Once invisible, now exposed

The once invisible force behind so many obstacles to freedom has now been unmasked.

December 19, 2018
By Rick Hayes

Like it or not, the freedoms and liberties of average Americans are in great peril. The sobering reality that all Americans need to grasp is that the establishment elites (aka the Swamp) is about to launch a second strike in their overall plan to overthrow the legally elected choice of millions of voters that demanded the Swamp be drained.
Through the media, the Swamp has controlled the topics and discussions, and has convinced many Americans that the country does not require a border, that only a racist would be against an illegal invasion, and that President Trump somehow works for the Kremlin and is guilty of treason.

Another moment is the unfolding response by the elites to the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of the Presidency. Trump's election caused caused the Swamp to react in such an uncharacteristic and uncontrolled manner that it exposed the reality of its existence. A reality even a college student indoctrinated with leftist ideology could grasp and a genie that can never be put back in the bottle.
The recent Senate hearings and investigations involving a conspiracy between high-ranking members of the FBI and the Department of Justice has unearthed the startling truth that not only does a well-established and highly connected deep state exist, but that it attempted a soft coup to overthrow a legally elected President.
Although the plan to topple Trump's presidency commenced after the 2016 election, the deep state was already mobilized to protect Hillary Clinton's presidential run and shielding her from facing prison time for her many crimes.
After Clinton's defeat, the threat that President Trump, the outsider, represented was such that the previously untouchable aristocracy protected by a fraudulent media would not be able to work below the radar and might someday have to face justice.
The Russian collusion investigation farce against President Trump was a completely fabricated lie thrust onto the daily lives of the American people. It was a direct assault on the office of the Presidency, but it was also an attack against the voting rights of millions of Americans who elected Trump as their President.
The once invisible force behind so many obstacles to freedom has now been unmasked. Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Andrew McCabe are only a few of the Swamp characters that initiated the coup against The United States government. This next phase that will commence shortly after the newly elected Congress convenes on January 3, 2019, will expose additional establishment elites bent on keeping their deceitful and criminal activities secret. To do that they must impeach the president or render ineffective President Trump's agenda, which is to put the power where it belongs, back in the hands of the American people.