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    Obama threw his lot in with deposed Honduran President Zelay

    Obama threw his lot in with deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, stooge of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez

    Rooting for the enemy

    By Editor Friday, July 3, 2009

    THE Honduras mess is going to heat up, not cool down. Will President Obama keep rooting for the side that rallies to the cry “Yanqui go homeâ€
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    Re: Obama threw his lot in with deposed Honduran President Z

    Obama's sticking up for that guy that the Honduran's ousted
    Obama is going to do the same thing that that guy did!

    He's going to try to change our Constitution so he can serve more terms, possibly even a lifetime.
    He needs to get it from all sides about everything.

    He thinks his hair is turning grey now?
    When we get thru with him his hair will be GONE!

    He cannot take the heat if it is continual and on all fronts.
    I mean, what has the ass done right??
    If Palestine puts down their guns, there will be peace.
    If Israel puts down their guns there will be no more Israel.
    Dick Morris

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