'Obama's disease' has infested all of government including CDC
Americans can add yet another organization of the federal government to the list of entities that cannot be trusted.

'Obama's disease' has infested all of government including CDC

October 5, 2014 1:45 PM MST

A Dallas apartment where an Ebola patient stayed is under quarantine.Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Americans can add yet another organization of the federal government to the list of entities that cannot be trusted. The latest addition is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The agency has demonstrated in recent days that at the very least it has issued misleading statements about the Ebola outbreak.
In this manner the CDC has outed itself as an entity of the federal government that has been infested with "Obama's disease" -- the dreaded malady the symptoms of which are a penchant for hiding the whole truth, misleading the public, and at times outright lying. The person at the top of the chain is President Barack Obama who has demonstrated that he has no scruples about lying to the public if it advances his agenda. Remember when Obama stated at least 27 times that under Obamacare you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor? The statement is false. Remember when he promised that the average American would see a reduction in health insurance premiums by $2500 dollars? The statement is false. Most premiums increased, some dramatically. And copays skyrocketed through the roof. Remember when a mere month ago Obama stated that it is "highly unlikely" that Ebola would spread to the United States? Again, the statement is false. Ebola is now here among us. And the CDC has issued multiple reassurances that Ebola will be contained in Africa and that if it happens to come to our shores, our healthcare system is prepared to stamp it out immediately. Yet again, this statement is false.
But that's not all. The CDC has insisted that Ebola is "very hard to get" and impossible to contract by casual contact -- the very things stated at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. We now know they were wrong then, and they are wrong now. In order to hear or read the real truth about Ebola one must go outside the CDC and its propaganda. Physicians and bio-scientists have been all over the airwaves over the weekend to contradict the CDC's claims. For example, Dr. Bob Arnot, long time medical doctor and consultant for various news organizations including CBS and FOX, stated that the Ebola virus can live on doorknobs and counter tops for at least several minutes and in many cases longer. The only way to get rid of it is to thoroughly clean surfaces and door handles with a solution containing bleach.
Why is this simple little fact so crucial? The answer is also simple. Americans have been led to believe by the White House and the CDC that Ebola has a hard time living outside the environment of a living host. The virus is spread only by host to host, and even then you have to have direct contact with body fluids such as blood, urine, diarrhea, vomit, and the like. If this were true, then the virus could not live any more than a few seconds on doorknobs, counter tops, the arms of chairs and seats (such as airplane seats), and other surfaces. It is true enough that the virus needs body fluids to live and grow, but such infected fluids can make their way to counter tops and door handles without being detected by the naked eye. If an infected person happens to leave microscopic droplets of their body fluids on a lunch counter, or on a napkin receptacle, or on the door handle leading into a class at school, Ebola can live there on that particular surface for a significant period of time, long after the infected host is gone.
These facts make it very difficult to trust the very agency that is charged with keeping Americans as safe as humanly possible in the event of a major outbreak of a deadly virus. And the fact that the CDC has done nothing but toe the party line on Ebola, parroting Obama and his minions, only increases exponentially the lack of trustworthiness on the part of the agency. Even the hospital in Dallas that took in the Liberian patient with Ebola lied to the public about what happened. If they had done their job they would have prevented the man from leaving the hospital and placed him in isolation under quarantine immediately.
But perhaps the most telling statement of all showing that the CDC has a bad case of Obama's disease is this piece of "logic" -- to prevent persons in west African nations hit the hardest with Ebola from traveling to the United States will greatly hamper our ability to stop the virus. We help ourselves when we allow the sickest of the sick from Liberia, for example, to travel to the United States.
And if you happen to discover a pit of vipers on your property, you only hurt yourself by getting rid of them. You help yourself by not only allowing the deadly venomous vipers on your property, but you will be helping yourself by allowing them into your home.
Did you get the logic in that? Didn't think so. This is pure Obama-speak. And it has infested the CDC.
Nigeria initially was hit hard by Ebola. But they eradicated it completely by implementing a travel ban into their country from regions such as Liberia where Ebola is rampant. Funny, but Nigeria did not hurt itself in the least by preventing persons from Ebola infested areas to travel to their country. With intense medical treatment along with the travel ban, the nation sanitized itself from the virus. How, then, will preventing persons living in infected areas from entering the United States "hurt us?" A ban on travel to this country will not prevent doctors, nurses, the military, and other medical personnel from traveling to Africa to help eradicate Ebola.
Perhaps astute Americans should look deeper and read between the lines. Obama and his progressive minions at the CDC do not want to jeopardize their precious illegal electioneering scheme, the centerpiece of which is getting as many illegal aliens and immigrants into this country as possible. Any attempt to thwart that process, even if is intended to protect the health and the very lives of American citizens, must be stomped into oblivion.
As for the CDC itself, the agency is infested from top to bottom with those who adhere to the "citizen of the world" ideology, common among progressives, which espouses the notion that adherents do not consider themselves as citizens of the United States first and foremost. They are citizens of the world above all else. Thus, they justify themselves for robbing American taxpayers of their hard earned money in order to be "the caretakers of the whole world," just as Obama considers himself to be "president of the world." And for that they are just as despicable as Lois Lerner at the IRS, James Clapper at the NSA, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Cass Sunstein, John Podesta, and John Holdren.