POLL: 40% of Californians considering LEAVING due to high cost of living, soft-on-crime policies, woke politics

06/30/2023 // Laura Harris // 1K Views

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A recent poll has found that over 40 percent of California's residents are seriously considering moving out of state, with the primary factors driving this desire being the high cost of living, soft-on-crime policing policies, rampant homelessness, "woke politics" and other economic anxieties.
The survey in question, the California Community Poll, queried 800 Californians about their opinions regarding their residency in the state. Sixty-one percent of them cited the high cost of living as a crucial factor that could influence their decision to potentially leave the state. This figure rose to 71 percent among Black, Asian and Pacific Islander respondents.
Similarly, around 31 percent expressed that their desire to leave the state was due to disagreements with California's hyper-liberal or woke politics.
These political divisions within the state were reflected in the residents' views on California's political direction. Eighty-three percent of registered Republicans believe the state was on the wrong track. Meanwhile, only around 20 percent of Democrats shared this sentiment.
The findings also exposed deep divisions within California along racial lines. When asked whether America has "over-corrected and gone too far in its attempts to give everyone equal rights," the study revealed an even split among residents. While 53 percent of White Californians agreed with this statement, a majority of 63 percent of Black Californians disagreed.
Furthermore, economic concerns also weigh heavily on Americans' minds, with satisfaction in the state's economy dropping by 12 percent since the onset of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020.

According to official census data, over half a million people have already left California since the start of the pandemic. This mass migration can be associated with increased crime rates, healthcare accessibility, the cost of living, and overall safety. (Related: Thousands of homeless people, drug addicts and criminals now call LA Metro Rail their home.)
California on the brink of collapse due to left-wing policies

The liberal politics and soft-on-crime policies making Californians seriously consider uprooting and moving to another state are expected to get worse in the future.
However, the trend of people leaving California is not new and has been ongoing for the past three years. Similar patterns have been observed in other left-leaning states, with residents seeking destinations like Florida that align more closely with their beliefs and offer greater personal freedoms.
Most residents view the state's endless, diverse policy issues as problematic. For instance, the state's involvement in parental rights, particularly LGBT inclusion in schools. Proposed legislation that could criminalize criticism of teachers pushing transgender indoctrination upon children has raised the alarm among parents who wish to retain control over their children's education.
Additionally, some California politicians, like Democratic Rep. Katie Porter, have fueled the perception that the state's political direction is disturbing. According to Porter, pedophilia is an "identity" rather than a crime, which has contributed to the belief among some that California is embracing policies that are out of touch with mainstream values.
Other policies have also come under scrutiny. For instance, California's plan to ban the sale of gas vehicles by 2035 has raised concerns about the impact on independent gas station businesses.
Furthermore, the state's flirtation with "zero cash bail" policies to address rising crime rates has sparked apprehension among law-abiding taxpayers who fear increased encounters with repeat offenders.
Collapsifornia.com has more stories about the rising crime rates in the Golden State.
Watch this video of California parents brawling with LGBTQ activists on the street.

This video is from the SILVIEW Media channel on Brighteon.com.
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