Pass the Social Media Anti-Censorship Act (SMACA) to end Soviet-style speech control on major social media platforms

Created by J.S. on September 15, 2018

Social media has become the Lingua Franca of the modern age. Megacorporate monopolies such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube now firmly control primary channels of public communication, and are immune from viable competition due to overwhelming network effects. For several years, they have quite literally been engaging in Soviet-style censorship, which has silenced tens of millions of Americans in the new de facto town square.

This censorship has become pervasive and intolerable, and it must be stopped at once. Because these companies have made it clear that they will not voluntarily stop these discriminatory, unamerican practices, Congress must force them to stop, through legislation.

We call on Congress to pass the Social Media Anti-Censorship Act (SMACA) with all deliberate speed.