Pfizer found to have covered up injuries and deaths of study participants in their clinical covid-19 vaccine trials

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 by: Lance D Johnson
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(Natural News) During the rushed clinical trials for Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine, study participants were injured and killed. Instead of halting the experiment at once, Pfizer tried to cover up the adverse events by unblinding the study and removing the patients who were injured and killed. A German publication, Die Welt, has uncovered the stories of patients who were seriously injured and killed by Pfizer’s fraudulent clinical trials. Remember, Pfizer and the FDA wanted to cover up these stories for 75 years, but were forced to release clinical trial data via court order.
Pfizer forced study participants to sign liability waiver, pardoning Pfizer for fraud

When subjects lined up for the clinical trials, they were forced to sign a liability waiver holding Pfizer harmless for negligence and for “fraud or bad faith on the part of Pfizer itself.” These sadistic Pfizer contracts could be null and void because provable fraud vitiates all contracts and violates public policy by encouraging FRAUD. However, individuals injured during the clinical trials were removed from the scientific literature and intimidated into silence. Their injuries were considered “not from the vaccine.”
On August 31, 2020, the test management company for Pfizer unblinded 53 subjects from the clinical trial at their Buenos Aires test center. These subjects were told of their vaccination status and allowed to get jabbed, destroying the control group and covering up the disparity of symptoms observed in the vaccinated subjects. These acts of malicious fraud paved the way for Pfizer to blatantly cover up the deaths of study participants.
Serial homicide cannot be swept under the rug forever

Pfizer Subject C4591001 1162 11621327 was a 60-year-old man who died of arteriosclerosis three days after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine. Even though autopsy results were not available and relevant tests were unknown, the medical examiner claimed that the death was from “progression of atherosclerotic disease.” Pfizer concurred with the medical examiner and no investigation was initiated to find out why the recently vaccinated man died, and died so suddenly at that.
Pfizer subject 11621327 suffered from a stroke just three days after receiving a second dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine. He was found dead in his apartment.
Pfizer subject 11521497 suffered from cardiac arrest just twenty days after vaccination. Pfizer conducted an internal investigation and ruled that the deaths had nothing to do with their vaccine.
Not everyone agreed with Pfizer in these cases. “According to the current state of science, these two cases would be assigned to the vaccination,” said Berlin pharmaceutical specialist Susanne Wagner, “especially since the US health authority CDC is currently investigating strokes in vaccinated people and it is known.”
A 36-year-old lawyer from Argentina, Augusto Roux, signed up for the clinical trials. He came down with burning chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, and fever immediately after returning home from his second dose of the Pfizer covid jab. During the initial 40-minute observation period, Roux was fine, but on his way home, the symptoms took him off guard. At the hospital, doctors had to remove fluid that had formed around his heart. He suffered from a pericardial effusion, and his urine turned black. In the discharge report, doctors described the situation as a high probability of an “adverse reaction to the coronavirus vaccine.” Roux spent the next few months dealing with irregular heart beat, liver problems, and sudden weight loss.
Pfizer ultimately lied about Roux’s life-threatening vaccine injury, and did not include an honest report about his injury in the clinical trial reports. Pfizer described the situation as an “adverse event of toxicity level 1” that had nothing to do with the vaccine, because a covid infection could not be ruled out. Granted, Roux tested negative multiple times for covid while he was suffering through the vaccine injuries.
Due to Pfizer’s blatant acts of fraud, deception, and their repeated attempts to unblind their trial and obscure the data, the pharmaceutical company could have all their contracts revoked — their self-imposed liability protections shredded. Everyone involved in these acts of medical malfeasance must be held accountable.
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Pfizer found to have covered up injuries and deaths of study participants in their clinical covid-19 vaccine trials –