Politically Correct Budget: Pelosi Claims $3.5 Trillion Budget “Is Really About The Children, Women”

Albert Turkington | Sep 9, 2021

When it comes to inserting political correctness into every aspect of our lives, the left appears to be adamant in there being no exceptions to this rule. The latest example of this revolutionary zeal comes in the form of a $3.5 trillion wishlist budget which was the brainchild of self-described Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. In an effort to provide cover for this largesse, largesse that even moderate Democrats find
distasteful, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the bastion of wisdom that is San Francisco made the claim during a press conference on Wednesday that this budget is specifically catered to the needs of women and children.
According to The Epoch Times, Pelosi claimed during her weekly press conference that the monstrosity of a budget signified a long-overdue gesture that would significantly increase assistance primarily to women and children through a plethora of new programs, policies, and appropriations. The hair salon enthusiast even went as far as to say that “My theme all along … has been ‘build back better’ with women.”. Hopefully this does not mean using female sweatshop labor halfway across the world.
Fortunately, a broken clock does get to be right twice a day. One of the silver linings in the budget include expansions in the child tax credit, which would come out of a family’s gross bill rather than in the form of a deduction calculated prior to the final tax bill, that would ease the financial burden on millions of American families who wish to create posterity.
One particularly worrying provision in the budget is that of government-funded childcare centers. While seemingly positive-sounding on the surface, there are many that are concerned about the eventual effects this would have on future generations. These concerns were deftly expressed by Pat Buchanan half a century before when he heavily criticized a similar effort that was passed by both houses, leading to President Nixon vetoing the bill.
Speaker Pelosi used that episode to attempt to preempt any opposition to the current provision, saying that Buchanan“intervened and made [the program] a cultural issue, like we’re sending our children to a Soviet-style situation by having childcare.”, to which many on the right nodded in agreement at the accuracy of the comparison.
Pelosi also went on to say that “If we are going to build back better, we have to do so including many more people, starting with women, who took the biggest hit … [from] COVID.”, implying that the safety hammock should best be spread as widely and encompass as many as possible. Pelosi was, however, silent on combating this social issue by simply encouraging the re-normalization of two-parent households, which statistics have shown to greatly decrease anti-social behavior amongst youngsters.

Politically Correct Budget: Pelosi Claims $3.5 Trillion Budget "Is Really About The Children, Women" - Big League Politics