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    Planned Parenthood Leeses 7000 sq ft Building for $1 A YEAR in TX TO KILL BABIES IN.


    Austin, Texas Essentially Gives Free Rent to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

    National Joshua Denton Apr 24, 2015 | 11:04AM Austin, TX

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    What organization gets charged only $1 per year in rent in order to systematically kill its youngest members? Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas of course — and for the last forty years.
    Planned Parenthood is being charged $1 per year for a city building that is worth $1.86 million and that should cost approximately $7,000 per month to rent.
    This is a fiscally irresponsible move on behalf of the city of Austin and certainly needs to be addressed. Austin could be using revenue from renting this city building to an honorable organization for the amount it is actually worth. Abby Johnson suggests that if Planned Parenthood really cared about women’s health, it would pay the $7,000 a month rent which the city could use to provide women with healthy services and mammograms which Abby describes as “grossly underfunded.”
    Meanwhile, Austin is facilitating America’s number one abortion provider in its appalling practices. The city would be in a much better position to provide more positive, healthy services to women and the community if they were to charge Planned Parenthood the proper rent instead of charging Planned Parenthood $1 a year for a ten year lease — with a ten year extension, no less.
    The favoritism shown to Planned Parenthood is disturbing, but it is more than a city-wide problem. The federal government gives Planned Parenthood a handout every year at the expense of taxpayers.
    Sadly, Planned Parenthood shows no favoritism to the unborn or their mothers, on whose vulnerability they prey daily. And as FRC’s Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment, Ken Blackwell, noted recently, Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, “was part of the eugenics movement back in the 1930s. Her goal was to use abortion to cull what she considered inferior races from the human gene pool. According to Sanger, ‘Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.’ She opened her first abortion clinics in inner cities, and it’s no accident that even today, ’79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities are located in black or minority neighborhoods’.”
    Last year Planned Parenthood received $528.4 million from the federal government in funding. This is money taken from taxpayers and used to support a business which makes a profit from killing unborn babies. Last year, Planned Parenthood had a total revenue of $1,303.4 million with an excess revenue over expenses of $127.1 million.

    Planned Parenthood obviously does not need the financial help the city of Austin is providing to them and is certainly capable of paying the proper amount of rent that every other business is expected to pay for the use of a city building. Surely, the city of Austin can find a use for $7,000 a month to make its underfunded city programs better.
    Every city should support only those businesses that are truly concerned with the health and welfare of individuals — including a baby’s right to life. Austin catering to Planned Parenthood in this fashion is just a single instance of favoritism. It is a sad example of the lengths some leaders will go to defend and support a false ideology at the expense of killing their city’s preborn children.

    Thursday, September 30, 2010
    Back Print

    Contract and Land Management ITEM No. 4

    Subject: Authorize the negotiation and execution of a ten (10) year lease renewal with one (1) option to extend for an additional ten (10) years with PLANNED PARENTHOOD, INC, for the use of a City-owned .35 acre tract of land improved with a 3,720 square foot free standing building located at 1823 E. 7th Street, for the purpose of operating a family planning clinic. The lease revenue is $1 annually.
    Fiscal Note: There is no unanticipated fiscal impact. A fiscal note is not required.
    Additional Backup Material
    (click to open)
    For More Information: Dean Harris 974-7061, Lauraine Rizer 974-7078, Sarah Terry 974-7141
    Prior Council Action: June 15, 1972- original lease approved December 9, 1981- lease renewal approved

    This City-owned 3,720 square foot building was constructed circa 1940. Planned Parenthood has occupied this facility for family planning counseling and client testing since fall of 1972. Building maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of Planned Parenthood. Such maintenance and repairs in the recent past have included painting the interior and exterior of the building, installing exterior lighting, repairing exterior sheet metal on the building, installing new roofing at the entry, installing new carpet tiles, making repairs to the main roof, replacing vinyl tile flooring, adding new landscaping, installing new awning at the entry, installing new sinks & faucets in the laboratory and kitchen, installing access control and security camera system and replacing the heating and air conditioning system. The facility is currently leased to Planned Parenthood for $1 annually, and that arrangement would continue under the proposed terms.
    The lease is currently month-to-month, and if approved, a ten-year renewal period would expire October 2020, with an additional ten-year extension option remaining thereafter. The proposed terms also require that a sidewalk be constructed by Planned Parenthood to provide access from the nearby bus stop to the facility entrance without clients having to use the parking lot as a path of travel.
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