People who rejected the toxic depopulation jabs are now forced to take care of the gullible masses who took the shots

04/29/2024 // Cassie B. // 2K Views

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When the experimental COVID-19 jabs were rolled out to the masses at the height of the pandemic, many people were very reluctant to be injected with untested vaccines. Some later caved to peer pressure thanks to public campaigns shaming them into believing they were putting those around them at risk, while others had to submit or face losing their jobs and livelihoods. Those of us who did manage to avoid the jabs had to deal with social isolation, judgment, and even mockery from those who happily rolled up their sleeves – and now it looks like we’ll be the ones left taking care of them as they navigate vaccine-related injuries and illnesses.In a recent post on Twitter, one Canadian woman who falls into this category lamented the fact that she is now left taking care of her father, who once made fun of her and called her a conspiracy theorist over her stance on the jabs. He is now in a wheelchair and appears to be uncommunicative, although the video does not disclose specifically what is wrong with him.
She begins by pointing to him and saying that he won’t get his life back before pointing out that “The Pfizer contract shows the government knew there was no long-term safety or efficacy data since at least October 26, 2020.”
She quoted from page 18 of the contract the Canadian government signed with Pfizer for millions of doses of the jab, which became publicly available thanks to an Access to Information Request. It clearly demonstrates that the government was well aware that the vaccines could cause untold damage to human health.
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"Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the vaccine that are not currently known," the passage she quoted reads. Canada was well aware that they were playing with fire, yet, like so many nations, they proceeded to implement widespread vaccine mandates throughout the country.
She said: “I’m sick of being right, and you know what happens when people wanna tell you you’ve got a tin foil hat and everything else? This happens. [she points to her father] This man told me I had a tin foil hat. Guess what? I’m looking after his ass now.”
She added that she’s thankful he’s alive, but she wants the Canadian government to be held accountable for what it did to so many of its citizens.
Who will take care of everyone?

Many parents will tell you that they would never want their children to have to sacrifice work, family or leisure time to take care of them, yet millions of them got the vaccine without giving it a second thought, and now some of them need full-time care. People who got jabbed are dealing with everything from turbo cancers and autoimmune diseases to kidney and heart damage, and the full extent of the damage may not be apparent until several years from now.
If many vaccine holdouts’ worst fears about the jabs come to fruition and they end up causing illness on a massive scale in the long term, it’s important to keep in mind that healthcare workers will be among the victims thanks to vaccine policies at hospitals and doctors’ offices around the country and the world that required people to either submit to the toxic jabs or give up the career they trained for their whole life and their ability to support their families. And with the U.S. already facing a shortage of healthcare providers as the elderly population increases, the potential loss of vaccine-injured doctors and nurses from the workforce could dramatically impact the nation's future healthcare.
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People who rejected the toxic depopulation jabs are now forced to take care of the gullible masses who took the shots –