President Joe Bidenís Approval Ratings Reach a New All Time Low

Richard Moorhead | Sep 23, 2021

President Joe Bidenís approval ratings have reached a new all-time low, with Americans souring on the establishment Democrat President as his administration fails to recover from a series of crises.
Bidenís approval rating was gauged at 43% in a new Gallup poll. 53% of Americans disapprove of Biden, a figure that would likely ensure Bidenís Democratic Party would badly lose any election that occurred today.
In a peculiar twist, Kamala Harris is far more popular than Biden, with approvals and disapprovals of 49% each.

Bidenís approvals are down six points since August and 13 points since June, with the President quickly losing support. The Biden administration has been beset with controversy throughout the summer, with the nationís southern border open to a tidal wave of record-setting illegal immigration, COVID-19 continuing to spread in spite of President Bidenís signature campaign promise to halt the disease, and the death of 13 American service members in a mission to transport asylum seekers from the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan to the United States.
The Democratís approval ratings have taken a hit the hardest among independents, whose approval of Biden has declined from 61% to 37%.
While Bidenís approval rating is approximately the same as Donald Trumpís during the same point in his presidency, thereís reason to believe Biden is more unpopular than Trump ever was. Polling from corporate media routinely underestimated Trumpís support in the 2016 and 2020, with Donald Trump supporters uninclined to speak to mainstream media pollsters they donít trust.

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