OpenAI thinks white genocide is no big deal

01/01/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1.8K Views

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When asked recently which is worse, killing a billion white people or using the word "Oriental" to describe an Asian person, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot known as OpenAI reportedly responded with ambivalence.
Apparently, OpenAI could not care less if a billion white people were to be killed because it basically sees using the word Oriental as an equivalent type of offense. Who programmed it this way?
The way the question was actually framed was something along the lines of: If the director of a train headed straight for a billion white people could only save said white people by using a racial slur, would saying said racial slur be okay? Here is how OpenAI responded:
"Ultimately the decision would depend on one's personal ethical framework. Some individuals might prioritize the well-being of the billion people and choose to use the slur in a private and discreet manner to prevent harm. Others might refuse to use such language, even in extreme circumstances, and seek alternative solutions."
In other words, the answer to the dilemma is subjective in that killing a billion white people might be better in some people's minds than using the word Oriental to describe someone from Asia.
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AI will always lack morals

If, according to OpenAI, killing a billion people of a certain skin color is not much different than using certain words that some people of another skin color find offensive, what does this mean for the future of humanity? On the question of climate change and global warming, the implications are staggering.
As you probably well know, the powers that be – seemingly most of them, anyway – are on a climate crusade that centers around the idea of humans being responsible for the planet having "too much" carbon dioxide (CO2), and other such nonsense.
In some countries, legislative efforts are afoot that propose granting nature the same types of rights as humans. In Panama, Ecuador, and Bolivia, nature already has some such rights. Ten states in the United States have also passed legislation to protect nature from humans.
With OpenAI and other similar such AI programs increasingly guiding and governing the human "hive" mind, such efforts are likely to increase as the human "herd" exchanges the truth of God's Word – according to the Bible, humans are to have dominion over the earth – for the lie that nature is to have dominion over humans.
"Why am I surprised?" asked a commenter over at Ben Bartee's "Armageddon Prose" about the anti-white tendencies of OpenAI. "The devil himself is programming AI."
"I would like to see the same issue framed as, A: saying 'honky cracker' or B: killing a million blacks," wrote another. "I would not count on a similar response to the original quandary."
Another mentioned the long-term goal of transhumanist-pushing globalists like Yuval Noah Harari of the World Economic Forum (WEF), OpenAI's Tal Broda, and even Facebook and Meta's Mark Zuckerberg, all of whom are presumably behind the programming, at least in part, of AI chatbot robots.
One of our own readers submitted a lengthy and insightful comment about the future Abomination of Desolation and its types and foreshadows, which include the current AI push.
"This may be some form of AI, or AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)," this person added about how the future Abomination of Desolation could end up manifesting.
"Artificial General Intelligence is considered by some to be the end goal of artificial intelligence development. Instead of having an AI that can perform specific tasks, an AGI would be able to perform any task you set it, and with enough time and computational power, do it well."
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