Obama and his family have taken myriad luxurious and extremely expensive vacations

Obama Vacations: Destroying a Country is Hard Work

By Sher Zieve
Monday, August 23, 2010

As Obama takes his 6th vacation, this year (and it’s only August), he has certainly expended great measures of time to reflect upon his job running the country.

Considering his ample ego, I suspect that he is very proud of the destruction he has, thus far, brought to bear against the United States of America and We-the-People. As well as overtly directed at the American people, Obama must also smirk and laugh exuberantly to himself at his uncanny ability to get away with destroying much—if not most—of the foundation of the American system. Again, no one is stopping his illegal and unconstitutional raid of all that is—or was—American.

At his regularly weekly-scheduled parties in the White House, Obama and his other anti-American cohorts and friends must truly revel in their ability to have overturned a Republic that—although tried and tested through the years by a few other internal criminal tyrants—had, since the final ratification of the Treaty of Paris in 1784 establishing the USA as an independent and sovereign nation, largely stood intact for 226 years. He must be proud that he was chosen by the dark forces to eradicate the last vestige of the nation this world has known that was founded upon the tenets of freedom and liberty. But, destroying and gutting a country—from top to bottom and inside out—is hard work! So, Obama and his family have taken myriad luxurious and extremely expensive vacations—on our taxpayer monies—to soothe and iron out his furrowed brow; depicting a mind that seems filled with the ongoing ObamaQuestion: “Who and what can I destroy today?