The one-world digital currency is almost here – but first they have to collapse the global financial system to make way for it

Thursday, April 13, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is often described as the central bank of central banks, is working on a new global central bank digital currency (CBDC) that could become the new one-world digital currency.
Known as “Project Icebreaker,” the plan involves coordinating all of the world’s central banks and their respective currencies under a new foreign exchange clearing house for retail CBDCs, meaning digital currencies used by ordinary people and businesses in their day-to-day affairs.
Much like the SWIFT payment system for international settlements, Project Icebreaker will enable varying digital currencies to be traded from country to country both quickly and efficiently.
The “Icebreaker Hub,” as the BIS is calling it, will facilitate data transfers for an array of transactions that occur at banks, both internally and in their dealings with other banks.
(Related: Australia recently launched its own CBDC pilot program to replace all cash throughout the country with a central bank-controlled digital currency.)
The central banking cartel wants total control over everything

When Russia invaded Ukraine, it was expelled from the SWIFT network by the central banking cartel as retaliation. The same type of thing would happen under Project Icebreaker to those who break script; they would face financial sanctions.
In Russia’s case, it was able to sidestep the SWIFT ban by dealing directly with economic powerhouses like China and India that belong to BRICS, minimizing the damage that the West tried to impose.
Project Icebreaker would make such an action a whole lot harder because it would tighten the noose on global trade and finance. The goal is to entangle every country into the CBDC web, enabling absolute totalitarianism on a global scale.
“What if all monetary transactions were centralized through CBDCs and the BIS controlled the hub in which all retail CBDCs are exchanged globally? This is what Icebreaker is,” explains Brandon Smith from the Birch Gold Group.
“Now imagine that you operate a business that relies on overseas transactions; say you need to pay manufacturers in Vietnam or Taiwan to produce your products. With CBDCs in place you will most likely be completely dependent on a system similar to the Icebreaker Hub to move that digital money to Vietnamese banks and into the accounts of your manufacturers. Say officials at the BIS, for whatever reason, decide they don’t like you and they initiate Russian-style sanctions denying your access to the hub. Your business is now dead.”
You can probably see where this is going in relation to climate change and the “woke” ESG business model that has been thrusted upon the world. In a Project Icebreaker paradigm, any person or business that refuses to comply with the latest climate dictates could be cut off from all commerce.
There will also need to be a “bridge currency” available to fill the gaps in exchange rates and to maintain liquidity. The BIS and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have that covered, too, with their GLOBAL CBDC, which will be based around the Special Drawing Rights basket system that has already been in use for decades to broker currency transfers between national governments.
“CBDCs give establishment officials the leverage to starve their political opponents with algorithmic precision,” Smith warns. “It would be a new world of technocratic oppression.”
“I can see the nightmare play out when I look at projects like Icebreaker. They are seemingly innocuous, but they act as the DNA by which economic tyranny is given birth.”
When the new one-world currency arrives, it will be the ultimate form of tyranny to enslave the world. To learn more, visit
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The one-world digital currency is almost here – but first they have to collapse the global financial system to make way for it –