Planned Parenthood Aborts 11-Yr-Old’s Baby at Behest of Her Adult Rapist

Melissa Melton
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November 8th, 2013
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Every time Planned Parenthood winds up in a headline lately, especially on the national mainstream scene, it’s all about the organization’s ‘fight’ for ‘women’s rights’ (no, Obama was wrong, PP does not provide mammograms, but they do provide webcam abortions).

The record-holder for most abortions performed last year at 333,964, Planned Parenthood also receives nearly half of its funding from the federal government; PP received $542.4 million in federal grants and reimbursements from 2011 to 2012 alone. In fact, Obama just boosted PP funding even more, naming clinics in several states as Obamacare “Navigators” which will help implement Obamacare by signing people sign up for health insurance plans under the government exchange — plans that just so happen to include Planned Parenthood services.

See how that works?

Yet, as public as Planned Parenthood should be with all its taxpayer funding, when one of its clinics does something even more repugnant than usual, it never winds up on the national nightly news. (That, of course, would go against the administration’s pro-abortion agenda.)

Take the recent case of an 11-year-old girl in Bellingham, Washington who was raped by her mother’s 31-year-old boyfriend. The girl wound up pregnant, so the man secretly took her to a Planned Parenthood to cover up his crime and get the baby aborted. He reportedly told the workers there that the girl’s 14-year-old boyfriend got her pregnant, even though the girl herself could not produce a name or address for this supposed boyfriend.
Because having sex with an 11-year-old is rape of a child in the first degree in Washington, Planned Parenthood did call the police about the situation…but not on the boyfriend who raped the girl (at least once, if not multiple times) and then took her to an abortion clinic to hide his crime(s).

Planned Parenthood went ahead and aborted the baby anyway, without questioning the rapist’s identity as a supposed parent (the man is an illegal immigrant set to be deported after he serves a plea bargained six-year prison sentence for raping the girl) or even calling the girl’s mother to get parental approval for an 11-year-old to have an abortion.

As if being raped isn’t traumatic enough for a little girl.
In no way is this story an issue of a “woman’s right to choose” since obviously an 11-year-old is not even remotely old enough to make such a decision on her own.

But in performing an abortion on a child rape victim at the orders of the child rapist, Planned Parenthood apparently broke no law as Life News — an independent Pro Life news website and one of the few outlets that will actually report on the atrocities committed by PP —reported:
But Planned Parenthood still did the abortion, despite knowing that this girl clearly was in no position to provide informed consent and was not accompanied by a documented parent! The fact that coercion was very probably involved apparently didn’t slow them down one bit. (How often does a pregnant teenager come in for a voluntary abortion with just her father, and not her mother?) Planned Parenthood broke no Washington law by doing an abortion on a minor under coercion from her rapist, if you can believe that.
To top it all off, Planned Parenthood then further obstructed prosecution of the rapist when the police attempted to retrieve the girl’s file. Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Smith’s report noted the refusal to hand over the records:
“On the afternoon of 09 18 2012, I contacted Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood to obtain a copy of the records documenting ’s treatment at their care (sic!) facility. I was referred to their records contact …

Sherry who told me Planned Parenthood would not follow the mandated reported (sic) law as codified in RCW and refused (to) provide medical records. I then advised Planned Parenthood that I would seek a court order for their records on .” (source)
In searching news archives, aside from mostly independent pro-life outlets, it would appear this story was only ever reported by a single local news outlet, The Bellingham Herald.

Where is the public outrage drummed up by CNN, MSNBC and the rest of our regularly scheduled news outlets when something like this happens? Why aren’t they even reporting on it either way?

Answer? Follow the money and political agenda. CNN would rather report on it when raped 11-year-olds aren’t given abortions.

This story is reminiscent of how the mainstream media basically blacked out much of horror abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s story and trial earlier this year — the man who was convicted of killing three babies born alive but was suspected of murdering hundreds more over the years.

While many media outlets were finally forced to report on the Gosnell trial, what they didn’t report on is that Planned Parenthood workers including Planned Parenthood SE Pennsylvania President and CEO Dayle Steinberg knew about Gosnell’s House of Abortion Horrors for years…and they did nothing whatsoever to stop it.

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