros-funded Robin
    Hood Foundation
    Continuing his partnership with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in 2010 Soros concentrated his attention on New York City, giving more than $50 million to non-profits there. But the public really footed the bill as George Soros and other unelected billionaires gained control over New York City’s treasury, bureaucracy, and public programs, turning the city into a laboratory for their political agendas.
    The programs subsidized through these schemes are frequently expensive re-treads of the usual failed initiatives: job training programs that provide steady paychecks only to the politically-connected organizers and ministers who run them; peer-to-peer and mentoring activities run by gang leaders and ex-felons; questionable activities such as teaching poetry to violent offenders, and duplicative and ineffectual social services. The block grants and poverty programs of the 1990’s have morphed into “green jobs” and “social service navigation,” but this is largely window dressing for more of the same — and perpetuation of government dependency.
    For example, the aptly named Robin Hood Foundation, the largest single Soros benefactor in the 2010 cycle, received nearly $28 million from Soros for New York City-based programs. In total, Soros has pledged $50 million to the Robin Hood Foundation.9 The foundation, which was started by hedge fund managers, claims to use “metrics” and “free market principles” to determine the best interventions for fighting poverty. But the notion of “free market” does not extend to their solutions, which frequently involve massive government programs paid for by taxpayers, who are simultaneously squeezed out of political decision-making processes by the Foundation’s powerful donors.
    It might be said that the Robin Hood Foundation takes money from the ultra-rich and gives it to the poor in order to rob the people in-between: New York taxpayers, federal taxpayers, and, especially, business owners operating in New York City. The Foundation also empowers the academicians who play prominent roles in advancing the Open Society agenda, who recently announced an “exciting” research project to “learn, in now unimaginable detail, the programmatic needs of New York’s poor.”
    Is the outcome of this sort of activity really “unimaginable?” In announcing the research study, there was no mention of the mountains of evidence that single parenthood is the largest predictor, by far, of poverty and a multitude of other social ills. Instead of acknowledging this, the researchers mused: “we lack data on the trends and causes of poverty in New York City.” Their “expensive” (their word) poverty-analysis was conducted by Columbia University and steered by “strategic decision-making” board members including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric Co., and Brian Williams, Anchor and Managing Editor of NBC Nightly News. 10 It surely created jobs — for the social science professors — as it created new pressures on New York City’s strained public purse.
    Examples of Soros-funded Faux-lanthropy:

    • $29.7 million — Robin Hood Foundation of New York City.A major initiative of the Robin Hood Foundation is establishing “financial service centers” that instruct the poor and unemployed in maximizing the government benefits they receive. According to CNN, “in 2006, Robin Hood “helped poor working families claim $98 million in tax refunds.” Other programs, from “slam poetry” classes for violent offenders to yoga for the unemployed, create additional costs for taxpayers. Run by powerful hedge fund managers, and now funded predominantly by George Soros, the Robin Hood Foundation has the clout to demand virtually anything from city government. At one Robin Hood Gala, attendees raised $20 million for a new charter school, and the board added another $45 million, but it was the taxpayers who picked up the real tab: $115 million, delivered by schools chancellor Joel Klein. Taxpayers were not invited to the Gala; Klein was.

    • $3.6 million — Fund for the City of New York.Mayor Bloomberg and George Soros control the Fund’s “public-private” programs for black and Latino males, while taxpayers contribute the real money to expand an array of public services for minority males deemed “unable or unwilling” to help themselves. Between 2005 and 2009, Soros gave $5 million to the Fund and promised either $50 or $30 million more over several years, a figure matched by Bloomberg. But Bloomberg also used his authority as Mayor to commit an additional $70 million in direct aid from city taxpayers, who already foot the bill for some of the most costly social services in the nation, services already directed at these “underserved” populations.

    • $35 million — one-time donation of $200 to poor New York City families.Soros’s decision to hand out $200 checks to poor families was “matched” by at least $70 million in federal tax dollars, without discernable public input.

    2. Recovery Act “Equity” Lobbying

    In 2010, several non-profit organizations received Open Society grants earmarked to agitate for “transparency and equity” or “civil rights compliance” in distributing Recovery Act funds. In this little-noticed maneuver, Soros subsidized activists to use claims of possible prejudice to leverage their access to Recovery Act giveaways for themselves, or for the ethnic and racial groups they represent.
    A typical example is the $226,250 Soros gave to an organization called Miami Worker’s Center “[t]o advance transparency, equity, and accountability in the economic recovery, specifically focusing on state distribution of funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”
    Similar language appears in grants to groups such as: California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc., the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, the Chicago Gamaliel Foundation, and Make the Road, New York. National coalitions receiving “equity” grants include: Good Jobs First, Legal Momentum, and the National Fair Housing Alliance.
    Other 2010 Open Society grants subsidized coalition building among organizations to join forces in leveraging “equity” demands. The New York Stimulus Alliance is one such coalition, composed primarily of Soros grantees or sub-grantees, including Common Cause, the Gamaliel Foundation, the Advancement Project, and the Kirwan Institute of Ohio State University. Through these equity-monitoring organizations and coalitions, Open Society is rarely more than two degrees of separation away from scores of organizations that received Recovery Act funding.
    Soros kept a low profile as his non-profits articulated the “equity” message.
    The New York Stimulus Alliance issued the following demands:

    • Quality jobs offering fair wages, ample hours, and comprehensive benefits, such as health care, paid, leave, and worker-friendly practices, must be made equally available to all New Yorkers.

    • Information about stimulus programs and projects must be made available for public review. This information should include race, gender, foreign born status [sic], income information, and residency zip codes of job recipients and program beneficiaries.

    • Effectiveness of programs should be monitored in order to prioritize those benefiting historically excluded communities. Thorough and regular reviews of program effectiveness should be made publicly available and include specific recommendations for how to expand reach in communities that have lacked public and private investment.

    In addition to encouraging a variety of social and cultural resentments, by spreading money around to non-profits to demand larger portions of taxpayer funds under the guise of “equity” and “social justice,” Soros was also, in essence, hiring lobbyists.
    Examples of Soros’ Recovery Act “Equity” Demands:

    • $376,000 — Miami Workers CenterThis coalition of radical community organizers “building alliances . . . to amplify our power and our message” received $376,000 from Open Society to “specifically focus on state distribution” of Recovery Act funds.

    • $362,000 — The National Council of La Raza La Raza received $362,000 from Open Society . . . and $6.7 million in Recovery funds.

    • $250,000 — Make the Road New YorkMake the Road, which agitates for rights for illegal immigrants, received $250,000 from Open Society to pay for the group’s activism in the New York Stimulus Alliance.

    3. The Recovery Act and “Green Jobs” Schemes

    By now, the public is aware of the vast amounts of Recovery funds wasted on failed “sustainability” and “green jobs” schemes. Less well known is Soros’ role in subsidizing the think tanks and activist coalitions that pressured the government to adopt the “sustainability” agenda in the first place.
    For example, the Robert Rubin-chaired Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) received $645,000 from George Soros to “design and launch workforce development programs.” Soros’s grant was mere seed money, while the $19.4 million LISC received from the Recovery Act underwrote its “sustainability programs” and “Green Jobs” initiatives.
    As the Solyndra debacle has taught us, the primary product of such “sustainability initiatives” is frequently more activism, not more jobs. LISC’s Soros-funded analyses of “community needs” produced ever-more ornate demands for two things: more regulation of private businesses and more government programs. In the case of LICS, these “sustainable” programs include: “urban agriculture initiatives” in Buffalo, “building deconstruction” in Indianapolis, and so-called “food desert” activism in Detroit.
    Taxpayers are likely not aware that they “partnered” with George Soros in building “sustainable” low-income housing in San Diego; supporting controversial “food desert” food stamp doubling in Detroit, and funding “green jobs” programs open only to people with felony convictions.
    2010 Soros Grantees engaging in efforts to claim portions of federal Recovery funds, mortgage-relief, and “green jobs” funding:

    • California Rural Legal Assistance
    • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
    • Civic Works
    • Climateworks
    • Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning
    • Collins Center for Public Policy
    • Colorado Center on Law and Policy
    • Corporation for Supportive Housing
    • Fair Food Network
    • Family League of Baltimore City
    • Food Research and Action Center
    • Gamaliel Foundation
    • Gateway to College National Network
    • Good Jobs First
    • Jobs for the Future
    • Jobs With Justice Education Fund
    • Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law
    • Legal Momentum
    • Local Initiatives Support Corporation
    • Make the Road
    • MDRC
    • Miami Worker’s Center
    • National Association of Service and Conservation
    • National Consumer Law Center
    • National Employment Law project
    • National Fair Housing Alliance
    • National Housing and Community Development Law Project
    • National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
    • One Voice
    • PICO National Network
    • Poverty and Race Research Action Council
    • Texas Impact Education Fund

    4. Open Borders Advocacy and the Recovery Act

    In 2010, Soros continued efforts to undermine American sovereignty by promoting open borders. His advocacy for illegal immigrants is two-pronged: financial and rights-based. He funds immigrant rights organizations that lobby and sue for government services for illegal and legal immigrants, primarily from Mexico but also from Central and South America and Asia. These organizations simultaneously lobby for legal protections and permanent legal recognition of people residing in the United States illegally.
    Soros-funded immigrants’ rights groups play leadership roles in opposing state legislation that requires voter I.D., “E-Verification” of worker status, and limits on publicly funded higher education for illegal immigrants.
    Make the Road is one of many Soros-funded immigrants’ rights organizations engaging the two-pronged model. Between 2009 and 2010, the organization received at least half a million dollars directly from George Soros; at least $300,000 (and probably much more) from the Robin Hood Society, another Soros grantee, and $4.6 million from state and city taxpayers through the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development and the New York State Department of Health. They claim to have spent only $280 in lobbying in 2009, a number that jumped to $93,265 in 2010.

    Make the Road taps into government funding to maximize the flow of taxpayer money to their clients. From their website:
    Make the Road by Walking is excited to announce the expansion of our Healthcare Advocacy Services. As a new lead agency with the Department of Health’s Facilitated Enrollment Program, Make the Road’s Health Team is equipped to help complete and submit applications for people eligible for Medicaid and other government health insurance programs for children and adults, as well as guide and support applicants throughout the process. Says new health advocate Josefina Davila, “We are here to ensure that all uninsured, eligible community members have access to affordable health care programs.
    Under the Obama administration, funding for such “navigation” of benefits has grown exponentially. In other words, taxpayers are being force to subsidize organizations that use their resources to radically oppose American sovereignty and the rights of legal voters.
    2010 Soros Grantees working on behalf of illegal immigrants:

    • American Immigration Law Foundation
    • America’s Voice Education Fund
    • Asian Law Caucus
    • Border Network for Human Rights
    • Catholic Legal Immigration Network
    • Center for International Policy
    • Community Investment Network
    • Cornerstone Theater Company
    • Economic Policy Institute
    • Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Rights
    • Human Rights Watch
    • Immigrant Legal Resource Center
    • Immigration Equality
    • Immigrationworks Foundation
    • Latino Justice
    • M.A.L.D.E.F.
    • Powerpac Foundation
    • Southern Coalition for Social Justice

    Advocacy for public funding and legal status for non-citizens is also a mission of other Soros grantees, such as the National Lawyerd Guild, the A.C.L.U., and the Center for Constitutional Rights.
    The final autopsy of his influence over the Recovery Act remains to be done. The work, in fact, has barely started.
    As economists and others evaluate the effects of the Recovery Act, Congress should examine its political influence and motivations through subsidies for the “progressive” movement funded by Soros. Congress should take a closer look at his 2010 efforts to steer Recovery Act funding to organizations that sow racial, ethnic, and economic discord among Americans, or which hijack public control over government decision-making and place it in the hands of special interests.
    Blue Green Alliance Foundation

    • Leo W. Gerard, International President, United Steelworkers, Co-Chair
    • Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club, Co-Chair

    Board of Directors

    • Phil Angelides, President, Riverview Capital Investment
    • Robert Borosage, Director, Campaign for America’s Future
    • Larry Cohen, President, Communications Workers of America
    • Lawrence J. Hanley, International President, Amalgamated Transit Union
    • Joseph T. Hansen, International President, United Food and Commercial Workers
    • Gerald Hudson, International Executive Vice President, Service Employees International Union
    • Lorretta Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, American Federation of Teachers
    • Bob King, President, United Auto Workers
    • Kevin Knobloch, President, Union of Concerned Scientists
    • D. Michael Langford, National President, Utility Workers Union of America
    • Peter Lehner, Executive Director, Natural Resources Defense Council
    • Mindy S. Lubber, JD, MBA, President, CERES
    • Larry Schweiger, President and CEO, National Wildlife Federation

    Transportation Equity Network National Partners

    • AARP Washington
    • Advocacy Associates
    • Advocates for Environmental Human Rights
    • Alliance for Biking and Walking
    • Amalgamated Transit Union
    • America WALKS
    • America’s Voice
    • American Public Health Association
    • American Public Transportation Assoc.
    • Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL)
    • Avego Washington
    • BlueGreen Alliance
    • Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program
    • Building America’s Future
    • Center for American Progress
    • Center for Community Change
    • Center for Housing Policy
    • Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
    • Center for Public Environmental Oversight
    • Center for Social Inclusion
    • Center for Transit-Oriented Development
    • Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI)
    • Change to Win
    • Citistates Group
    • Coalition for Smarter Growth
    • Community Benefits Law Center
    • Community Learning Partnership Washington
    • Community Transportation Association of America
    • Conference Of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO)
    • Creative Investment Research, Inc.
    • Eagle Eye International
    • Economic Policy Institute
    • Environment America
    • Essential Information
    • Friends of the Earth
    • Good Jobs First
    • Growth Management Institute
    • International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association
    • Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
    • Millennial Housing Commission
    • National Association of Minority Contractors
    • National Association of Railroad Passengers
    • National Center for Law and Economic Justice
    • National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
    • National Congress of American Indians
    • National Council of Churches
    • National Council of La Raza
    • National Housing Conference
    • National Housing Institute Montclair
    • National Housing Law Project
    • National Immigration Forum
    • National Organizers Alliance
    • National Parks Conservation Association
    • National Rural Transit Assistance Program
    • National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association
    • National Women’s Law Center
    • Natl Alliance of Community Econ Development Asso.
    • Natural Resources Defense Council
    • Nueva Vista Group
    • OMB Watch
    • PolicyLink
    • Poverty & Race Research Action Council
    • Project Vote
    • Public Advocates Inc.
    • Rails to Trails Conservancy
    • Reconnecting America
    • Safe Routes to School National Partnership
    • Smart Growth America
    • Smart Growth Leadership Institute
    • Surface Transportation Policy Project
    • The American Conservative Center for Public Transportation
    • The Aspen Institute
    • The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
    • The Partnership for Working Families
    • The Workforce Alliance
    • Transportation for America Washington
    • Transportation Learning Center
    • Transportation Research Board
    • United Job Creation Council
    • Urban Habitat
    • US Action
    • US Army Corps of Engineers
    • US Association Benefits Group, LLC
    • We Are America Alliance
    • Wider Opportunities for Women
    • Women Construction Owners & Executives, USA
    • Working Partnerships, USA (WPUSA)

    The Soros American Foundations 2010 Top 75 Grantees
    Name 2010 Combined Open Society Institute and Foundation to Promote Open Society
    Robin Hood Foundation 29,791,398
    Harlem Children’s Zone 16,024,029
    Tides Foundation 8,915,954
    Bard College 6,586,091
    National Dance Institute 5,000,000
    The Revenue Watch Institute 4,805,000
    Drug Policy Alliance 4,035,000
    Institute for New Economic Thinking 3,792,489
    American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc. 3,761,000
    Fund for the City of New York 3,640,000
    Fund for the European University at St. Petersburg 3,103,356
    Human Rights Watch Inc. 2,734,135
    Partnership for Palliative Care 2,729,970
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 2,216,000
    Youthbuild USA Inc. 2,000,000
    National Immigration Forum 1,750,000
    Center for Community Change 1,715,000
    Fair Food Network 1,500,000
    Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund, Inc. 1,370,000
    The Trustees of Columbia University 1,369,191
    Nonprofit Finance Fund 1,300,000
    Gateway to College National Network 1,270,000
    President and Fellows of Harvard College 1,246,000
    Public Interest Projects 1,227,850
    MDRC 1,200,000
    Proteus Fund Inc. 1,175,000
    Focus Project 1,162,500
    William J. Brennan Jr. Center for Justice Inc. 1,100,000
    Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc. 1,100,000
    Public Institute Law Institute 1,075,857
    Climateworks Foundation 1,050,000
    Media Development Loan Fund, Inc. 1,000,000
    Center for New York City Neighborhoods 1,000,000
    Sundance Institute 1,000,000
    Center for Employment Opportunities, Inc. 1,000,000
    Compassion & Choices 1,000,000
    Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning Inc. 950,000
    Human Rights First 944,277
    National Public Radio 900,000
    Center for American Progress 825,000
    Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law 824,406
    Equal Justice Works 750,000
    America’s Voice Education Fund 750,000
    Jobs for the Future 750,000
    The Urban Institute 750,000
    Pacific News Service 725,000
    Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama 675,000
    Media Matters 675,000
    American Friends of the New Economic School, Inc. 665,600
    The Central European University 658,992
    National Security Archive Fund Inc. 650,000
    State Voices 650,000
    Local Initiatives Support Coalition 645,000
    PICO National Network 637,500
    NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc. and Affiliates 600,000
    Government Accountability Project 600,000
    Independent Diplomat Inc. 600,000
    Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Inc. 580,000
    The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy 550,000
    The Sentencing Project 550,000
    Center for Law and Social Policy 550,000
    Powerpac Foundation 550,000
    National Association of Service and Conservation 537,500
    New America Foundation 525,000
    The Aspen Institute 525,000
    Migration Policy Institute 515,000
    Legal Action Center of the City of New York 508,500
    International Legal Foundation 501,202
    The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City 500,000
    Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action 500,000
    Community Rights Council 500,000
    Immigrant Legal Resource Center 500,000
    Family League of Baltimore City Inc. 500,000
    Grantmakers for Effective Organizations 500,000


    1. Open Society Institute and Foundation to Promote Open Society
    2. Project Summary
    4. For more on this topic, please visit
    5. Glenn Beck Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives | The Soros Files
    6. Recipient Profile; Project Summary
    7. Welcome to Workday Minnesota, your leading source for labor news!
    8. Radical Muslims, Environmentalists, and the Green Jihad
    9. George Soros Announces $50 Million Matching Grant to Fight Poverty in New York | Open Society Foundations - OSF
    10. Board | The Robin Hood Foundation

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    Before they give Barry another stimulus for the border( 2014 elctions cycle payoffs) Let's review where he has spent the other money that he was given.

    It wasn't spent of what he said it would be. It was used to feather the nests of his socialist organizations and George Soros.

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