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    PEAK INSANITY: Democratic candidate Julian Castro says biological men who PRETEND to

    (Natural News) In a hilarious attempt at differentiating himself from the rest of the clown pack during the recent Democratic debates, leftist politician Julian Castro stated that he fully supports the government providing free abortions for transgender “women,” meaning biological men with natural-born penises who, because of mental derangement, think that they’re actually real women.

    Even though it’s a biological impossibility for transgender “women” to ever even get pregnant in the first place, Castro is of the persuasion that all members of the LGBTQ+ community, no matter their reproductive ability, have a “right” to government-funded abortion on demand, a position he presumably believes will win him the nomination.
    “I don’t believe only in reproductive freedom; I believe in reproductive justice,” a proud Castro stated when asked if his universal health care proposal includes taxpayer-funded abortions for everyone who wants one.
    “And what that means is just because a woman, or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community – a trans female – is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exercise that right to choose,” Castro added. “So I absolutely would cover that right to have an abortion.”
    If you somehow missed the spectacle, the Democratic debates at which Castro made such lunatic statements featured an entire smorgasbord of insanity, as the several dozen far-left contenders vying for the Democratic nomination in 2020 competed to out-crazy one another with all sorts of wild, empty, and in this case completely illogical promises.

    President Trump described the charade as “BORING” on his Twitter account. But many found the “free stuff” melee oddly and disturbingly entertaining, including Castro’s failed attempt at appearing “woke” with his pseudoscientific pandering to the LGBTQ+ community.
    “Wait, did I miss men being able to get pregnant? Is that possible now?” joked one Big League Politics commenter in response to Castro’s statements.
    “Didn’t you know this? Seriously? Hollywood made a documentary about this in 1994 titled, ‘Junior’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger,” joked another in response. “Wow, where have you been… .”
    For similar news, be sure to check out
    Don’t forget: Julian Castro was hand-chosen by Obama

    This Castro dude didn’t just emerge from the depths of nowhere, it’s important to note. He was picked by Barack Hussein Obama back in 2014 to be the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a post he held for three years until Donald Trump was inaugurated as president.
    Before that, Castro was the Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, where his mother helped to establish the racist political party La Raza Unida, an anti-white Hispanic supremacist group that believes much of the Southwest United States actually belongs to Mexico.
    Castro’s mother actually once called the Americans who bravely died at the Alamo “a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them.”
    Castro and his family, in other words, are far-left, anti-white extremists. And Castro himself clearly lacks even a rudimentary understanding of natural biology, otherwise he would have answered the question about taxpayer-funded abortions with a statement about how men cannot get pregnant, and thus don’t need free abortions.
    The good news in all of this is that Castro has absolutely no chance of becoming president in 2020. Like his 24-or-so fellow Democratic contenders, Castro is simply too far-left for most Americans’ liking, and has absolutely nothing to offer beyond pie-in-the-sky promises centered around identity politics, which history shows will not win an election, let alone a nomination.
    To keep up with the latest news about the race for the Democratic nomination in 2020, be sure to check out and
    You can also keep up with the latest news about President Trump at

    Sources for this article include:
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    Complete insanity!


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