Planned Parenthood defies Missouri court order to turn over records related to sex change interventions for children

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Planned Parenthood is refusing to comply with a court order in Missouri to disclose patient records related to sex change interventions for minors.According to a report from KCTV, Missouri Attorney General Bailey announced on April 11 on X, formerly Twitter, that Planned Parenthood has to "turn over documents exposing how they subjected children to puberty blockers and irreversible surgery, often without parental consent."
"There is no more important fight than to ensure Missouri is the safest state in the nation for children. No stone will be left unturned in these investigations," Bailey said.
However, Planned Parenthood has staunchly refused to surrender the requested records.
Richard Muniz, the interim president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, defended the organization and labeled the investigation a "sham" and an "attack against transgender Missourians."
"Gender-affirming care has been recognized as essential and lifesaving care by more than two dozen leading medical organizations; patients have no reason to have this war waged by the Attorney General against their care," Muniz said. "Attacks like this one are what happens when politicians put politics over people—people who look, identify and believe differently from them." (Related: Child sex changes are "medically necessary" to create "inclusive" schools, says transgender Biden appointee Rachel Levine.)
Leaked documents expose controversial practices in transgender healthcare for minors

The controversy surrounding sex change surgeries and the use of puberty blockers on minors has intensified in recent months after a massive internal data leak from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) brought to light alarming practices of hormonal and surgical transitions for minors.
WPATH, whose standards of care are widely used in children's hospitals and medical practices globally, has come under intense scrutiny following the leak.
Michael Shellenberger, an investigative journalist who received the leaked documents and videos, uncovered alarming exchanges from the internal message board of WPATH and a video recording of a panel discussion at the Identity Evolution Workshop.
A few days later, Mia Hughes published a damning report titled "The WPATH Files: Pseudoscientific Surgical and Hormonal Experiments on Children, Adolescents and Vulnerable People" to shed light on the apparent lack of consideration for the long-term well-being of patients.
Hughes published the report with the byline, "[WPATH] members demonstrate a lack of consideration for long-term patient outcomes despite being aware of the debilitating and potentially fatal side effects of cross-sex hormones and other treatments."
The expose included a damning summary report by the nonprofit Environmental Progress, which likened WPATH's advocacy of "pseudoscientific surgical destruction of healthy genitals in vulnerable people" to the infamous mid-20th-century practice of lobotomies. The report stressed the removal of a draft chapter addressing ethics and minimum age requirements for minors undergoing puberty blockers or sexual modification surgeries when WPATH adopted its current Standards of Care in 2022.
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Watch this video to learn about how the Vatican is directly involved in pushing sex change operations for kids.

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Planned Parenthood defies Missouri court order to turn over records related to sex change interventions for children –