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    Police: Man shot churchgoers over liberal views

    By DUNCAN MANSFIELD, Associated Press Writer 55 minutes ago

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Knoxville's police chief says the man accused of a shooting that killed two people at a Tennessee church targeted the congregation because of its liberal social stance.

    Chief Sterling Owen IV said Monday that police found a letter in Jim D. Adkisson's car. Owen said Adkisson was apparently frustrated over being out of work and had a "stated hatred of the liberal movement."

    Adkisson is charged with first-degree murder. Police say a gunman entered the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church during a children's performance Sunday. No children were hurt.

    The church is known for advocating women's and gay rights and founding an American Civil Liberties Union chapter. ... h_shooting

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    I could agree with a distaste for those liberal views, but.....there is never a good enough reason to shoot people, or even hit them for those beliefs.

    It is a sad day when our nation comes to this kind of thing, all too often.
    ‚ÄúIn the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however,the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.‚Ä

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    Unitarian Church believes that EVERYTHING is ok and that there is no hell.
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    Wow. Poor guy. He was so devastated by the Apostasy of this church. He should have been elated (sortof) !! The Lord cannot come until there is a "great falling away" first.

    That day is coming closer and closer.

    I hope his family can find some peace.
    The flag flies at half-mast out of grief for the death of my beautiful, formerly-free America. May God have mercy on your souls.
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