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    Parents Called ‘Racist’ by Muslim, Thrown Off Bus For Singing This Song to Their Todd

    Parents Called ‘Racist’ by Muslim, Thrown Off Bus For Singing This Song to Their Toddler

    by Top Right News
    on September 27, 2014

    Racist Infidels! The Barnfields and daughter Sarah, after their bus encounter with an Islamofascist

    by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

    Two parents trying to comfort their child on a bus, were attacked as ‘racist’ and thrown off the bus after singing a popular preschool tune to her.

    Nick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves were riding the bus in Sheffield, UK, with their 15-month-old autistic daughter and quietly singing the theme song to Peppa Pig (see video below) to try and cheer her up.
    Peppa Pig is a wildly popular preschool program that is shown in 180 countries, including in the U.S. onNick Jr.

    But then suddenly, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab approached them, very upset over their choice of song.

    “A lady came up to us and quite aggressively started telling us we were irresponsible parents and that we were being racist singing the song,” Barnfield said.

    The Daily Mail reported more details on the Islamofascist incident:
    The couple claimed the woman, who they saw was wearing a hijab, took offence to the snorting sounds in the song and believed they were a reference to how pork is forbidden in Islam.

    She complained to the bus’s driver, who, it is claimed, then told the couple it would be ‘easier’ for them to get off two miles from their home.

    ‘We were really embarrassed, ashamed and upset and we hadn’t done anything wrong, just trying to make our little girl happy, but people were looking at us as if we had done something wrong.

    What kind of “people”. Oh yes…Muslim people, of course. The kind that have been overruning the UK for the past decade, thanks to their insane immigration and asylum laws.

    Below: The “racist” Peppa Pig theme song that caused a Muslim woman to verbally assault a family

    Think this can’t happen here? It already is.
    Muslim cab drivers and Subway franchise managers have kicked out disabled customers with guide dogs. Muslim refugees on welfare are demanding Sharia Law-compliant food banks. One town surrendered to the complaint of a single Muslim to remove an ad for bacon. A man ordered to remove an American flag because it was ‘offensive to Muslims.’
    And of course just yesterday, we saw a Muslim in Oklahoma behead a woman after trying to convert her to Islam.
    And a new study showed that a staggering number of Muslim immigrants — far more than previously believed — have been imported into the U.S. over the past decade, despite never being approved by the people of Congress.

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    Checking ads now for pet Potbellied pigs.
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